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C o n s u m e r E l e c t r o n i c s D a i l y N e w s S a t u r d a y, J a n u a r y 9 , 2 0 1 6 8 FULLY WIRELESS BATTERY-OPERATED CAMERA FROM ATOM LABS For users who would like a small, portable, battery-operated camera to quickly record whenever there is an event and let you know about it, this camera is the perfect solution. The camera makes efficient use of battery power by entering sleep mode whenever it's idle, and wakes up in under one second to capture video when it senses motion. ALC's new prod- ucts will be on display at The Westgate Suite #430. One-Year Battery Life The battery-operated camera is able to sustain daily use and maintain one-year battery life. When the battery runs low, it will simply notify you via your smart- phone or tablet reminding you to replace the batteries. Motion-Activated Sensors Triggering Recording The camera is always on standby to detect motion. When it detects move- ment, the camera will automatically record five seconds of footage and notify your smartphone or tablet stating a move- ment has occurred. The footage would be stored onto local storage, and/or synced to the cloud. Easy Setup ALC prides itself on having fast and reliable setup of its cameras and systems. This camera is no different – the user is guided by an app setup wizard and may complete the setup in mere min- utes. No computers required! Local and Cloud Storage ALC offers both options of storage for free. For users who would like to only store videos locally, they would be able to do so. For users who would like an extra layer of convenience, they may choose to automatically sync the video to the cloud after the camera has fin- ished recording. Small Form Factor For discreet use of video surveil- lance, it has developed a smaller- than-usual housing, so it easily fades into the background, optimal for indoor use. Option for Power Users For users who would frequently access the camera for live feeds and playback videos, it offers a micro USB connector on the camera so the camera can always be powered to handle heavy usage. For more information, stop by The Westgate Suite #430. UPGRADE YOUR USB CHARGERS WITH GE-BRANDED USB POWER SOLUTIONS Jasco designs and develops products to simplify your life and connect your home. Started in 1975, Jasco has devel- oped innovative consumer technologies for mass merchants, food and drug retail- ers, military installations, direct mar- keters and electronic superstores. As a GE licensee, Jasco provides one of the most comprehensive product offerings in consumer electronics, power and charg- ing products. While providing its retail partners full and far-reaching product assortments, it uses its commitment to design, research and development to bring to market a steady flow of product innovations that energize and invigorate the home and mobile solution landscape. At the CES 2016, Jasco is showcasing the one-of-a-kind World of USB Charging at booth #9005 in the Central Hall. "We are always working to combine great technology with innovative product design to enhance and simplify the user experience," says Cameron Trice, Jasco Chief Executive Officer. "Our USB charging solu- tions recognize the prolif- erating demand for USB-powered devices. Regardless of which mobile devices you own, Jasco's Ultra Charge™ technology maximizes charging rates and is up to 40 percent faster than traditional 5.0V USB chargers. One thing you can't miss at our booth is our extensive line of USB power items that provide your all- in-one solution for instant power to all of your devices." The need to charge anywhere and faster in the home is now a reality. Thanks to Jasco's innovations, con- sumers can now trade in separate charg- ers for one that gives them a better charging experience at home or on the go. Jasco's extensive line of GE-branded USB power products provide the all-in-one solution for con- venient USB rapid charging and instant power with enhanced surge protection for every situation. GE-branded USB night lights, power stations, portable chargers, wall receptacles and USB chargers with built-in cable management add function- ality and efficiency to charge and protect your most important devices. For more information, visit www.jasco products.com, call 855.527.2687 or stop by booth #9005, Central Hall HOW TO ATTRACT MORE TALENTED PEOPLE – AND BETTER ENGAGE REMOTE WORKERS Talent is everywhere these days. All over the world, people have access to technolo- gies that are helping them become experts in many different fields. Tech hubs are found near major cities where talented and creative people congregate, also where housing prices have risen, and people are opting to live in less costly locations. However, just because a person chooses a more affordable place to live doesn't mean he or she shouldn't be afforded the same work opportunities – especially if they are well-qualified. By investing in new technol- ogy, businesses can attract, retain and bene- fit from the valuable talent that is out there. Location, Location, Location The demand for qualified people is going to continue to rise. By 2030, the economies of the developed world will require more than 70 million new employ- ees to sustain their growth rates – includ- ing a projected 26 million in the U.S. according to the World Economic Forum. The problem is that location limits access to talent. Too often when search- ing the workforce pool, employers are limited to the talent and knowledge base within their geographical area. The tradi- tional answer to this problem has been for corporations to set up regional offices around the world, in addition to their cen- tralized headquarters, to access qualified employees. But this approach has its lim- its. The talent businesses need may still live far from those regional offices. There is a better method: have one central hub of activity where remote employees from around the world have the option to telecommute instead of de- centralizing activity across a network of regional offices. Connecting Workers Face to Face Telepresence, meanwhile, can link spaces from across the world to each other, dur- ing a set time and from set places. For a dynamic workplace, however, technolo- gy has struggled to connect roles – such as services jobs, advanced roles that require specialty knowledge and man- agers – which require face-to-face inter- action beyond the conference room. Through a Beam telepresence device, built by Suitable Technologies, a user can go from one space to another, participat- ing in office conversations, attending meetings, monitoring the performance of employees, sharing a lunch table and being available for collaborative chats with colleagues pass- ing by. The workforce of today is changing. As a Deloitte study on Global Human Capital Trends notes, the Millennial generation, comfortable with technology, "want to work for organizations that provide flexibility and are purpose-driven." Corporations need solutions to employing a more technical, skilled labor force or they will be left behind. Through telepresence technolo- gy, they can bring talent to the office, no matter where the office or the talent resides. Beam combines user-controlled mobility with telepresence for team- mates, guests, family and friends who wish to interact from afar. Beam+ is now available for $1,995. Visit Suitable Technologies Inc. at booth #35829. PANACAST 2 VIDEO CAMERA AWARDED FOR INNOVATION AT CES Altia Systems' PanaCast 2 real-time video camera has been named an Innovation Awards honoree at CES 2016. PanaCast 2, the world's first panoramic-4K plug-and- play USB video camera, is transforming the way people engage and connect elec- tronically. It gives users an ultra-wide nat- ural looking field-of-view with unparal- leled visual clarity that they can interact with and control immediately and directly. The camera delivers an 180-degree wide by 54-degree tall field of view with 3840 x 1080 pixels in each video frame. Every day, millions of people com- municate via web and video conferenc- ing, at work and at home, for business and personal use. Friends, family and co- workers squeeze together in front of nar- row field-of-view webcams in order to be clearly seen by remote viewers. They can't engage in a natural human way. PanaCast 2 changes that by deliver- ing a natural human perspective to partic- ipants, greatly enhancing collaboration and productivity. It disrupts 135+ years of narrow field-of-view video beginning when movie cameras were invented. PanaCast 2 lets people connect in a natural and immersive way. It enhances video collaboration, personal communi- cations, telemedicine, distance learning, home automation, remote monitoring, constant presence, broadcasting, and more. It brings people around the world closer together and enables them to understand each other more deeply, mak- ing the world a better place. "We are honored to be selected as a CES 2016 Innovation Award honoree," said Aurangzeb Khan, Co-Founder, President and CEO of Altia Systems ® . "Our goal with PanaCast 2 is to enhance the way people engage electronically, whether enabling a more productive business meeting or a more natural fami- ly video call." Altia Systems' PanaCast 2 video camera will be displayed in the Innovation Showcase in the Sands Expo at CES 2016. Altia Systems will have a meeting room on the show floor for demonstrations of the PanaCast 2 camera working with popular collaboration applications.

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