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C o n s u m e r E l e c t r o n i c s D a i l y N e w s S a t u r d a y, J a n u a r y 9 , 2 0 1 6 4 2 LIMITLESS INNOVATIONS BRINGS RELIABLE CHARGING SOLUTIONS TO MARKET With so many powered devices on the market making their way into everyone's pockets, consumers need a reliable uni- versal charging solution. At International CES 2014, Limitless Innovations Inc. debuted that solution. "The ChargeHub plugs right into the wall through its own cord and can power up to seven devices simultaneously," said Rock Smeja, Principal and Vice President of Operations at Limitless Innovations Inc. "The hub itself sits on a desk or table and then the devices plug into it with their own USB cords. Another great feature is that the ChargeHub utilizes patent-pending SmartSpeed Technology to allow any port to charge the connected device at its maximum charging speed, regardless of whether it is an Apple iOS or Android device." The team at Limitless Innovations is committed to putting forth every effort to reach consumer needs. In addition to the seven-port hub, Limitless plans to release two new charging stations. "We plan to roll out two brand new chargers, the X3 ChargeHub and the X5 ChargeHub, three- and five-port univer- sal charging stations to accommodate dif- ferent price-points and markets," Smeja said. "It is the same unique and patented form fac- tor as ChargeHub, that's also able to charge each connected device optimally. In addition, the top insert is customizable for any company's logo or marketing message. This is something unique to the charging world and not something seen in other competitive products." Another unique feature of the ChargeHub is that it can be used interna- tionally or on-the-go, with adapters for plugs worldwide. Not only does that mean optimal charges for everywhere from home to cafes in other countries, but it means that Limitless Innovations customers are getting the most value for their money spent. Smeja expects the service and new products at Limitless to foster growth in coming years. "We seek to maintain a con- sistent sales flow of our current product lines, in addition to dou- bling, if not tripling sales, with new product releases in 2016," said Smeja. "We attribute our success to hard work, consistency and determina- tion. Potential new customers can trust in our product and company by reading our past customer successes through stellar product reviews on different websites or simply by contacting our sales depart- ment with any questions." For more information, visit North Hall booth #6438, go to www.limitlessinnova tions.com or email sales@limitless innovations.com. CREATIVE WARRANTY SOLUTIONS FOR STARTUPS TO MULTINATIONALS An interview with Randy Whitehead, Chief Executive Officer, National Service Alliance. CEDN: What has made NSA so attrac- tive to small startups as well as large multinationals? RW: NSA's success is based on several core principles that apply to every type of business regardless of size: focus on the consumer experience; be obsessed with adding value rather than maximizing profit; and provide a portal with tools that accomplish the client's objectives. CEDN: What are some of the unique tools that NSA provides? RW: One of the most effective tools pro- vided by NSA is the triage troubleshoot- ing system. NSA helps the client develop troubleshooting screens and flows for each individual model and incorporates them in the NSA portal. These triage screens are then used by the call center agent to guide the customer through a series of questions based on the experi- ence level of each consumer. Product usage education is provided where need- ed with the objective of eliminating unnecessary truck rolls. If the system determines that an on-site visit is required, the system indicates which parts are needed for the technician, if they are in stock and on which days a technician can provide on-site repair. The customer selects which day would be most conven- ient and the agent indicates that day in the NSA portal. The system then sends a dis- patch to the correct service provider, the system orders the correct part and has it shipped to the correct service provider. The customer also receives an email with a link to the customer portal that provides access to the status of the service event from start to finish. CEDN: Why is this important? RW: This process and tool immediately boosts customer confidence by answer- ing all questions on the first contact. The customer knows what will happen and when and realizes that it is very likely the product will be repaired on the first trip. It is surprising to see how many compa- nies have not yet implemented such a tool. We provide the tool and help them implement it at no additional charge. CEDN: What other unique services does NSA provide? RW: As a result of the NSA triage tool, NSA also provides End-To-End Analytics of product failures, customer education issues, parts usage based on symptom, and parts failure data. Imagine the value of capturing the problem the customer reported, what the technician actually saw and if the parts had actually failed. This data is tracked within NSA for each repair and provides valuable insights available through no other source. NSA's visual analytical tools enable the client to slice and dice and view the data from various perspectives. CEDN: Many of the largest enterprises struggle to capture that data. And NSA offers it to all clients? RW: That is correct. NSA has experi- enced great success by making these capabilities readily available to all clients regardless of size and budget. For more information, visit booth #31840, South Hall. GEAR S2 EARNS INNOVATION AWARD FOR SAMSUNG The Gear S2 is just one of 38 Samsung products to win an Innovation Award at this year's CES. Gear S2 is a completely re-designed smartwatch that centers on an intuitive circular design with a rotat- ing bezel that allows users to easily and precisely navigate the UI with the turn of a dial. The Gear S2 provides at-a-glance notifications to check calendars, e-mails, send texts and more. The Consumer Technology Association™ has been recognizing achievements in product design and engi- neering like the Samsung Gear S2 since 1976 and has honored Samsung with one more Best of Innovation Award this year than last year. Among Samsung's 38 CES 2016 Innovation Awards are three Best of Innovation Awards. Products entered in the CES Innovation program are judged by a pre-eminent panel of independent industrial designers, engineers and mem- bers of the trade media to honor out- standing design and engineering in cut- ting-edge consumer electronics products across 27 categories. "Samsung continues to deliver unique experiences for our consumers worldwide through the many products that help people lead more connected lives," said Gregory Lee, President and CEO of Samsung Electronics North America. "We are honored that CTA and the industry recognizes our ongo- ing commitment to innovation and excellence in consumer experience as we look forward to demonstrating our latest achievements at the 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show." Samsung's award-winning prod- ucts span 18 categories including, TV, monitor, mobile, tablet, digital imag- ing, wearable, home appliance and memory. QUANTENNA WINS GLOBAL SEMICONDUCTOR ALLIANCE AWARD Quantenna Communications, Inc., which offers ultra-high performance Wi-Fi, received the Most Respected Private Semiconductor Company award at the 2015 Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) Awards Dinner Celebration on December 10. The awards are presented annually to outstanding semiconductor companies worldwide that have demon- strated excellence through their vision, strategy, execution and future opportunity. Quantenna was the first to deliver 4x4 chipsets for the 802.11n and 802.11ac Wi-Fi standards. With the latest 10G Wave 3 product family, Quantenna is delivering unprecedented Wi-Fi per- formance, reliability and capacity for high-density environments, and can address the service provider, retail and enterprise market segments. "We are honored that GSA and our peers have recognized Quantenna as the company that positively changed the semiconductor industry and Wi-Fi mar- ket by delivering ultra-high performance Wi-Fi," said Dr. Sam Heidari, CEO, Quantenna. "This endorsement backs our vision. Consumers' demands are growing as Wi-Fi usage soars. 10G Wave 3 pro- vides the flexibility and scalability to support speeds up to 10Gbps while max- imizing overall network performance and delivering the best possible capacity across all devices." The industry's Most Respected Private Semiconductor Company award is designed to identify the private compa- ny garnering the most respect from the industry in terms of its products, vision and future opportunity. GSA's Private Awards Committee reviews all private semiconductor companies, conducts analysis of each company's performance and likelihood of long-term success, and provides a list of respectable private companies to be voted on by GSA mem- bership. On-line voting takes place to allow GSA members, including semicon- ductor companies and partners, to cast a ballot for the private semiconductor com- pany they most respect. Quantenna is exhibiting at the 2016 CES in Las Vegas from January 6-9, 2016 at the Palazzo Hotel.

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