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Aftermarket Daily News Thursday, November 1, 2018 5 8 Blaupunkt True Wireless Earbuds Blaupunkt, the iconic consumer electron- ics brand is back in the USA for the first time since 1996. A company once renowned for its car audio technology brings a great selection of speakers and headphones for any occasion. Say good- bye to annoying earbud cables with the new Blaupunkt Wireless Earbuds with microphone. No strings attached, these earbuds are actually wireless and sound awesome. Bluetooth 4.1 streaming tech- nology allows you up to 60 feet of range and offers quality sound without a single cable between the earbuds or the device to create a genuine feeling of freedom and flexibility. Other features and specifications include: storage case to hold and charge Mitsubishi Electric Introduces Robust Driver Monitoring System Mitsubishi Electric, a leading manufac- turer of in-vehicle entertainment, navi- gation systems and advanced driver- assistance systems (ADAS) technolo- gies, announced that it has developed the first in-vehicle monitoring system with a single wide-angle camera to detect both the driver and front passen- ger simultaneously. Conventional in-vehicle monitor- ing systems generally use a single cam- era to analyze the driver's face for drowsiness or distraction. More recent imaging systems monitor the driver as well as the front passenger, but require several cameras. Mitsubishi Electric has refined this concept by developing a technology that uses just one wide- angle camera to identify both the face and hand gestures of driver and front passenger. This allows OEMs to offer a range of safety and personalization fea- tures at a lower cost. "Monitoring both front-seat occu- pants not only lets us check driver-centric safety behavior, but also allows us to sup- port additional gesture inputs for in-cab systems such as climate control or audio," says Mark Vogel, Senior Product Development Manager at Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America. "Providing a mix of safety and convenience features within the same monitoring system is critical as the line between those disci- plines continue to blur." With features in development to monitor upper body position and detect slumping or collapsing, this technology may soon be able to identify medical emergencies, such as a heart attack or stroke. In such circumstances, the vehicle could take immediate action by dialing emergency services or even rerouting to a nearby hospital. Active safety monitoring systems like this will become especially important as we evolve toward the self- driving car. About Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, is a global supplier of in-vehicle infotainment, telematics and safety systems. Founded in 1979, the company's innovative technology enables automakers to exceed consumer expectations through high-quality vehi- cle designs at the speed of mobility. Industry leaders such as BMW, Chrysler, Daimler, Ford, GM, Honda, Nissan and Volvo depend on Mitsubishi Electric for everything from engine-control units through navigation systems to autonomous-ready technologies. About Mitsubishi Electric Corporation With over 90 years of experience in pro- viding reliable, high-quality products, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is a rec- ognized world leader in the manufacture, marketing and sales of electrical and electronic equipment used in information processing and communications, space development and satellite communica- tions, consumer electronics, industrial technology, energy, transportation and building equipment. Samson Go Mic Mobile – Adding Superior Audio to Smartphone Videos The rise of DIY YouTube channels, the social media explosion, video blogging, mobile journalism and electronic news gathering have led to a revolution in video content; content often self-pro- duced on tablets and smartphones. While the pixel count, lens quality and process- ing power of smartphone cameras have reached dazzling new heights, the onboard audio quality hasn't really kept pace. That's where the Samson Go Mic Mobile comes in. Billed as the first Professional Wireless System for Mobile Video, the Samson Go Mic Mobile is an enhanced audio capture system created for today's on-the-go producers. Combining proven microphone expertise and innovative wireless technology, Samson has created an easy-to-use package that delivers a dramatic improvement in voice clarity and audio fidelity. The Go Mic Mobile system is available paired with either the Samson Q8 wireless handheld dynamic microphone transmitter, or with the Samson LM8 lavalier microphone and wireless beltpack transmitter. Either microphone option can be purchased individually and added on to create a cus- tomized dual-mic configuration. Choose a mixed stereo signal, or output each channel separately to ease post-produc- tion down the line. "The Go Mic Mobile offers superior audio quality that lets me go live confi- dently at a moment's notice," says YouTube marketing maven Derral Eves. Certified by YouTube for Audience Growth, Eves is a video marketing con- sultant who