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C o n s u m e r E l e c t r o n i c s D a i l y N e w s 7 7 T h u r s d a y, J a n u a r y 7 , 2 0 1 6 iShieldz glass screen protector and I would be remiss not to listen." That said, iShieldz set out to part- ner with a true glass manufacturer, which for the category of screen pro- tection, there are only a handful of rep- utable companies on the planet. Testing glass from the world's best known glass companies became an evangelical and necessary mission for iShieldz, as it is not willing to put its name on a product that does not meet its exacting manufacturing and quality standards. After several months and testing of dozens of glass samples, iShieldz final- ly inked a deal for what it believes to iShieldz (Cont'd. from p. 4) be the strongest, best fitting tempered glass available. In January, iShieldz is announcing and will begin showing off its iShieldz TGXtreme tempered glass screen pro- tector. "Though we are not a foundry and we do not make glass, we are still confident enough in the iShieldz TGXtreme product that we will stand behind it with our industry leading, no hassles 'Lifetime Replacement Warranty,'" says Martinez. The iShieldz TGXtreme will initially be available for Apple and Samsung flag- ship devices, and be on the lookout for a form-fitting 3D curved version as well. Visit booth #36261 at CES to learn more. lead to long-term vision problems. Adlens has created Adlens Interface to protect eyes from blue light. Adlens Interface is a continuously adjustable pair of eyewear, designed with yellow tinted lenses to filter out 80 percent of the most harmful blue light in order to pro- tect against its impacts and relieve the Adlens (Cont'd. from p. 4) symptoms of digital eye strain. Adlens will be showcasing Adlens Interface at CES 2016. Visit booth #72271 for live demonstrations and fur- ther information. For more information, visit booth #72271 at CES and www.adlens.com. To reach a sales representative, call 888.459.9793 or email customer service@adlens.com. to adapt to technological advancements over the years, developing the expertise necessary to provide our customers with the utmost superior service possi- ble. XCom Global has teamed up with the best carriers around the world, allowing our customers to stay securely connected at an affordable rate wherev- er they may go. CEDN: What makes XCom Global unique? JF: As frequent travelers ourselves, we have come to understand the challenges associated with accessing Wi-Fi abroad. Cost, security, mobility and convenience are among the most important elements concerning international connectivity. While we constantly update our equip- ment using the best of the mobile hotspot industry, we set out to produce the first truly global mobile hotspot to provide convenience, security and reliability to our customers in more than 200 coun- tries. CEDN: What led to the creation of the XCom Global Mobile Hotspot? JF: Once considered solely a rental serv- ice, we have listened to our customers' feedback and developed a product that can now be owned, providing a data-on- demand experience. We wanted to create a service that was seamless across the world, and we needed an advanced hard- ware product to facilitate our vision of XCom Global (Cont'd. from p. 1) ubiquitous high speed 4G communica- tion, a robust battery life and a data and power source for all of a traveler's data devices. CEDN: Tell us more about the XCom Global Mobile Hotspot. JF: One device will serve connectivi- ty in more than 200 countries with 40 LTE networks. Additionally, the XCom Global Mobile Hotspot is equipped with a 10-hour battery life, and doubles as a portable charger for your other devices. Compact and secure, it provides mobile connectivi- ty without limiting customers to a cer- tain amount of data. Once purchased, the XCom Global Mobile Hotspot will offer either affordable data day passes or blocks of data, with the option to purchase more data on the go. No overages, no contracts. Just conven- ience. CEDN: When will the XCom Global Mobile Hotspot debut? JF: The hotspot will be available for order the first quarter of the year, with delivery scheduled for the second. We are revolutionizing the wireless roaming industry, and we are looking forward to sharing our newest solution, here, at CES 2016. For more information, visit booth #72770, go to www.xcomglobal.com, call 858.222.8242 or email info@xcom global.com. consumer electronics and car audio prod- ucts. We have exhibited at CES for near- ly 30 years and find it to be a particular- ly effective forum for introducing new products to a broad segment of stake- holders in the domestic and international markets. CEDN: What makes your company unique? KA: It's a combination of factors. Our history of identifying emerging market needs early and then translating