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C o n s u m e r E l e c t r o n i c s D a i l y N e w s S a t u r d a y, J a n u a r y 9 , 2 0 1 6 7 6 unique cultures of Europe and holds firm that the cultural aspect is the very driving force of what it does. Whether it is the bold flavor of classic Italian-style espres- sos, the rich essence of traditional French pastries or the ripe sweetness of the strawberries grown in Amsterdam, it is deeply inspired by the European culture that surrounds it. Beyond the cultural context of the company, it takes great pride in the actu- al quality of the flavoring. All products are manufactured in a food-grade envi- ronment (HACCP certified) using phar- ma-grade (USP) and food-grade ingredi- ents. The facility itself has had a DIN EN ISO 9001:2001 certification for its quali- ty management systems for more than 10 years. All of the ingredients, intermediate products and final products undergo comprehensive quality checks through- out the whole production process. To ensure the integrity of the prod- ucts and to fulfill a zero claim policy, the manufacturing specialists use several quality control procedures such as GC (gas chromatography), MS (mass spec- trometry), NIR (near-infrared spec- troscopy) analytics, as well as the newest state-of-the-art equipment. Every indi- vidual batch of liquid that leaves the facility is rigorously tested. Euro Flavor (Cont'd. from p. 1) Its claim to superior quality is backed by long-term experience within this field. On average, the professionals behind its flavoring have more than 15 years of experience in the field. When developing new flavors, the German facility prioritizes creativity, knowledge and expertise. This also includes search- ing for new materials for the products, investigating the suitability for different flavors to be mixed together and a close collaboration with clients. It believes that quality and flavor should never be mutually exclusive. Its products are incredibly concentrated and absolutely delectable. This diverse array of flavors has been time-tested by manu- facturers who have been in the flavor industry for more than 60 years. In addi- tion to the existing platform of flavors, it is constantly working with its manufac- turers to create new custom flavors for clients. With zero fat, zero calories and zero preservatives, its flavors are water- soluble and can be used for a multitude of purposes. For example, its flavoring can be used in beverages such as sparkling water, smoothies, protein shakes, alco- holic beverages, coffees and teas. Beyond that, its flavors can be used in baked goods, oatmeal, puddings, ice cream and other desserts. Learn more at euroflavor.myshopify.com. range of products to meet specific needs in the marketplace. Now we have a deeper focus on thoroughly understanding the applications that our products are being designed for in order to engineer products that are far more than just solutions driv- en. We are trying to look well beyond the immediate need and functional requests to develop products so far outside the box that their innovations challenge and influ- ence future market direction. CEDN: Can you give our readership an idea of just what type of innovation you've introduced to the marketplace of late and an example of how this technol- ogy might influence future market direc- tion? AK: Last year, ICM Controls launched our new, highly acclaimed i3™ Series of Touch Thermostats. When we first start- ed the development cycle, we collective- ly knew that we wanted to do more than just come out with a 'me too' thermostat. What we engineered was an innovative way to deliver touch technology without the traditional high costs associated with these types of products. This new innova- tive platform is now being designed into ICM Controls (Cont'd. from p. 1) dozens of additional products – for both the OEM and aftermarket side of our business – including home automation controls and a new thermostat line that we are introducing at CES. Furthermore, focusing on a plat- form versus a product or even product line has allowed us to expand into other markets as well, not just mainstream HVAC. We have had a lot of interest from several OEMs outside the HVAC marketplace that have embraced and want to incorporate our technology into their systems. CEDN: What types of investments did ICM Controls make to get to this point? AK: ICM Controls is an exceptionally vertically integrated company and contin- ues to reinvest millions of dollars annual- ly in not only capital equipment, but also in talent acquisition and intellectual thought. As such, I would consider our recent investments, both personnel and equipment, more of a continued strategy. For more information, visit www.icm controls.com, call 315.233.5266, email info@icmcontrols.com or stop by booth #71155 at The Sands Smart Home Pavilion. automotive laser-radar detectors, but we are continually expanding our product offerings into a broader range of mobile electronics. We are a company commit- ted to quality and value in every aspect of the business. Over the past several decades, Whistler has become a strong brand that is well known and well respected in the automotive and mobile electronics industries, with products like our detectors, power inverters and inspection cameras. This is an especial- ly exciting time for our company, as we look forward to further