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C o n s u m e r E l e c t r o n i c s D a i l y N e w s T h u r s d a y, J a n u a r y 7 , 2 0 1 6 8 THE CHARGEPOINT MOBILE APP: A NEW WAY TO FUEL YOUR CAR If you drive an electric vehicle (EV), you probably already know ChargePoint, the largest EV charging network in the world with over 26,000 charging spots. If you're not driving on electricity yet, you will be soon. EVs are simply a better car, with more torque, instant acceleration and no engine noise. Driving on electricity can save you $13,000 over the life of a vehicle – electricity is a fraction of the cost of gas and EVs require less main- tenance. Plus, you can help clean our air – in the U.S., transportation is responsible for 30 percent of all green- house gas emissions. The most important thing when you make the switch to electric is being able to find EV charging, and the easiest way to find an open charging spot is with the ChargePoint mobile app. It can help you find available EV charging stations, start a charging ses- sion, check your charging status and view your charging history. Most impor- tantly, the app shows the real-time status of the station so you can see if it's available or in use. With the ChargePoint mobile app, you can plug in wherever you go. Map: View over 35,000 charging spots with stations from all major charging networks. Real-time: Access the most real-time data of any network to ensure you don't navigate to a sta- tion that's in use. Charging: Simply start charging with a tap of a button, or if you have an Android, tap your phone on the station to use NFC. Filtering: Use map filters to see just the stations compatible with your car. Tracking: See miles added in your current session based on your car model, cost of your charging sessions, time that you've been plugged in and more. Integration: See all of your residential, public and workplace charging in one place and get recommendations on the best time to charge based on your utility plan. Download the free ChargePoint mobile app on Google Play or the App Store. Visit www.chargepoint.com for more information or visit booth #3330 in the North Hall. DEXCOM WARRIOR AVERY MAKES THE CUT WITH CHEER TEAM AND DIABETES Companies like Dexcom are quickly moving towards making medical devices that are smaller, sleeker and more adapt- able than ever. But one thing that Dexcom never forgets is that there is a person attached to each and every one of its devices for days at a time – a device that helps children and adults live their lives and not have their diabetes at the forefront. Whether it's being a child and attending a sleepover, an adult exercising or someone just having a nice dinner out at a new restaurant, with the Dexcom G5™ Mobile Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) system measuring glucose levels every five minutes (Dexcom G5 Mobile Continuous Glucose Monitoring System, User's Guide, 2015), users can just check their glucose levels on their iPhones and get on with their lives. Also, with the Dexcom Share™ feature, loved ones can follow on their phones to make sure that everything is okay with their loved one's glucose levels. For parents of children with type 1 diabetes, this is a huge relief! Hallie Addington, mother of Avery, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at three years old, says that she can't live without the Dexcom – Dexy, as she calls it. "For the first time, I can drop Avery off at competition cheer practice and not wait in the gym during the two hour prac- tice," said Addington. Before, Addington would stay, and even volunteered to coach a lot of Avery's teams since she felt she had to stay to make sure Avery's glucose levels were okay. "Now with Share, I can just check my phone and see how she's doing." "Another advantage to using Dexcom is that I can see which way (up or down) the glucose level is going," explained Addington. "If she's at 100 now, but the arrows are going up, I can make more informed decisions about her diabetes to keep her glucose level 'tighter.'" The technology has given Addington and Avery more freedom. With Dexcom, Avery had the confidence to try out for the competition cheering team, even though it required her to participate in longer and more vigorous practices than her previous team. Avery has even gone to sleepovers and Addington has had the peace of mind to know she'll be okay and she can check her glucose from home. Not having to use both the display device and the iPhone is a great advantage with Dexcom G5 Mobile. "Avery is thrilled to have one less thing to carry. She just takes her phone and goes," explained Addington. "I can't imagine what our lives would be like without this device," exclaimed Addington. "We are so grate- ful to Dexcom – it has saved Avery's life and allowed her to have a life." For more information at Dexcom G5 Mobile and a list of compatible devices, visit www.dexcom.com/G5mobile. Also visit www.dexcom.com, call 888.738.3646, email customerservice@dexcom.com or stop by booth #73531 at Tech West, Sands Expo. WOCKET SMART WALLET STAYING AHEAD OF THE CURVE NXT-ID introduces a new revolutionary method and system to perform wireless payments. This patent surrounds the use of miniature antenna modules for multi- ple purposes including RF and magnetic stripe communications, energy transfer and charging and wireless magnetic pay- ments, to name a few. "What's really exciting about this technology is that these miniature anten- na modules are small and efficient enough to fit within a wide variety of mobile and wearable applications, but powerful enough to transmit wirelessly to the most prevalent point of sale system still in use today – magnetic stripe read- ers," says David Tunnell, Chief Technology Officer of NXT-ID Inc. "We were pleasantly surprised to discover that our existing antenna designs for our Wocket ® Card are not only small enough to fit into ultra-thin powered, but can also be optimized to transmit wirelessly, enabling wireless payments not only to mobile applications such as smart phones, but also wearable applications where ultra low power and tiny size are critical, such as smart watches and smart wallets." This technology is posi- tioned to become a major enabler in wireless payments, not only at NFC terminals, but also with common magnetic stripe readers. NXT-ID states one can simply point the device containing the antenna within a few inches of most magnetic strip read- ers to successfully transmit magnetic stripe data wirelessly, at a fraction of the power consumption of other approaches. Wocket is a smart wallet designed to protect your identity and replace all of the cards in your wallet, with no smart phone or cloud required. Wocket works anywhere credit cards are accepted and only works with your biometric stamp of approval. All of your credit, debit, loyalty, gift, ID, membership, insurance, tickets, medical information, passwords and vir- tually any other card can be protected on Wocket. Order your Wocket at www.wocket- wallet.com. For more information, go to www .wocketwallet.com, call 877.580.7112, email press@nxt-id.com or stop by booth #21632 at CES. INTRODUCING THE SENNHEISER HD 630VB With a 70-year legacy of delivering premi- um audio products to the marketplace, Sennheiser showcases its relentless 'Pursuit of Perfect Sound' at CES 2016. This year, the audio specialist introduces the new HD 630VB – its first closed audio- phile headphone, which also includes an integrated variable bass control. From a sonic perspective, the Sennheiser HD 630VB combines the bril- liant sound of open audiophile models with excellent passive ambient noise attenua- tion, so listeners can enjoy a rich listening experience without any distractions. The HD 630VB delivers an impressively spa- cious sound image, which is made possible in part due to a proprietary high-perform- ance transducer. This enables an intense bass experience that can be customized by the user adjusting a large, rotary bass dial. Such user-controlled flexibility allows lis- teners to change the bass settings accord- ingly to suit a range of different listening environments. In addition to possess- ing brilliant, dynamic sound, the HD 630VB headphones are also aes- thetically attractive, featur- ing rugged, foldable alu- minum construction, mak- ing them ideal for use either at home or on the road. User features include con- venient access to volume, track and call buttons, as well as a built-in microphone. The ultimate objective of modern headphone development is to reproduce sound that is as lifelike and direct as pos- sible – this is also the aim of the engi- neers and acoustic developers at Sennheiser. For 70 years, the company's name has been synony- mous with high quality products, excellent sound and relentless audio innovation. With the new HD 630VB – which is on display at Sennheiser's CES 2016 booth – Sennheiser once again redefines what is possible with its first closed back audio- phile headphones, establishing yet anoth- er milestone in the history of audiophile development. For more information, visit www.sennheiser.com or stop by CES booth #20606, LVCC South Hall.

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