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The pharmacy industry is aware of the facts. Each year, prescription non-adher- ence in the United States costs more than $230 billion dollars annually, contributes to 10 percent of all hospital- izations and results in 125,000 deaths. Apparently, C. Everett Koop was right when he said, "Drugs don't work MarkeTouch Media: Single Source for Patient Communication Combining both clinical research and consumer insights, Bausch + Lomb is bringing innovation to the over-the- counter (OTC) eye care category with its new LUMIFY™ redness reliever eye drops. Backed by six clinical studies, LUMIFY has a strong efficacy and safety profile with low-risk for rebound redness Studex offers a solution for the one in three women in the U.S.A. who cannot wear every- day earrings as a result of an allergic reaction to inferior met- als, particularly nickel which is present in most fashion earrings today. The most com- mon alternative is having to resort to purchasing As U.S. industry in general, and pharmacies in particular face downward pressure on costs, increased expectations for order fulfillment – and new regulations regarding secure supply chain, includ- ing track, trace and serialization – the need for a robust An interview with Chris Hoffman, National Account Manager, TAGI Pharma. CDD: Tell our readers how you got involved with the pharmaceutical industry. CH: My family owned four pharmacies when I was Continued on Page 60 Continued on Page 61 Continued on Page 61 Continued on Page 61 Continued on Page 60 Continued on Page 61 Bausch + Lomb Introduces New, Breakthrough Eye Drop Studex Offers Earring Solutions The Pharmaceutical Rollercoaster KNAPP Introduces Newest High Speed Mail Order Central Fill Technologies Growth in Men's Health Supplements By Dave Halter, Senior Vice President, Strategic Finance Operations. The U.S. spends more than any other country in the world on healthcare. Nearly $1 out of every $5 – 17 percent of the GDP – is spent on healthcare, accord- ing to government and CMS reports. But there's a huge Performance-Based Networks and Trends in Value-Based Pharmacy Reimbursment An interview with Rob Stewart, President and Chief Executive Officer, Amneal Pharma- ceuticals. Stewart has served as Amneal President and Chief Executive Officer since the company completed its combination with Impax Laboratories in May. CDD: What do you believe are the greatest strengths of An interview with Tim Romero, National Sales Director, Lucid Audio™. CDD: Tell our readers about Lucid Audio. TR: Lucid Audio is a consumer Continued on Page 60 Continued on Page 65 Continued on Page 65 Amneal Focused on New Era of Growth Helping People Hear Better with Lucid Audio Products Oser Communications Group Denver Saturday, August 25, 2018 AN INDEPENDENT PUBLICATION NOT AFFILIATED WITH NACDS BOOTH #829 BOOTH #3923 BOOTH #3311 BOOTH #3604 BOOTH #509 BOOTH #110 BOOTH #2500 BOOTH #1712 An interview with Riki Ascherman, Mass Market Sales, BioXgenic/Md Science Lab. CDD: There has been massive growth in men's health supple- ments. Why do you think this is? BOOTH #945

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