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Oser Communications Group Boston Monday, August 26, 2019 AN INDEPENDENT PUBLICATION NOT AFFILIATED WITH NACDS Amneal set new company records in 2018, closing out the year as the leader in U.S. gener- ic approvals and launches with 62 final and 10 tentative ANDA approvals plus 42 product launches. The company celebrated the accomplishment as a bright spot in a challenging generics market rife with increased competition and intense pricing pressures. "We achieved industry-leading pipeline execution in 2018 with a consistent pace of new approvals and launches," notes Andy Boyer, Executive Vice President, Commercial Operations at Amneal. "We are positioned to launch up to 50 in 2019." Notable 2018 launches included Methylphenidate Hydrochloride extended release tablets, Phytonadione Delivering Success: Amneal Posts Impressive Stats An interview with Kimberly Vigliante, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Piping Rock Health Products. CDD: Tell our readers about your company. What's your main line of business? KV: Piping Rock Health Products, the parent company of Nature's Truth, is dedicated to supporting our con- sumers' wellness goals. Through our Nature's Truth line, we offer a wide variety of vitamins, supplements and 100 percent pure essential oils. As a company, we focus on creating innovative products that feature trending ingredients and provide the highest quality supplements "Getting it right" is always important, but as hemp-based CBD enters the cultural mainstream, it's imperative. MarketHub's team of experienced retail and con- sumer packaged goods professionals understands the need for integrity, clarity and collaboration as it presents retailers and their customers with a seamless entry point into this promising and rapidly evolving category. "We have spent the past few years working vertical- ly throughout the hemp industry to provide vetted and highly respected resources to our retail clients," said Blake Patterson, MarketHub's co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer. "Getting it right is a part of every aspect of our relationships. We aid each of our vendor and retail partners to ensure they are making decisions DIR fees are brutal. When pharmacies are hit with egregious, undefined fees with unknown consequences, it hurts. Reducing costs may be necessary, but in the worst case scenario, it could mean bankruptcy. Cost reduction likely means a change in vendors, but what is the true cost of "free"? With increasing competition in the ever-evolving world of pharmacy, is there a benefit to making business deci- sions strictly on cost? Keeping vendors that do not pro- vide substantive change just to reduce top line expense decreases bottom line profitability. Just like the pharma- cy business, patient communication vendors that focus on cost rather than results hurts your business. Solutions are not a commodity. Reduced margins mean less staff, According to figures from the American Diabetes Association, there are 30 million people living with diabetes in the United States, and 84 million people estimated to have prediabetes or at risk of developing Type 2 dia- betes. The total cost has been cal- culated as $322 billion, and those patients spend 2.3 times more with healthcare cost than those without dia- betes. Overall in the U.S., healthcare spend is growing at a faster pace than inflation, and the wages for workers are not able to keep up with this increase. Employers are also reacting to the increasing cost of healthcare, with more of them opting to offer high-deductible health Continued on Page 53 By Tara Kane, Director, Retail Communications David Biernbaum is Founder, Partner and Senior Consultant at David Biernbaum & Associates LLC, Consumer Goods Marketing, National Retail Sales, Consulting and Equity Development. Biernbaum is also Chief Marketing Officer and Master Broker at SmartMouth Oral Health Laboratories. Since 2016, Biernbaum heads up business development and strategic retail sales and marketing for the SmartMouth brand of premium oral rinses, toothpaste and mints, and Biernbaum hints, "a lot more to come." Since 1977, David Biernbaum and his teams have achieved remarkable success delivering outstanding Continued on Page 53 Continued on Page 53 Transform Your Vitamin Section MarketHub Helps Retail Get CBD Right Affordable Options for Diabetes Management Communication Solutions from MarkeTouch David Biernbaum 'Smart Success!' BOOTH #551 BOOTH #1124 BOOTH #315 Continued on Page 50 Continued on Page 50 Continued on Page 50 BOOTH #201 BOOTH #1310

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