broadening our consumer audience by expanding our product offerings in 2016. CEDN: What makes Whistler unique? JD: Many things, but the most crucial is our dedication to our customers. We pride ourselves on offering the best fea- tures at the best value. We do not believe a consumer has to sacrifice The Whistler Group (Cont'd. from p. 1) quality for price. Whistler constantly strives to bring customers top-notch performance, features and value to each product we offer. We have an amazing and dedicated team at Whistler; many of them have been with the company for over 15 years. Our team is devoted to ensuring that all of our products exceed our customers' expectations. We genuinely care about our customers after they have purchased one of our products and we are proud to have some of the most knowledgeable customer service associates in the indus- try. We do everything we can to make certain customers are pleased with any Whistler product they have purchased – standing behind our brand has been key to our success. To learn more, visit www.whistlergroup.com. Like on Facebook at www.facebook.com/whistler group and follow on Twitter at www .twitter.com/whistlergroup. Stop by booth #3038 for more information. glass-nylon composite and a weight of just over one pound, the XD38S and XD50S models are extremely light- weight and weather resistant, able to withstand harsh environments and vary- ing conditions. Users have the ability to switch between "white hot" and "black hot," making targets distinctly visible over 1,000 yards away. The longer-distance viewing of the XD38S offers 2x and 4x digital zoom functions, which increases the 2.1x magnification to 8.4x. The XD50S also offers 2x and 4x digital zoom func- tions, ranging from 2.8x magnification to 11.2x. The digital zoom function not Pulsar (Cont'd. from p. 1) only provides the advantage of viewing long distance targets, but also closer targets in greater detail. Featuring a 50 hertz frame rate (higher than most on the market) for a crisp, consistent image of fast-moving objects, the XD38S and XD50S are engineered to track targets quickly and easily. Ideal uses for the new Quantum thermals include hunting, wildlife observation, camping, fugitive searches, surveil- lance activities, accident investigation, locating evidence, search and rescue and marine patrol. Find the Quantum at an outdoor retailer near you. For more information, stop by booth #37005 or go to www.pulsarnv.com. NRG GO SOLUTION PROVIDES SELF-SERVICE POWER TO GO The NRG Go solution, a patent-pending portable power technology from NRG Retail, was named a CES 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree. In the way retail and consumer-driven on-demand business models such as Redbox and Citi Bike developed to bring convenient entertainment options and expand urban transportation networks, the NRG Go solution brings next-generation conven- ience of power on the go so consumers can continue using their phones when most needed. With NRG Go, consumers low on phone battery no longer have to worry about missing out on conversa- tions, downloading helpful information, sharing photos and videos of sponta- neous moments and other interactions they have come to expect in their daily lives. The NRG Go solution, provided by NRG Portable Power LLC, allows cus- tomers to rent a power pack from a self- service station, charge their mobile device and return the palm-sized unit at any NRG Go station. The charging tech- nology works with all iPhone ® 5 and later models as well as most Android™ devices. As the power pack is entirely portable, users do not need additional cables or outlets, giving NRG's retail customers and other consumers power when they need it most. "We are excited to receive this honor recognizing our work to create a new, convenient way for us to put power into the hands of our customers," said Elizabeth Killinger, President, NRG Retail and Reliant. "Our NRG Go solu- tion is an example of how we are extend- ing the deep relationship we have with our customers to provide them power on the go, which is increasingly more important given the mobile, connected lifestyle that has become the norm." The NRG Go solution offers users an intuitive experience that comes in two sizes. The full-size station is a 75- inch-tall tower fitted with a 27-inch touchscreen and 120 rentable lithium- ion power packs stacked along the tower's sides. Mini stations, capable of wall mounting, have two charging racks that hold 15 power packs each. Both versions automatically recharge power packs upon return, and cus- tomers also have the option to pur- chase the power pack instead of rent- ing it. "Our NRG Go solution is a lifesaver for consumers spending time at universi- ties, hotels and tourist destinations, stadi- ums, bars and entertainment venues, shopping malls and more," said Adam Runquist, Director, NRG Retail. "NRG Go is a refreshing solution to every con- sumer's digital nightmare: a dead phone. So much of our lives depend on mobile devices and this solution is designed to save the day – providing power when and where people need it most." The NRG Go solution will be on dis- play at CES at the Innovation Awards Showcase at Tech West. The showcase will include honorees across 27 cate- gories, each recognized for outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products.

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