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Aftermarket Daily News 4 7 Wednesday, November 2, 2016 2016 Best of Show ALL NEW SATA DRY JET 2 – MORE EFFICIENT & EASIER TO USE To ensure a fast drying process following the application of waterborne paint, it is vital to apply as much air as possible within a short period of time onto the painted object. To achieve this objective, the new SATA dry jet 2 also relies on the Venturi principle like its predecessor: In addition to the compressed air feeding the system, a multiple of ambient air is drawn in that serves directly to accelerate the drying process. Thanks to its special shape, the SATA dry jet 2 has an extra large air foot- print, which further increases the drying efficiency, helping reduce the flash-off time and enhance the quality of the drying process at the same time – thus increasing profitability. The recommended inlet pressure is 29 to 35 psi and uses very low CFM 8.2 to 9.35 CFM. With the Venturi principle design the CFM is magnified times 10 to give a 92.35 CFM output. Due to the integrated air regu- lation, the painter can pre- cisely adjust the air supply to adapt the airflow vol- ume to ideally suit the requirements of the paint- ed object. The dry jet 2 order number is 217489. An integrated 125µ sieve serves to fil- ter contamination from the aspirated air. This disposable sieve is simply inserted prior to operating the blower gun and can be easily replaced with a new one, depend- ing on usage and degree of contamination. Thus, the need for time-consuming clean- ing of a filter element is eliminated. Filters are available separately in a 10 pack (and the order num- ber is 222125). For drying larger sur- faces, the SATA dry jet 2 stand is recommended, which allows the mounting of up to two SATA dry jet 2 guns (order number 223008), while smaller surfaces can be quickly flashed off using hand-held blower guns without causing fatigue, due to their low weight. For more information, stop by booth #10609, call 800.533.8016 or visit www.satausa.com. YOUR SOLUTION FOR COMPLETE VEHICLE REPAIR By Glen Eaton, Product Manager, Drew Technologies, Inc. Drew Technologies recognizes that not every automotive repair or collision shop has the time, money and other resources available to research and invest in a J2534 reprogramming solution. Today's high tech vehicles usually need more than a screw- driver and wrench to make the required fixes. Electronics are so prevalent in vehi- cles today that shops are forced to rely on scan tools and other devices to communi- cate with the vehicle network and push elec- tronic updates to modules and sensors to finish the repair. Many scan tools do not have J2534 reprogramming built into them and many shops are either turning away that work or sending their customers elsewhere. Having a device with J2534 reprogramming functionality is essential at every shop today. If these shops are not ready to make the investment to acquire new J2534 tools and educate themselves, the Drew Technologies J2534 Remote Assisted Programming (RAP) kit was designed for you! Whether you're in the growing market for automotive repair or collision repair, Drew Technologies has come up with an easy-to-use, turn-key approach for you to finish the job correctly, keep the vehicle in your shop, increase profits and improve customer satisfaction with these simple steps: Plug in the kit. The RAP kit includes a Windows PC, J2534 device, internet access modem, OEM sub- scriptions and battery maintainer. It's every- thing you need packed in an easy to use, all- in-one kit. You no longer need to purchase additional tools, OEM subscriptions or have the expertise to get the job done. Give us a call. Call our toll-free number to get started. We flash the car! We bring our Support to you! Sit back and relax while we remote into the system. Once you're done, just pack it up for next time. You only pay for each service, and success is guaranteed! The RAP kit is free and includes all the required components for a successful pro- gramming event. You only pay for the serv- ice. No tool purchase is required. No OEM subscrip- tions are required. No internet access is required. No training is required. OEM validated functionality! Success is guar- anteed. Drew Technologies' industry-leading, ASE certi- fied technical support staff with dealership and aftermarket experience and J2534 vehi- cle expertise will perform the required steps, including: ECU programming, BCM programming, module security functions, module configuration/setup, key program- ming and more. Drew Technologies continues to recog- nize the fact that some technicians and shops will invest in J2534 equipment and perform the programming sessions them- selves. Drew Technologies is the market leader in J2534 products and will continue to sell and support our family of products, including the all-makes CarDAQ-Plus 2 and CarDAQ-M as well as our family of MongoosePro devices that support Chrysler, Ford, GM, Honda, Jaguar/Land Rover, Toyota and VW/Audi. Patent(s) pending. For more information, visit www.drew tech.com, email sales@drewtech .com or stop by booth #10664. AIRCAT PREMIERS NEW SANDER LINE AT SHOW AIRCAT is a division of Florida Pneumatic Manufacturing Corporation, incorporated in 1968 and located in Jupiter, Florida. The AIRCAT line repre- sents the most significant advances in the performance of pneumatic power tools in nearly 30 years. Founded in 1998, the AIRCAT products incorporate a patented tuned exhaust muffler system that sub- stantially reduces noise levels while retaining more power and torque than other brands. AIRCAT and NITROCAT pistol grip tools also incorporate a patented, ergonomically engineered handle design that relieves stress and fatigue on the operator's hands, wrists and arms. AIRCAT is committed to product innovation, high quality levels, high service levels and continued develop- ment and expansion of the AIRCAT and NITROCAT brands. At SEMA 2016, a completely new line of lubrication-free, state-of-the-art, orbital and geared sanders is being intro- duced. The new 6700 series sander line provides a selection of 14 models with non-vacuum, central vacuum and self- vacuum options and a choice of orbit sizes. The new sander line delivers low noise levels, low vibration levels, low air consumption and unmatched operating comfort at prices that reflect the usual AIR- CAT great value propo- sition. In addition to the new sander line, the new series of AIR- CAT 0.75 HP and 1.0 HP die grinders and cut-off tools are being premiered at SEMA. To reflect the quality level offered in AIRCAT and NITROCAT tools, the company has a standardized two year warranty for all products; with over 80 authorized service centers in North America, obtaining service and warranty for AIRCAT and NITROCAT tools is convenient and cost effective. AIRCAT and NITROCAT tools are designed and manufactured to stringent quality levels and all tools are 100 per- cent tested at its factories. The factories are ISO9001 compliant and have the most advanced manu- facturing processes and equipment available. AIRCAT and NITRO- CAT tools have patents and designs that are created and owned by AIRCAT and not available in other brands of air tools. The AIRCAT brand has gained a reputation and strong following among professional auto technicians who value the quality, performance, advanced designs and overall value proposition versus other brands available in the mar- ket. AIRCAT tools are readily available from your local mobile distributor and other leading tool distributors. For more information, call 800.356.3392, visit www.aircat.com or stop by booth #10379.

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