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Produce Show Daily UF May 16, 2013

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DNE World Fruit's summer import programs are already underway, with kiwis and clementines arriving from Chile in May and South African and Australian fruit starting to arrive in June. DNE has been importing summer citrus from the Southern Hemisphere for more than 20 years, and has a vast net- work of growers and on site QC at the packing facilities in its three major grow- ing areas of South Africa, Australia and DNE'S SUMMER IMPORT PROGRAMS ARE UNDERWAY An interview with Tony Harmon, Vice President, Business Development, Sugar Foods Corporation. PSD: Tell our readers about your compa- ny. What is your main line of business? TH: Sugar Foods is a privately held cor- poration that has been in business since the 1940s. Our company has been in a variety of food business segments over the Phillip Garcia U.S. Customs Broker announced it has passed its second Primus Audit, and has maintained its quality certification under Primus Labs. Located in Hidalgo, Texas, Phillip Garcia U.S. Customs Broker is a full-service logistics provider specializing in handling logis- tics on fresh produce originating in Mexico. "Quality service has always been at the heart of our operations," said Phillip By William P. Cantu, Chief Compliance Officer, Texas Money Exchange I joined Texas Money Exchange in 1990 as a network and software specialist, which allowed me the privilege of learning the business structure from the initial state and federal agencies regulation requirements to our client's needs. Working with every department within our company has been inspiring as team work and customer serv- An interview with Rudi Groppe, President, Heinzen Manufacturing. PSD: Tell us a bit about your company. RG: Heinzen Manufacturing continues to bring the best and most innovative products to the fresh-cut processor via our industry partners. Heinzen is an authorized integrator of Intralox ThermoDrive® products offering on-site An interview with Gary Pope, President and CTO of Pimware. PSD: How does Pimware offer a safer solution for the Produce Market? GP: Pimware specializes in Product Integrity Monitoring, the recording/docu- menting of temperatures experienced by a product, and the calculation of shelf life. Knowing the remaining shelf-life of prod- An interview with Ori L. Cohen, President and Owner of ORICS Industries, Inc. PSD: Tell our readers a little about your company. What's your main line of business? OC: ORICS is a manufacturer that designs and builds customized produc- tion lines, primarily for the food industry. ORICS has been a pioneer in the packag- Continued on Page 37 Continued on Page 30 An interview with Justin Elvin-Jensen, Owner of InterCrate Container Corp. PSD: Justin, let's talk about what your company offers to salad. JEJ: All of our products in salad, blue- berries, tomatoes, fruit distribution, started as a collaboration with individ- ual growers or packers wanting new Continued on Page 35 Continued on Page 35 Continued on Page 37 Continued on Page 30 Continued on Page 37 Continued on Page 35 SUGAR FOODS: THE CUSTOMER IS KING PHILLIP GARCIA GUARANTEES FOOD SAFETY, QUALITY TEXAS MONEY EXCHANGE MAKES TRANSACTIONS EASY HEINZEN MANUFACTURING BRINGS INNOVATION TO PRODUCE EQUIPMENT ORICS: AMERICAN-MADE MACHINERY AND INNOVATIVE THINKING PIMWARE PROVIDES PRODUCT INTEGRITY MONITORING INTERCRATE KEEPS SALAD PROTECTED WITH FRESHFOLD It wasn't that long ago that the cell phone really became an integral part of day-to-day life. It was a miracle of modern communica- tions technology, and it made the pagers still adorning belts across America, seem like antiques. No longer did pockets jingle with quarters, and mental maps denoting payphone locations, were instantly discard- ed. The common man now had the ability to stay in contact with every friend, loved one, and business contact in his rolodex, LOCUS TRAXX OFFERS STATE-OF-THE-ART SHIPMENT MONITORING Since the introduction of the first BEST sorter into the fresh market, more and more customers have chosen BEST as their prime suppli- er. Together with Odenburg, BEST works under the umbrella of TOMRASorting Solutions as the leading providers of sensor-based sorting and processing technologies for the fresh and processed-food industries. Thanks to the integration of the patented Fluo technology, BEST sorters An interview with John Carpenter, President, Silver Creek Software. PSD: Tell our readers about your company. What's your main line of business? JC: Silver Creek Software develops and supports Visual Produce, an industry leading ERP software and warehouse management system serving the needs of the produce industry since 1993. We have Microgreens―small, young edible greens produced from vegetables, herbs or other plants―have been popular in fine dining restaurants for more than 15 years. Their delicate, fresh appearance adds beauty, dimension, and a range of dis- tinct flavor profiles to both savory and sweet dishes and beverages. By specializing in these small but flavorful greens, the Fresh Origins family farm offers a vast selection of varieties and flavors to accent any culinary creation. Continued on Page 27 Continued on Page 27 Continued on Page 35 Continued on Page 30 TOMRA PROVIDES UNIQUE TECHNOLOGY FOR SORTING LETTUCE SILVER CREEK FULFILLS PRODUCE MANAGEMENT NEEDS FRESH ORIGINS FINDS SUCCESS BY THINKING SMALL O s e r C o m m u n i c a t i o n s G r o u p S a n D i e g o T h u r s d a y, M a y 1 6 , 2 0 1 3 AN INDEPENDENT PUBLICATION NOT AFFILIATED WITH UNITED FRESH

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