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C o n s u m e r E l e c t r o n i c s D a i l y N e w s 6 7 T h u r s d a y, J a n u a r y 7 , 2 0 1 6 by Martian" smartwatches launched this past November and are realizing immedi- ate retail success in select retail outlets worldwide. GUESS's "Connected" Lifestyle video campaign is showcasing how fashionable analog watches, with subtle yet purposeful smart technologies, are stylishly and discreetly enhancing connected lifestyles. In addition to our GUESS collabora- tion, our "Powered by Martian" B2B platform is also excited to announce another new partner, PC Jeweller Limited from India, which will be launching "Powered by Martian" interchangeable smart jewelry bracelet designs in pre- cious metals and gems in early 2016. CEDN: Martian was the first company to put voice command technology on a smartwatch. Where does Martian see voice positioned today as a smart fea- ture? SK: Voice continues to be an amazing feature set for Martian, and now for GUESS as well as an example of how a smartwatch can enrich your life. Our voice command watches are now branded mVoice™, and this past September we launched our own new designs at Bloomingdales. Our hybrid analog smartwatches have the look of great timepieces, yet allow the wearer to direct his or her smartphone's voice command features, for example, to navigate to a destination, read a text message or answer a phone call. Martian has a unique position as a leader in the voice category, as our smartwatch voice command feature works with the most recognized smart Martian Watches (Cont'd. from p. 1) device and smart home device brands in the world. CEDN: What new smart products and features are you launching this year? SK: We're excited to be launching our mVip™ discreet alert models through our Kindred vip™ Collection of smartwatch- es and jewelry. Our Kindred vip hybrid smartwatch is a smaller women's round smartwatch at 38mm, and is the first fashionable analog women's smartwatch, in a truly wearable women's size. Kindred vip features customizable, filter- able VIP Group alerts, each with a unique LED color, which, along with distinctive vibration patterns, enable women to stay in the moment, yet never miss an impor- tant call or message. Kindred vip also has a customizable alert vibration motor, accelerometer for step and sleep tracking a phone and accessory leash and a tap to recall function. Kindred vip smartwatches and jew- elry are associated with our new Martian Smart VIP™ App. The user establishes up to seven key VIP lists, associated with seven LED light colors. Two short vibra- tions tell her the alert is not urgent. Four short vibrations tell her it is, thus, when an alert arrives, she knows the type of alert and also the VIP group. Finally, based on the success of our mVoice line of voice command watches, we are introducing our new men's mod- els in Martian's mRez™ cases with inter- changeable Italian leather watch straps, with some styles featuring luminous dial features. For more information, visit www .martianwatches.com or stop by booth #72742. matching algorithm, validates entry to only enrolled users. Blood vessel patterns are unique to each individual, as are other biometric data such as fingerprints or the patterns of the iris. However, unlike some bio- metric systems, blood vessel patterns are almost impossible to counterfeit because they are located beneath the skin's sur- face. Biometric systems based on finger- prints can be fooled with a dummy finger fitted with a copied fingerprint. The fin- ger vein ID system is much harder to fool and it requires the finger of a living per- son to authenticate. The Genesis Touch represents a breakthrough in high security authenti- cation for home or office use. This technology was once only available on high-end security equipment used by high tech companies. SecuRam Systems is the first security company SecuRam Systems (Cont'd. from p. 1) to successfully incorporate this very secure biometric authentication system into access control products for every- day use. Simply touch the Genesis Scanner and then the science goes to work to determine if you are an enrolled user. A positive match sends a signal to the Genesis Touch SmartLock to open imme- diately, allowing fast and secure access to your home or office. With optional home automation con- nectivity, you can manage and monitor your Genesis Touch SmartLock from your smartphone. Genesis Touch: highly secure, easy- to-use biometric technology to protect those most precious to you. Genesis SmartLocks come in a vari- ety of finishes and options. Stop by booth #71353 to experience the Genesis Touch SmartLock, utilizing fin- ger vein technology. EMFIT ANNOUNCES HAVING OLYMPIC-LEVEL CUSTOMERS Emfit Ltd is proud to announce the suc- cess of Emfit QS sleep monitor that measures heart rate variability (HRV), telling about recovery levels and both sleep efficiency and quality. Emfit QS has already been compared to Zeo, which was a pioneer in sleep