them into innovative product offerings that meet market demand certainly factors into it. Our aptitude at listening to our customers and rapidly responding to their needs in areas like product, packaging and more plays into it, as does the power of multi- generation family ownership. CEDN: Scosche is nearly 36 years old. To what do you attribute your success? KA: The factors I previously noted in the second question apply here. Plus, there are other essential aspects like the inge- nuity, skills and dedication of our employees, the ongoing contributions of our manufacturing partners and the steadfast diligence with which we approach the financial health and stabili- ty of our company. CEDN: What awards have you won over the past year? KA: Scosche has been winning awards for decades. In 2015, we added to our tally with two CES Innovations Awards, three awards at CTIA Super Mobility 2015, a couple of VIP Awards from TWICE magazine and a number of oth- ers. CEDN: Are you introducing any new products? If so, what makes these prod- ucts notable? KA: As in past years, we will be intro- ducing a number of terrific new products. Scosche (Cont'd. from p. 1) The new MagicMount™ Pro is an expan- sion of our multi-award-winning MagicMount lineup. We'll be showcasing our new EZTIP™ series of Reversible Micro USB cable products. We are also introducing a new boomBOTTLE™ H 2 O waterproof wireless speaker and are pre- miering our new Type-C cable family. CEDN: What products/categories will be hot this year? KA: Wearables and health and fitness remain hot. That's why we'll continue to showcase our popular Rhythm+™ Armband Heart Rate Monitor, to use in diverse environments like school physi- cal education programs and motorsports. There is an evolution going on in the connectivity arena with items like charge and sync cables, as new tech- nologies like Reversible Micro USB and Type-C take hold. We're at the fore- front in these areas introducing new products here at CES. CEDN: How do you adapt your products or services to your customers' needs? KA: Part of our success over the years has been our ability to see trends from a product users' perspective; to anticipate market needs before they actually materi- alize and then quickly create innovative product solutions to meet those needs. That, coupled with our close relation- ships with our customers, has resulted in open dialogue as to emerging require- ments. CEDN: What is your outlook for 2016? KA: 2016 will be another exciting year for our company. Emerging technologies will continue to drive advances in prod- uct development with the result being a host of new product offerings in seg- ments like power and connectivity, health and fitness wearables and lifestyle acces- sories. For more information, visit www.scosche.com, call 805.486.4450 or stop by booth #4306. NEW ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS MARKETPLACE AT CES Companies seeking to navigate the host of B2B solutions available to businesses today will find answers at the all-new Enterprise Solutions Marketplace at CES ® 2016. Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™, formerly the Consumer Electronics Association, CES is the world's gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technology. The Enterprise Solutions Marketplace, presented by Ubiquiti, is located at Tech East in the LVCC, Central Hall. This Marketplace will feature com- panies showcasing the latest cloud mod- els, business transformations and best practices. Exhibitors include Amazon Business, Capital One Spark Business, Dom 360 and Ubiquiti Networks. Attendees will meet and connect with other leaders from vertical enterprises who are looking for custom solutions to operate their businesses more efficiently. "Enterprise solutions continue to serve as the backbone of global corpora- tions, mid-sized companies and startups alike," said Gary Shapiro, President and CEO, Consumer Technology Association. "From analytics to consulting to integra- tion and cyber security, these services are integral for businesses seeking to grow and improve operations and logistics. We are pleased to offer CES 2016 attendees this unique forum designed to help them efficiently connect with leaders in this vital sector." CES 2016 also will feature a market- place dedicated to the next wave of inno- vation transforming the shopping experi- ence for both consumers and businesses. The all-new eCommerce Marketplace, presented by MasterCard, is the one-stop showcase for the most innovative solutions in this space, including mobile payment apps, shopping platforms and business solutions. The Marketplace will be located in the LVCC, South Hall 1, and feature eight exhibitors, including Alibaba, Digital River, Klarna Inc., MasterCard, selfiepay, uQontrol and more.

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