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C o n s u m e r E l e c t r o n i c s D a i l y N e w s 5 1 S a t u r d a y, J a n u a r y 9 , 2 0 1 6 2016 Best of Show MEAZON ZI-CLAMP EARNS TOP PRODUCT OF THE YEAR AWARD Meazon's Zi-Clamp received a Top Product of the Year Award in the Energy Manager Today Awards. Meazon Zi- Clamp is considered by judges as an exemplary product. One judge said of Zi- Clamp: "The product is attractive for sev- eral reasons, including the fact that the non-intrusive connections remove liabili- ty or equipment interruption issues asso- ciated with gathering electricity use data, and that the wireless network and mesh capability enables real-time monitoring, easy collection and aggregation of data and fast and efficient data analysis". Another added: "The non-intrusive connection capability and the inductive charging capability is well engineered and offers easy installation, management and use." The Energy Manager Today Awards is a program recognizing excellence in products and services that provide com- panies with significant energy manage- ment benefits or in projects implemented by companies that improved energy man- agement and increased the bottom line. Scores were determined by a panel of independent judges from the following companies: Accenture, CapitalOne, City of Alexandria VA, COX Enterprises Inc., General Motors, MUFG Union Bank, IBM, Skidmore Owings & Merrill, US Department of Health & Human Services, USG Corporation, and Wellborn Cabinet Inc. "We were impressed by both the number of submissions and the caliber of the entries in this first year of the Energy Manager Today Awards. The winners showed an amazing variety in the way energy reductions and savings can be achieved. Energy management is a cut- ting-edge field in which to be operating today; the winners here prove that inno- vations are opening up vast new areas of potential for improvement, and that com- panies are capitalizing on those opportu- nities in exciting and impressive ways," says Paul Nastu, publisher of Energy Manager Today's parent company, Business Sector Media. "Entries that were awarded Top Product or Project of the Year are those that should be careful- ly considered by companies seeking to improve their own operations in a similar manner." Zi-Clamp is a revolutionary prod- uct for the energy management market due to its very easy installation. It allows a quick deployment of many devices in order to get a speedy audit of a building and characterize the loads without interrupting the power supply. As there is no need to cut power supply, there is no risk of damage on the DB of the building that is a nightmare for installers, especially in old buildings. Due to its small size, it can fit every- where, and the wireless interface sim- plifies things further. The energy har- vesting from the power line that is measured allows long monitoring peri- ods without the need of maintenance for battery change. Removal of the devices is also quick and simple. "We are extremely honored to be selected for such a prestigious award. It proves our company's commitment to design revo- lutionary products that make a differ- ence and create an inflection point in the Energy Efficiency industry," says Stelios Koutroubinas, CEO of Meazon. LOCKSTATE ANNOUNCES LINE OF CONNECTED LOCKS AND PLUGS LockState is using Ayla Networks' Internet of Things (IoT) platform and cloud services for its product line of RemoteLock and RemotePlug. Targeted at the residential market, the forthcoming RemoteLock 5i is the second generation IoT connected lock for the residential market from LockState. LockState will be demonstrating the RemoteLock 6i, the RemoteLock 5i and the RemotePlug at the Ayla and LockState booths at the Sands Expo Center, Las Vegas at the CES show January 6-9. "We have been working with LockState for 18 months to bring cloud connectivity to everything LockState offers," said David Friedman, CEO and Co-founder of Ayla Networks. "LockState saw the opportunity to con- nect its security products to the cloud and now is rolling out its second generation of IoT products. LockState understands the transformational potential of the IoT and is looking to Ayla to simplify its path to connectivity." "If you don't have an IoT strategy today, then we believe you risk extinc- tion as a company. At LockState, we view IoT as the merger of distinct tech- nologies -- door lock firmware; 'lock/unlock' commands and user codes; and the development of smart- phone and web applications that control the lock. Since mastering all of these technologies is nearly impossible, we rely on Ayla to expertly manage the IoT and cloud connectivity," said Nolan Mondrow, CEO and founder of LockState. "The result is that we can focus on making our products and cus- tomer experience great while being confident that Ayla's transportation of command and data to our locks is secure and reliable." Products being demonstrated at CES include LockState's commercial grade WiFi door lock, the RemoteLock 6i, and an upgraded version of the consumer WiFi door lock, the RemoteLock 5i. These new locks incorporate many new features and improvements and because they use direct WiFi (no gateway required) locks remain the simplest easi- est way to control door access by using a consumer's existing WiFi router. The RemoteLock 5i will be in full production in Q1 2016. For the office/short- stay/rental market, LockState's RemoteLock 6i is the commercial smart lock solution that gives rental property owners and businesses the ideal solution to manage doors through smart phones and computers. LockState announced in November that it is one of the first inte- grations with Airbnb's new Host Assist program with its new RemoteLock, launched at the Airbnb Open conference in Paris, France. Also being shown at CES are LockState's WiFi RemotePlug and the LockState Connect system, a portal that allows consumers to connect WiFi enabled devices such as thermostats and door locks to existing Wi-Fi routers. Consumers can then control their home devices from an internet connected com- puter or their smart phone from anywhere in the world. Mondrow added, "LockState was the first company ever to create and sell an internet controlled WiFi keypad door lock. LockState's first generation locks were a major technological accomplish- ment and have solved major problems for thousands of users. In launching the next generation of IoT door locks, LockState has taken all the feedback from cus- tomers and improved almost every aspect of the lock including increased battery life, more durability, a better smartphone app, better integration with other IoT devices, a much easier provisioning process, and much much more."

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