mon- itoring, and has also been praised by Ben Rubin, the former Chief Executive Officer of Zeo himself. The product, launched in spring 2015, was developed to solve the problem of tracking health, wellness and recovery without needing to wear any device or remembering to start/stop any measurement. Unlike com- petition, Emfit QS can measure heart rate variability throughout the whole night and uses full three-stage sleep classifica- tion (REM, deep, light) to give more detailed information about the mind and body's recovery. The product features also include heart and respiration rates, resting heart rate and turns and tosses. Today, Emfit QS is one of the many devices that Sky Christopherson, world record holder and Founder of OAthlete, is using with Olympic athletes to cre- ate sustainable performance using Data Not Drugs ® : "Working with Olympic athletes, we use 'Data Not Drugs' to boost every aspect of athlete health and performance. New technologies are enabling us to help athletes get exciting results, including five Olympic medals in the most recent Olympics. Moral and health argu- ments aside, we believe using data to leverage the natural strengths of our bodies will always win over the long run. Since sleep is foundational to health and performance, it is a focal point of our pro- gram and we have used every sensor on the market. The Emfit system is creating new capabilities in understanding sleep both with the goal of improving it, but also using it to better inform training decisions as we moved towards truly individualized training models. The ease of use and accuracy of Emfit is also unprecedented. As a result, the Emfit sys- tem is now an integral part of our 'Data Not Drugs' program as we build a future that uses more data and less drugs, in sport, and hopefully in health." About Emfit Ltd. Emfit is a global leader in quasi-piezoelectric ferroelectret sensors and actuators. Since 1990, Finnish company Emfit has pioneered the development and manufacture of these elec- tro active polymers. Emfit also develops and manufactures whole prod- ucts with focus in health tech. Today, Emfit is a leading manufacturer of ferro- electret sensor and actuator material for various applications, including paper machinery, sports equipment, music instruments, touch-sensitive human interfaces, smart building solutions and more. For more information, visit www.emfit.com or stop by booth #73526. LOVEHANDLE MAKES OFFICIAL 2016 RETAIL LAUNCH AT CES An interview with Mike Watts, General Manager of Texas-based DMD Products and manufacturer of LoveHandle ® smartphone grips. CEDN: What is a LoveHandle? MW: Well, we must admit, the LoveHandle is an interesting name, so let me explain. We believe that the modern human has nearly constant daily interac- tion and a deep personal connection with their electronic device – many people even say they "love" their smartphone. Our products are designed to comfort- ably bridge the physical gap between the consumer and their beloved smartphone. The LoveHandle gives consumers that secure connection while offering enhanced one-handed operation of these powerful devices. CEDN: How does the LoveHandle attach to phones and cases? MW: DMD Products has partnered with 3M ® to supply the highest grade VHB™ adhesive for ensuring a strong bond between the LoveHandle grips and the variety of materials used on smartphones and particularly cases. The greatest thing about this adhesive beyond its impressive strength is it's a removable no-residue product, so it can be removed at any time with no residual effect on the application surface. CEDN: What do your customer like most about the LoveHandle grips? MW: Well, I constantly encourage people to take one a test drive to see what they love the most, because one thing we've seen repeatedly is that once a consumer tries the LoveHandle, he or she will likely never own a phone without one. The spe- cific feedback is often around how they don't have to think about holding their phone because it's just there when they want it. Certainly people say photos, texts and scrolling are easier with one hand, but I believe that it can transform the way we execute our connected lives. The LoveHandle makes a smartphone a seamless extension of your hand, because it allows you to flip it to the back of your hand at any time without every putting the device down. CEDN: What's new with LoveHandle at CES 2016? MW: LoveHandle is mak- ing its official 2016 retail launch at CES this year, complete with beautiful shelf-ready blister packaging and an attractive new color palette, including gold, silver and rose to coordi- nate with modern smartphone trends. We expect that retailers will be very excited to find an entirely new smartphone acces- sory category for add-on sales that will be fully universal and inherently compat- ible with future smartphone releases. For more information, stop by booth #81131 for brochures and a free sample or visit www.lovehandle.com.

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