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C o n s u m e r E l e c t r o n i c s D a i l y N e w s T h u r s d a y, J a n u a r y 7 , 2 0 1 6 5 4 MARTIAN INTRODUCES KINDRED VIP – A WOMEN'S TRUE ANALOG HYBRID SMARTWATCH Featuring Martian's mVip™ discreet smart notifications technologies, Kindred vip™ is a true women's hybrid smart- watch. With a modest round diameter of only 38mm, featuring a stainless steel case in ion plated gold, rose gold, black and polished stainless steel, Kindred vip is the first fashionable analog women's smartwatch in the market, in a sensible wearable women's size. Produced by Seiko for Martian, using Seiko's three-hand analog move- ment and Martian's "Powered by Martian" mVip discreet technology mod- ule, Martian set out to achieve the high- est level of quality, functionality and per- formance and delivered a true hybrid analog smartwatch. Never miss another call or moment. With no discernible technology on its exterior other than a discreet LED alert light located on the side of the case at the 6 o'clock position, Kindred vip allows users to subtly see VIP color associated alerts, out of the sight of others. A customizable alert vibration motor hidden within the watch also discreetly alerts you to your "need to know" VIP notifications. Kindred vip smartwatches also have an accelerometer for step and sleep track- ing, a phone and accessory leash feature, a tap to recall function for notifications when in discreet mode, and they are 3atm water resistant, have a two year analog battery and a lithium battery capacity of two to three weeks before needing to be recharged via a pogo pin. With Martian's dual batteries, you'll always know what time it is, while also eliminating the hassle of charg- ing a smartwatch daily. Kindred vip's Italian leather straps and stainless steel bracelets are interchangeable, enabling users to easily cus- tomize the watches to compli- ment their style. Martian Introduces Kindred vip Smart Jewelry Featuring Martian's mVip dis- creet smart notifications technologies, Kindred vip's smart bracelet, is a slim and discreet fashion wearable notifica- tions breakthough. Martian's "smart jewelry" technolo- gies include one of the smallest and slimmest water-resistant (5atm), wireless Bluetooth notifications modules in the marketplace. With no discernible tech- nology on its exterior other than a dis- creet LED alert light located on the top of the bracelet, and an alert vibration motor hidden within, Kindred vip smart jewelry discreetly alerts a woman to only what she wants or needs to know while enjoy- ing moments with family and friends, leaving her smartphone hidden away in a nearby pocket or bag. Kindred vip smart jewelry products also include step and sleep tracking, a phone and accessory leash feature and tap to recall notifications when the smart jewelry is in discreet mode. The Lithium battery capacity is three to four weeks, before need- ing to be recharged via a pogo pin. The Heart of the mVIP platform, the Martian Smart mVip App Kindred vip smartwatch and jewelry notification products allow consumers to create and customize up to seven "VIP Groups" and feature seven customizable LED color-coded VIP group alerts, along with default and customizable vibration alert patterns. For more information, visit www .martianwatches.com or stop by booth #72742. ARTEC ID: 3D FACE RECOGNITION SYSTEM TO EASILY LOG IN TO YOUR COMPUTER How many passwords do you think you can remember, and are your pass- words secure enough? The average Briton manages more than 19 online accounts that require a password, a recent study from Cyber Streetwise shows. Over a third of those ques- tioned admitted that they do not create strong passwords because they strug- gle to recall them. To get the problem solved, how about trying a totally different approach: no passwords anymore – let your com- puter recognize you by your face. All you need for this is to scan your face with an Intel F200 sensor built into your comput- er and the Artec ID 3D face recognition software to manage the login process. How Does It Work? To set up Artec ID, follow three simple steps: open the Artec ID application while sitting 30-50cm away from your computer; press "Scan" and keep still while the program captures your face; and enter your system username and password and press "Save." Now every time you turn on your computer, the program will compare your face with that on the database, and if it matches, it will log you in. When you walk away from your computer, the screen will lock. Sit before your com- puter again and the screen will unlock automatically so you can resume your work. Artec ID uses unique 3D recognition algorithms developed by the team of engineers that also make top-end handheld 3D scanners for professional use and a consumer-oriented full- body 3D scanner, Shapify Booth, which has taken the self- ie frenzy to a new level, starting to offer 3D portraits in place of usual photos. Shapify Booth takes a short 12 seconds to scan a person or a couple from all angles, and then it automatically turns the collected data into a shapie, the client's exact 3D copy, down to the minute detail such as hair curls and folds on the clothes, that can be viewed on a computer screen. The file produced by Shapify software can be sent to a 3D printer to make a very special keepsake, a mini-me figurine. Clients can choose to be scanned in any kind of outfit, from the ordinary jeans and shirt to a wedding dress and a cosplay costume. Figurines can be finished in traditional thermoplas- tics, and Artec also offers to make 3D scans into bobble-heads, fridge magnets, busts and laser- engraved crystals. The company will also launch a Shapify for home-users service for computers featuring the front-facing F200 Intel sensor. Artec's flagship 3D scanning, editing and processing soft- ware, Artec Studio 10 now supports the rear-facing Intel sensor, R200, currently available in the new HP Spectre laptop, and is perfect for students or people at home to start exploring the world of 3D scanning, achieving excellent entry-level results. All of Artec's 3D scanning products are on show at booth #72523 at Sands, Tech West. For more information, visit www.artec3d.com or email info@ artec-group.com.

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