has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. "I produce an enor- mous amount of video con- tent, and this system is fan- tastic for conducting my one-on-one interviews. Plus, the Go Mic Mobile is simple to use, making it the perfect choice for any video blogger." At the heart of the package is the Go Mic Mobile receiver. This compact 2- channel wireless receiver delivers a clean, low-latency digital audio signal directly to any iOS device, smartphone, tablet or laptop via a single USB cable. Lightning, Micro-B and USB-C cables are included to ensure the proper connec- tion. An analog output can provide signal to DSLR cameras and field recorders. The wireless design offers unparalleled levels of mobility, and eliminates unsightly wires from the video frame. Operating in the 2.4GHz wireless band, the Go Mic Mobile automatically seeks out the cleanest avail- able channel to deliver a crystal clear audio sig- nal, while achieving up to a 100-foot (line-of- sight) range. Adjustable bracket arms and/or hook-and-loop fasteners connect the Go Mic Mobile receiver securely to any smart- phone or tablet. The tripod adapter and DSLR shoe-bracket provide additional camera-mounting solutions. Inside, the rechargeable lithium-ion battery keeps the system running for up to 13 hours. Samson USB microphones gave voice to the podcasting crowd, and its original Go Mic changed the face of VOIP and webcam communications. Now, with the Go Mic Mobile, Samson is set to revolutionize the way mobile con- tent creators capture audio for video. For more information, go to www .samsontech.com. the earbuds; 10 hours of talk time and music time; hands-free calling; enhanced bass for great sound, Bluetooth version: V4.1; drive: 8mm; battery: 500Mah; impedance: 16ohms; product weight: 68g; working voltage: 3.2V-4.2V; sensi- tivity: -42db±2db; frequency range: 2.4- 2.48Ghz; and distance: <10m. Turbosmart Gen-V Wastegate Range The long-anticipated release of the 5th generation range sees significant feature enhancements upon existing 4th genera- tion wastegates, showcasing Turbosmart's ongoing commitment to develop world- class products for the automotive perform- ance industry in both the motorsports and street aftermarket scenes. By running countless simulations and testing, the newly designed waste- gates have an increased flow rate that outperforms all competitors. Along with the introduction of revised materials, optional liquid cooling ports and the development of a newly engineered design, this results in a drastic increase in thermal performance that can handle extreme operating temperatures for longer periods of time. "This whole project started as an opportunity to work with some of the best turbo manufacturers and perform- ance workshops in the world. Working with the foundation of our 4th generation wastegates, what we found is that there was so much more that we could offer to the industry. This kicked off a 24-month project that has culminated in the release of the Gen-V Wastegate range," reflects Stewart Mahony, Turbosmart General Manager. Working closely with a select team of partners, the Gen-V range also sees the introduction of several features that per- mits for flexible installation variations. A modular actuator housing has been intro- duced that allows for interchangeable actuators, meaning larger wastegates can run in tighter spaces. This unique feature also provides customers the option to upgrade the actuator to the soon-to-be released Motorsport and Compressed- Gas range. The newly designed waste- gate is additionally coupled with a unique actuator base that allows users to rotate the actuator into 14 possible positions, independently coupled with 12 possible actuator cap positions. This provides the wastegate greater flexibility in tightly positioned installations. This modular construction also pro- vides users with the ability to service all components within the latest range. Turbosmart tested over one million cycles per product, ensuring that the reli- ability in the latest range is of the highest possible quality. When speaking about the new prod- ucts, Chris Doumbos, Head Engineer at Turbosmart, stated; "For the Gen-V Wastegate range, we ran many tests and simulations through a rigorous process that really stretched our engineering team. Turbosmart invested heavily to expand our internal R&D facilities to make something we are incredibly proud of. The team here spent time extensively testing not only against the competition, but also against ourselves, to set a new benchmark in what we know is our best wastegate to date." Boost control is always the most important priority in the development of Turbosmart technologies and that was no different with the newest wastegate range. The Turbosmart diaphragm design offers linear travel, regardless of spring, pressure and valve position, while improving response. For fine-tuning boost pressure, a selection of springs will be supplied with each wastegate – result- ing in a range from 3psi up to 26psi. All wastegates feature 1/8-inch NPT ports for maximum response and flow while maintaining a high level of compatibility for fittings.

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