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Erickson Manufacturing is a leader in the cargo control industry. President and Chief Executive Officer Brent Erickson has spent the last 40 years designing new solutions to make transporting that prize possession safer and easier. Joining Brent at the company is his wife Connie, three daughters, and two grandchildren, giving Erickson that true family feel. With long standing operations in both Canada and the United States, Erickson has been able to develop a strong brand name across North America. Erickson prides itself on being an innovator in the industry, introducing past ideas like the Retractable Ratchet, which revolutionized the tie down industry. The key to this is listening to the customer and taking Erickson Manufacturing an Innovator in the Industry American manufacturing has been the name of the game for WeatherTech ® Founder and Chief Executive Officer David MacNeil since day one. Nearly 30 years later, the 'Made in America' mantra of WeatherTech continues to promote and inspire American-made consumerism. The 2018 Super Bowl aired the fifth commercial appearance for WeatherTech. The unconventional com- mercial embodied the pride and importance of keeping manufacturing in America. Showcasing the construc- tion of a new WeatherTech factory in Bolingbrook, Illinois, the commercial had no voiceovers, no music, no jokes or stunts, just real footage of real American By Ron Schornstein, President, ACUSTRIP Company Two hundred and eighty million vehicles are on the road today in the U.S. alone. Eighty-one million of those vehicles are over 16 years old. Seventy-eight percent of vehicle owners plan to drive their vehicle until the day it dies. Half of all motorists admit they follow the wrong main- tenance schedule. And, more than 60 percent of preven- tive maintenance still goes unperformed. Most unper- formed maintenance relates to fluid services, leading to expensive, premature component failures. There has to be a better way. And, in fact, there is! An interview with Tony Larimer, Director of Sales and Marketing. ADN: Why a new nozzle technolo- gy system? TL: During recent years, our indus- try has seen a lot of changes. Complementing the introduction of waterborne paints, primers, clearcoats and other paint materials too have also been adapted to comply with leg- islation. As a result, a wide range of paint system tech- nologies with different viscosities as well as new paint application methods have been and are still being devel- oped. By Todd Heldt, Executive Vice President, Factory Motor Parts At Factory Motor Parts, We Supply Success to our customers, suppliers and teammates. Founded in 1945 and head- quartered in Eagan, Minnesota, this multi-generational business, with its industry leading brands of FVP and SPLASH, are found at repair facili- ties, retailers, distributors and jobbers across the country. FMP is a foremost supplier to independent service centers, fleets, wholesalers, retailers and dealership cus- tomers. In our booth #35001, you will experience first- hand how We Supply Your Success as you grow your business in the Independent Aftermarket through a large Continued on Page 77 DMA continues to deliver innovation and value to its customers with the expansion of lift supports. DMA will market under the branding of Atlas Lifts and will provide full line coverage with over 1,500 SKUs. "We are excit- ed about the addition of lift supports, as it provides us additional product diversification while remaining com- plementary to our core SenSen Shock and Strut pro- gram. We plan to re-energize this category for the after- market as we believe the sales potential is currently being underserved due to the lack of focus and sales sup- port currently being provided by other manufacturers," said John Treece, President & Chief Executive Officer. Continued on Page 77 Continued on Page 73 WeatherTech: American Manufacturing Done Right Since 1989 Testing Fluids Helps Prolong Vehicle Life and Lower Overall Costs Factory Motor Parts – 'We Supply Your Success' The Future Starts at SATA with an X – Introducing the SATAjet X 5500 DMA Sales Launches New Lift Support Product Line Continued on Page 77 Continued on Page 73 Continued on Page 77 Oser Communications Group Las Vegas Thursday, November 1, 2018 AN INDEPENDENT PUBLICATION NOT AFFILIATED WITH SEMA OR AAPEX BOOTH #35001 BOOTH #31087 BOOTH #10609 BOOTH #1025 BOOTH #37021 BOOTH #4222

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