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C o n s u m e r E l e c t r o n i c s D a i l y N e w s 2 3 T h u r s d a y, J a n u a r y 7 , 2 0 1 6 PROTECTING YOUR CYBER FOOTPRINT WITH CODETEL An interview with Isaac Daniel, Chief Technology Officer, codetel. CEDN: What's your main line of busi- ness? ID: Codetel specializes in cybersecuri- ty for mobile and hardware devices that safeguards your personal and profes- sional digital assets using biometric authentication and state-of-the-art encryption. Codetel ensures your privacy is protected using the features unique to you, such as your fingerprints and facial patterns. In addition, its state-of- the-art encryption is the highest level permitted for personal devices, ensur- ing that your digital assets are secure and kept confidential with the utmost confidence. CEDN: Where are you headquartered? ID: Codetel is headquartered in San Jose, California – right in the heart of Silicon Valley. CEDN: How long have you been in busi- ness? ID: Codetel has been in business for eight years and counting. CEDN: Are you introducing any new products? If so, what distinguishes this new product from others already on the market? ID: Codetel is making its debut to the world at CES for its advanced mobile security features, including biometric authentications and advanced encryption technology that differentiates it from any other cybersecurity softwares in the market today. We are partnered with the Macate Group Corporation at CES to pre- miere codetel's security technology within Macate's GATCA Elite cyber- phones. The GATCA Elite cyber- phones are not only exquisitely designed, but also meet the daily work demands of C-level executives, yet powerfully pro- tected by codetel's biometric and encryp- tion technology that is unmatched by any other. It's your partner for life with the security you can trust. CEDN: How do potential new customers know that they can trust you with their business? ID: See and experience the software and hardware for themselves. They will quickly see how extensive the security protocols are to protect their digital assets in today's free-sharing digital HOME IS WHERE THE SMART IS – THIS YEAR'S SMART HOME TECH TRENDS By Carley Knobloch, Digital Lifestyle Expert, HGTV Smart Home 2016 Technical Consultant I hope that you're as excited as I am to see what CES 2016 has to offer. As part of the Scripps Networks Interactive fam- ily and tech expert for the HGTV Smart Home 2016, I'm always looking for tech- nology that changes the way we live. Whether it's the way we live in our home, how we prepare our meals or even how we watch over our home when we travel, CES has tech trends that will bring your home to a new level. Technology can make a home smarter, safer and more convenient for those who live in it. So there's an extra spring in my step this time of year, because CES is inspiration central for what's new and exciting in home technology. For example, I'm thrilled to say that gadgets are no longer relegated to black plastic boxes. Design-friendly, natural colors and textures like wood, linen, wool and bamboo abound. Manufacturers are hearing consumers, who want products to complement, not clash with their décor, and the results are as functional as they are beautiful. Home security products are more affordable and easier to install than ever. Even when you're away from home on travel, wireless window and door sen- sors, WiFi door locks and cameras can keep an eye on things to make sure your home stays safe – monitored and main- tained from your mobile devices. Today, many even have facial recognition, so your home can give you a heads-up if a stranger is lurking. Many of the technolo- gies for the home are focused on the environ- ment, keeping your home healthy and comfortable. Home control might not be news, but "Home Health" is a new buzz phrase. Sensors can not only monitor and adjust temperature, but also measure air quality, humidity or CO 2 levels and dust and VOC monitors can help prevent allergy attacks. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and smart home technology is hard at work as your new sous chef – making dinner fast and fun. Innovative cooking methods like induction cooktops and immersion circulators make easy work of gourmet meals, and digital scales make it easy to count calories and bake like a pro. App-operated ovens or pressure cookers will pre-set themselves with a tap of your smart- phone, so you can come home to an oven that's ready to get cooking. Another exciting lifestyle trend? Personal assistants throughout the home – think Siri, but sitting on your end table. These gadgets are always listening, so if you want the answer to any question, just ask — about your travel plans, the weather, new trends in colors or how many teaspoons are in a tablespoon. So welcome to Las Vegas and CES 2016, where you'll find smart innova- tions that bring safety, convenience and comfort to your lifestyle and give you a smart home. For more information, go to www.scripps networksinteractive.com, call 865.694.2700 or stop by booth #CP-22. environment. With the latest in cybersecurity hacks and the compulsive needs to always be connected, mobile security is rapidly becoming a top consid- eration of any business or con- sumers' purchasing decision with codetel's advanced securi- ty software. CEDN: What is your outlook for the next year? ID: Very positive! With the continued growth in cyber threats and information theft, cybersecurity is now becoming forethought for many people. We have a lot of plans for codetel this year and look forward to codetel being well received and a staple within people's cybersecuri- ty defenses. Visit codetel at booth #21431. For more information, go to www.codetelsecurity.com, call 954.625.4531 or email support@ codetelsecurity.com. SAFE LISTENING, HEARING PROTECTION ARE WORLDWIDE PRIORITIES An interview with Joseph Cerquone, Director of Public Relations, American Speech-Language. CEDN: The American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) polled par- ents of children ages newborn to eight about how technology use is impacting the development of their children's com- munication and skills. What did the polling show? JC: More than half of the parents polled expressed concern that misuse of tech- nology may be harming their children's hearing. Even more, 72 percent, agreed that loud noise from technology may lead to hearing loss in their children. Apart from that, majorities of parents worried that misuse of technology may be erod- ing the quality of their conversations with their children or reducing the number of conversations that occur. Such findings are troubling. The most rapid period of brain development takes place before age three and the primary way young chil- dren learn is through verbal, person-to- person communication that technology cannot duplicate. CEDN: How have ASHA's polling results been shared and what has been the reaction? JC: We released the poll results during Better Hearing & Speech Month (May) to great interest among broadcast, print and digital outlets. Estimating conservatively, we put the combined audience reach for that month alone at more than 42 million. We continued to share the polling through- out the year. We ran very successful digital outreach and also suc- ceeded placing op eds in leading papers like USA Today, The Cincinnati Enquirer, The Des Moines Register and The Seattle Times. CEDN: What else happened this past year that you would like to share? JC: Safe listening and hearing protection became worldwide priorities via the Make Listening Safe campaign (www.who.int/pbd/deafness/activities/M LS/en/) of the World Health Organization (WHO), which launched last March. WHO invited ASHA to collaborate on the development and execution of Make Listening Safe, recognizing the safe lis- tening leadership ASHA has long provid- ed through its own Listen To Your Buds campaign (www.asha.org/buds). WHO also convened experts from around the world in Geneva this past fall to discuss the importance of safe listening and what could be done to foster it. Those experts included an ASHA representative. CEDN: Why should CES attendees come by your booth? JC: We are able to get the word out about safe listening through support from part- ners like the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). CTA has been with us from the beginning of our Buds campaign. While we know that technology can help people with dis- abilities, clearly there are concerns about the potential negative impact from the misuse of it. The public needs to be aware of those concerns and what they can do about them, especially if young children are the users. Our years of experience exhibit- ing at CES tell us that many attendees are parents. We invite them and any- one else who cares about healthy human communication to come by our booth to learn more. For more information, visit www.asha.org, call 703.973.7744 or stop by booth #74748.

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