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C o n s u m e r E l e c t r o n i c s D a i l y N e w s 5 1 T h u r s d a y, J a n u a r y 7 , 2 0 1 6 2016 Best of Show Z. REISS: A PREMIER BRAND PROVIDER & LEADER IN E-COMMERCE SOLUTIONS From big box retailers to stand-alone spe- cialty stores, all will attest that Z. Reiss' service, selection, flexibility and atten- tiveness to partners' needs are second to none. The three-decade Brooklyn-based stalwart makes managing your business and your retail day that much smoother by handling the merchandising assort- ment, supply chain management and reverse logistics details for you. The company covers a wide array of con- sumer electonics and housewares cate- gories, including audio, video, security, home office, mobile electronics, digital cameras, batteries, cell phones, digital media and small electrics. "Z. Reiss is a distributor that servic- es all channels — big box, drugstores, supermarkets, e-commerce and tradition- al brick and mortar," explained President Zalmen Reiss. "We pride ourselves on adapting and evolving with the market- place while remaining a one stop destina- tion for premier brand name consumer elctronics and housewares products. Z. Reiss also maintains e-commerce excel- lence through best in class drop ship ful- filment solutions as consumer buying patterns and behaviors change. In addi- tion to electronic information exchange, Z. Reiss has a dedicated sales staff call- ing on accounts, helping mangage the business and providing traditional ind- vidualized personal guidance and sup- port." Not only does Z. Reiss bring cus- tomers the latest and greatest in con- sumer electronics and housewares, it also distributes and supports mature product categories that don't make the headlines. "In additon to emerging growth categories, we still provide and support established products end users still want and need. Some manufacturers may have moved on from certain categories," explained Z. Reiss Vice President of Sales, Steve Bodnarchuk, "but people still want them. Take the portable DVD player, digital photo frames and certian portbale audio products, for instance. They're mature categories — and remain a viable busi- ness. By offering a variety of premier brands and products, Z. Reiss widens our scope and reach with all types of resellers. It lets us address almost every retailer in every channel." Z. Reiss continues to add new dimensions to its business. Reiss noted that the company has built a base in South America to complement its impression throughout North America. The company continues to expand its product portfolio, adding popular Sansui Flat panel TVs, Panasonic model phones, Magellan mobile devices, Logitech computer peripherals, SanDisk digital products, as well as subtle touch- es like eco-friendly bamboo based prod- ucts — computer keyboards and mouses, calculators and cellphone cases — under its Impecca and Eco Shield brand. As a dependable distribution partner to retailers of all sizes, Z. Reiss starts by offering the hottest selling products at attractive price- points, but it shines by going the extra service step. "Our value add is our abilti- ty to merchandise, manage and assist retailers in all facets of their business,"explained Bodnarchuk. "We foster a complete end to endpartner rela- tionship with our retailers and dealer base. It's not just a one-off where we sell them and then we're moving on. We're a fast, reliable resource, and that develops strong strategic partnerships that build business and benefits our customers." For more information, visit booths #30826 and #9449, see www.zreiss.com, email meetus@zreiss.com, or call 718.499.6900. For the Impecca family of brands, visit www.impeccausa.com, email info@impeccausa.com or call 866.954.4440. GREATER COLLABORATION KEY TO SPREADING SAFE LISTENING MESSAGE Neil J. DiSarno, PhD, CCC (Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology), Chief Staff Officer, Audiology for the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) recently attended a meeting he believes featured uncommon participants and discussion. "The dialogue allowed manufactur- ers to learn about the effects of unsafe lis- tening on hearing abilities," he recalls. Convened last fall by the World Health Organization (WHO) in partnership with the International Telecommunications Union, the meeting brought together Dr. DiSarno and other audiologists, plus researchers, sound engineers and manufac- turers. They gathered at WHO headquarters in Geneva to discuss how the public is using personal listening devices, and the potential for mechanisms and technology that could reduce exposure to unsafe sound levels. The gathering was part of a broader WHO 2015 initiative to raise awareness about the risk of noise-induced hearing loss. According to the global health agency, one billion young people world- wide are at risk because of unsafe listen- ing behaviors that include misuse of per- sonal listening devices. WHO is so con- cerned that it launched Make Listening Safe, a campaign that pro- motes healthier listening habits. Prompted by its knowledge of ASHA's own long-standing campaign along the same lines, Listen To Your Buds (www.asha.org/buds), WHO invit- ed ASHA to collaborate on the develop- ment and execution of Make Listening Safe. "As it is now, there are many young people who have sustained hearing impairment from unsafe listening," Dr. DiSarno says. "Their hearing levels mimic those of older adults." He adds that this does not bode well since hearing loss can be detrimental to a person's quality of life, holding them back aca- demically, economically and socially. At this writing, post-Geneva meet- ing steps had yet to emerge. However, Dr. DiSarno believes WHO's achievement bringing together such a diverse and influential group has already succeeded not only by highlight- ing a health topic that warrants much greater attention, but also by throwing open the door to collaboration among meeting attendees. Dr. DiSarno says, "If our respective entities and constituencies became active bearers of the safe listen- ing message, it would stand a much bet- ter chance of being heard, accepted and practiced worldwide." For more information, visit www.asha.org, call 703.973.7744 or stop by booth #74748.

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