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C o n s u m e r E l e c t r o n i c s D a i l y N e w s S a t u r d a y, J a n u a r y 9 , 2 0 1 6 5 4 modes based on detected dust volume. Another ECOV- ACS product creating new demand is DEE- BOT DM85. Designed to tackle the widest range of floor cleaning jobs, from vacuuming to "Smart Clean" mop- ping, the DM85 includes features that enable it to deliver superior performance on virtu- ally any surface. DM85's main brush can be removed, allowing the robot to vacuum up hair without tangling, yet still navigate home terrain with ease. The cutting edge Smart Clean Mopping System allows consumers to sweep, vacuum, mop and dry their floors in one pass. Add sales to your robotics catego- ry with ECOVACS Robotics products. For more information, go inside the Sands' Robotics Marketplace, booth #72545. AUTO-PETS PROVIDES SELF-CLEANING LITTER BOX The Litter-Robot is the kind of device that can only come from the mind of an engineer. Take an unpleasant, tedious problem, burden an engineer with it and you'll get a brilliant solution. That engineer — and cat owner — is Brad Baxter of Auto-Pets, DBA, also called Automated Pet Care Products Inc. He was having trouble getting his cats to use the litter box and grew tired of scooping whatever did make it onto the litter. His brilliant solution? An automatic, self-cleaning litter box that really works. Designed more than 16 years ago and in its third incarnation, the Litter- Robot is a godsend for the millions cats and their owners living in the United States and all over the world. Previous Litter-Robot models have garnered thousands of positive reviews and the 2015 launch of the Litter- Robot III Open Air has been met with record sales. Customers praise the Litter-Robot for the same reasons Baxter designed it: no more scooping, no more unpleas- ant litter box odor and no need for spe- cial products. Just as important, it cre- ates the ideal litter box experience for your cat; clean and safe every time. "The litter chamber is a sphere," explains Baxter. "It rotates such that the litter moves up along with the globe. As the globe rotates, there's a screen that comes around and up through the litter, so any clumps are separated onto an inner wall. On the other side of the wall, the clean lit- ter is collected and the clumps then fall through the waste ports into the drawer below." All the user has to do is replace litter as needed and empty the waste drawer when it's full, which is conveniently signaled by a light on the control panel. "The nice thing about the Litter- Robot is that after each use, it's clean," says Baxter, making it great for his fussy cats, as well as multiple-cat households. The automatic movement of the Litter-Robot relies on a weight sensor that detects when your cat enters or exits the unit. A pattern of movement signals a countdown to a cleaning cycle. If a cat tries to enter the unit while the globe is rotating, the sensor will detect that weight and stop the motor, keeping your cat safe. Baxter has his eye on the next generation of automation. "With the advent of "smart products" and the Internet of Things, Litter- Robot will be launching its own app," says Baxter. "It will notify pet owners when the drawer is full, usage data that could indicate the well being of your pet, and act as a remote control for convenience of setting up or operating the unit directly from a smartphone." From the mind of Baxter and his talented team at Auto-Pets, DBA, it looks forward to seeing what brilliant pet care solutions they'll think of next! For more information, call 877.250.7729, visit www.litter- robot.com or stop by booth #74272 in the Sands Convention Center. ECOVACS ROBOTICS EXPANDS FLOOR CLEANING ROBOT LINE ECOVACS Robotics, the premier developer and manufacturer of home service robots, expands its DEEBOT floor cleaning robot line with new products and new technology. New products were designed in direct response to consumer feedback and to help retailers expand their growing home robotics category. WINBOT, a family of window cleaning robots, and the line of DEEBOT floor cleaning robots have been show stoppers since their release, sparking a lot of interest and chatter amongst the media and retailers. "The home service robotics cate- gory has grown exponentially in the last several years and is on track to continue. Research and forecasting models show several areas of demand that are yet to be filled with products. ECOVACS is enhancing our DEEBOT line to support retailers and help them capture this untapped market," says Mike Hecht, Executive Director of ECOVACS Robotics Inc. New price points, innovation and technological advancements are fea- tured on ECOVACS brand new DEE- BOT models, filling niches that are lacking in the current marketplace. The recently released DEEBOT Slim draws fresh consumers into the category with a satisfying array of technology and cleaning features at an entry-level price point. DEEBOT Slim, as its name denotes, is a low-profile robotic vacuum that stands only 2.2 inches tall, so it easily cleans under furniture where other robots can't. DEEBOT Slim is simple to operate and maintain, cleans bare floors effectively with no-tangle direct suction, automat- ically adjusts to uneven surfaces, and can mop too. It still includes all of the DEEBOT standard equipment to clean up to and around stairs, detect objects in its path, recharges itself and per- forms scheduled cleaning once per day even if nobody is at home – all for a very affordable price. Since its debut in 2014, the DEEBOT D77 has been very successful. The next generation DEE- BOT D79 elevates this model from a robotic vacuum to a self- emptying, two-in-one cleaning system. The unique DEEBOT D79 combines an advanced floor cleaning robot with a detachable handheld vacuum and accessories for above floor cleaning – furniture, drapes, etc. – a combination consumers have never seen. Another innovation consumers have been ask- ing for is included on DEEBOT D79 – the robot empties its own dust bin. Yes, the robot empties its own dust bin! Other smart features include dual side brushes, four cleaning modes, hi-tech sensors to clean safely around stairs, avoid obstacles and switch cleaning

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