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C o n s u m e r E l e c t r o n i c s D a i l y N e w s 4 7 T h u r s d a y, J a n u a r y 7 , 2 0 1 6 A HOME IS NOT A HOME WITHOUT 'U' Wi-Fi thermostats have long been con- sidered a luxury item for the home, with many models costing hundreds of dol- lars. Even as homeowners have started embracing the technology en masse, the price of a Wi-Fi thermostat has remained cost prohibitive for many – until now. The new "U" series of Wi-Fi ther- mostats from ICM Controls offers a sleek and stylish look with a footprint no big- ger than today's smartphones. Launching this spring and starting at just $65, the "U" is masterfully engineered with a new, ingenious use of capacitive sensing technology that allows even the most price-conscious consumer to enjoy the convenience of controlling heating and cooling systems remotely from a smart- phone. The "U" is fast and easy to install and connect to your current Wi-Fi net- work, simple to operate, and features a dynamic user interface that even gives the user the opportunity to custom con- figure one or more of the cap touch but- tons on the thermostat via a smartphone to match personal preference or need. "With the 'U,' ICM Controls has manufactured a full featured, program- mable Wi-Fi thermostat that truly has the desires of the typical homeowner in mind," said Kevin Jobsky, Director of Sales and Marketing for ICM Controls. "Even with the sophistication built into today's HVAC systems, most homeown- ers just want simplicity from their ther- mostat – a basic interface that lets them view and change the temperature settings. They don't want to be confused by scores of features and data points that are so advanced that only a tech- nician can understand them, and that drive the cost up beyond their reach. "The fact that we can add in the convenience of remote access with a personal touch, and bring it to mar- ket at a price point that is below the cost of many standard digital models on the mar- ket today, speaks volumes to the innovation that ICM Controls brings to the market- place," added Jobsky. The "U" is expected to start shipping this spring. Consumers wishing to learn more about the "U" or to pre-order can do so by visiting the "U" Series website at www.uthermostat.com. The ICM Controls app is cur- rently available for both iOS and Android platforms. CES visitors can stop by the ICM Controls booth at the Sands, Smart Home Pavilion, booth #71155 to learn more. Based in North Syracuse, New York, ICM Controls has been manufacturing thermo- stats for more than 15 years. Last year, the company launched its higher end i3™ Series of affordable touch thermostats based on the same innovative platform, and including a more robust feature set and a patent-pending, dynamic and intu- itive interface. For more information, visit www .uthermostat.com or stop by booth #71155. WIRELESS NETWORK VIDEO RECORDER FROM ATOM LABS For users who would like to set up cameras across many properties, would like a safe place to archive the recordings and don't want to pay an arm and a leg for installation, then this system is for you. ALC's new products will be on display at The Westgate Suite #430. Nine Channel, Full High Definition Viewing and Recording The Wireless Network Video Recorder is able to display and record up to 1080p in resolution. The system also supports up to nine wireless high definition cameras – enough to cover your home, your busi- ness and other properties. Easy to Install Local and Remote ALC Cameras The ALC Wireless Network Video Recorder is able to integrate all ALC SightHD wire- less cameras into the system. Whether the cameras are installed in your home where the recorder is, or installed at another prop- erty, you still have the option to view and record everything onto the Wireless Network Video Recorder. The setup process takes mere minutes to complete. Built-In Hard Drive Within the Wireless Network Video Recorder lays a one terabyte hard drive, capable of holding months of recording at a time. Weatherproof, Metal Outdoor Cameras ALC has opted to use high-quality, durable aluminum as main material for camera, enabling the camera to sit in the elements for extended period of time. Using such durable material will also extend the life of the camera under harsh environments. Sync to Cloud ALC understands how important it is to have a back-up copy of some of the recordings into your personal archive. It has developed an option to sync files to the cloud, for free. The user will also be able to set up a daily sync time of the selected files, so it will not occupy your bandwidth during reg- ular usage. Viewing, Notifications via Smartphones or Tablets When you are on the go, as long as you have data connection on your smart- phone or tablet, you can always get the latest feeds or recordings from your cam- eras directly on your phone. Whenever there is a detected event, the system will alert your smartphone or tablet, so you may be updated in real-time. For more information, stop by The Westgate Suite #430. ABINGTON RELDAN METALS COMMITTED TO CUSTOMERS, ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY Abington Reldan Metals LLC is a certi- fied e-Stewards Recycler, adhering to the highest standards for socially and envi- ronmentally responsible recycling. "Abington Reldan Metals is thrilled to have achieved this distinction," said Howard Steinberg, Managing Member of Abington Reldan Metals. "Our mission is to protect and preserve the environment by reusing, recycling and refining pre- cious metal scrap. We are committed to assuring that our operation makes a posi- tive contribution by upholding the responsible recycling practices estab- lished by the e-Stewards Standards for Responsible Recycling & Reuse of Electronics." Abington Reldan Metals pursued e- Stewards certification with the goal of being the most sustainable metal refiner and recycler in the United States. Abington Reldan Metals built a new refinery that opened in 2010, designed to reduce the environmental impacts of the facilities and operations. The state-of- the-art, ISO14001:2004 certified refinery earned LEED Silver certification as des- ignated by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). LEED cer- tification sets forth strict stan- dards for energy-efficient and environmentally responsible workplaces. The process of earning LEED certification is rigorous and requires intense commit- ment to incorporating sustain- ability principles and practices into a building. Abington Reldan Metals enlist- ed Sustainable Solutions Corporation (SSC) of Royersford, Pennsylvania, to complete the requirements for LEED cer- tification. Abington Reldan Metals refinery has been operating and handling precious metal scrap for more than 30 years, turn- ing waste into recoverable, quantifiable assets. Its state-of-the-art facility is LEED Certified, ISO 14001:2004 certi- fied, zero-discharge, e- Stewards certified, R2 certi- fied and CHWMEG reviewed. The facility's sustainability initiative is to constantly look for ways to improve the envi- ronmental impacts. Over 70 percent of the energy used is from renewable energy. All water efficiency efforts have combined to reduce water consumption by 43.2 per- cent compared to standard buildings. Abington Reldan Metals has the capabil- ities to handle all types of scrap using various methods, such as pyrometallurgi- cal, hydrometallurgical, mechanical reduction, melting and others. For more information, go to www .armetals.com, call 800.764.9222 or email sales@armetals.com. POWERMAX PROVIDES INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS FOR TODAY'S MOBILE CONSUMER Powermax provides efficient and con- venient products offering superior per- formance and safety to keep your work- force optimized and connected when other products don't do the job. Powermax products meet the most demanding needs of today's consumers and are ISO 9002 and ISO 14000 certi- fied, ensuring the highest quality and consistency. Its Powerpacks are designed to quickly and safely supply power to your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device, all in a compact and lightweight design. The Powermax Lithium Jump Starter is another product designed for convenience and productivity, starting up to an eight-cylinder five-liter engine vehicle up to 20 times on a sin- gle charge. Its portable design takes up minimal space, while offering strong amp output and a variety of safety features including overcharge and over- heat protection. The LCD smart screen keeps you updated and the USB, 12V and 19V outlets keep all of your devices at full power. All Powermax products utilize lead- ing-edge technologies in both design and function, manufactured at a state-of- the-art factory. Powermax produces new and innova- tive products to support the growing power needs of today's mobile consumer, providing unparalleled qual- ity and service to the mar- ketplace. Contact a Powermax repre- sentative at 888.832.3557 or learn more at booth #4931.

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