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C o n s u m e r E l e c t r o n i c s D a i l y N e w s 3 9 S a t u r d a y, J a n u a r y 9 , 2 0 1 6 EMFIT ANNOUNCES ALL NIGHT LONG HEART RATE VARIABILITY MEASUREMENT Emfit is pleased to announce adding full- night heart rate variability measurement to the Emfit QS Sleep Monitor. Tracking heart rate variability throughout the whole night gives one a detailed picture of the progression of the recovery during the night. Evening RMSSD value tells about accumulated stress over the day, and morning RMSSD indicates recovery status and readiness for a new day. RMSSD data allows one to optimize training schedules according to actual body requirements, avoid over- training and to be at peak performance, which is why this new feature is espe- cially beneficial for athletes. Long-term evaluation of HRV indicates how effec- tively exercise or lifestyle changes are affecting one's lifestyle. Emfit QS is a contact-free sensor installed beneath the mattress using small electronics with Wi-Fi. A web-based application that is also optimized for use with smartphones provides comprehen- sive reports about physical recovery, stress levels and sleep quality. Emfit QS records total amount of sleep, percent- ages of recuperating REM and DEEP sleep, heart rate, respiration rate and activity during the entire night. Emfit CTO Timo Aittokoski, who is behind all algorithms of Emfit QS, talks about the full- night HRV: "This new fea- ture is simply amazing. In contrast to the normal way to measure HRV, which is one short-time measure- ment in the morning, Emfit QS gives much more insight into recovery; we measure it in three-minute windows throughout the whole night, getting a total of 100-200 measurements in a night. This way we get insight into what is real- ly going on in the body, and we can see the progression of recovery. Getting this kind of deep information of readiness for the day and exercise is impossible in a one-time, just a couple minutes long measurement. With our all-night HRV measurement, results are much more sta- tistically credible." About Emfit Ltd. Emfit is a global leader in quasi-piezoelectric ferroelec- tret sensors and actuators. Since 1990, Finnish company Emfit has pioneered the development and manufac- ture of these electro active polymers. Emfit also develops and manufactures whole products with a focus in health tech. Today, Emfit is a leading manufac- turer of ferroelectret sensor and actuator material for various applications, includ- ing paper machinery, sports equipment, music instruments, touch-sensitive human interfaces, smart building solu- tions and more. For more information, visit www.emfit.com or stop by booth #73526. HAIRMAX SHOWCASES NEW LASER HAIR GROWTH DEVICES Two new breakthrough home-use Laser Light Hair Growth Devices, HairMax LaserBand 82 and the HairMax Ultima 12 LaserComb are being showcased at CES. Lexington International will exhibit its game-changing hair loss laser device, the HairMax ® LaserBand 82. This enhanced hands-free device employs 82 medical-grade lasers to provide the fastest hair loss treatment time on the market. Now you can treat your hair loss and stimulate hair growth in as little as 90 seconds, just three times per week. The speed and effectiveness of this device is unprecedented in the hair loss industry. Also showcased is the HairMax Ultima 12 LaserComb with 12 medical grade lasers, which requires only eight minutes of treatment, three times weekly. Both of the new devices sport a new sleek design by iconic Italian firm Pininfarina, famed for designing the pro- files of the world's most luxurious motorcars and their innovative architec- tural designs. "We were inspired by the ground- breaking hair growth technology that HairMax introduced to the world in 2001," says Matteo De Lise, Managing Director of Pininfarina, USA. "We embarked on a journey to bring an ultra modern and contemporary look to these devices, which would not only be pleas- ing to the eye, but also provide outstand- ing performance." All HairMax laser devices are FDA- cleared to treat hair loss and promote hair growth in men and women. They are also the only home-use laser treatments for hair loss backed by seven clinical studies. In these studies, performed by leading experts in hair loss at major medical research centers around the U.S., HairMax laser devices have been proven to stimulate hair growth, reverse the thinning process, awaken dormant hair follicles and increase density and fullness. HairMax laser devices are the only laser hair growth medical devices with studies published in six peer review medical journals. Study abstracts are available upon request. "Lexington International is known worldwide for our pioneering work in the field of at-home laser devices," said David Michaels, Managing Director of Lexington. "We continually research and launch the latest technology, formulas and treatment protocols to safely and effec- tively treat hair loss and thin- ning hair. We persistently innovate and work to expand multi-channel distribution with key partners. Our mis- sion is to make the benefits of clinical hair loss treatments available to consumers world- wide, affordably, and in the privacy of their own homes." In addition to the new breakthrough lasers, HairMax offers a complete range complementary products specially for- mulated for thinning hair and to support healthy hair growth. These include dietary supplements, FDA Approved Minoxidil and an innovative line of shampoos and scalp treatments formulat- ed with DHT blockers and other ingredi- ents known to support hair growth. For more information, call 866.527.3726, visit www.hairmax.com or stop by booth #9808. JASCO AND WATER4 PARTNER TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD AT CES Jasco Products and Water4, a leading non- profit organization providing access to clean drinking water to a quarter million people and counting, are partnering togeth- er at CES 2016 to save lives and benefit thousands around the world. "Water4 and Jasco are both innovators in our respective industries. Jasco is changing how people simplify their lives and connect their homes with disruptive solutions, and Water4 has fundamentally transformed the traditional charity model for solving the global water crisis," said Cameron Trice, Jasco CEO. "Through the strategy of empowerment and sharing knowledge, resources and technology, we believe we can make a difference together." It's More than Charity. It's Opportunity. Jasco invests in technology that is changing the world into a cleaner, safer place to live. The global water crisis claims 3.4 million lives each year. Water4 transforms communities by put- ting a sustainable solution in the hands of local men and women. The model offers jobs and training to local commu- nity members to maintain pumps and continue drilling new wells, creating a sustainable model and ongoing business opportunities. "Water4 goes into an area and we train the locals how to drill water wells on their own," said Water4 Founder, Dick Greenly. "By teaching a group to drill water wells, we leave behind the tools and a ready-made business for them. Instead of giving them a water well, it gives them a job, it gives them purpose, and it gives entire regions clean water all in the same package." Making a Difference at CES Jasco will donate $1 for every visitor badge scanned at its Central Hall booth during CES and will match all contributions made to Water4 during CES to help solve the water crisis. Jasco will also donate an addi- tional $1 for each person who includes #Water4Change on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram between January 6-9. "We believe in the remarkable power of individuals committed to work- ing together towards a shared vision," said Trice. "Together we are making an impact. We're not just growing a compa- ny. We're changing the world and mak- ing it a better place. NAGRA DEMONSTRATES SIGNIFICANT INNOVATION IN PAY-TV STREAMING AND OTT SERVICES NAGRA, a Kudelski Group company, an independent provider of content protec- tion and multiscreen television solutions, will showcase its latest innovations designed to deliver a secure, engaging and everywhere experience for pay-TV operators at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in the Venetian Meeting Rooms. "With global OTT sub- scriptions forecast to nearly double over the next three years, it is critical for serv- ice providers to deliver compelling mul- tiscreen and streaming services as part of their overall pay-TV offering," said Ivan Verbesselt, SVP Group Marketing. "As OTT services continue to evolve to meet increasing user expectations, pay-TV solutions must also provide a more engaging, intuitive and seamless enter- tainment experience. What we unveil at CES this year will show how pay-TV operators can take their own streaming services to the next level." As the featured highlight, NAGRA will leverage its broad and long-standing industry expertise and array of digital TV technologies to launch a significant innova- tion in streaming video and OTT. The solu- tion will provide pay-TV operators with a new offering that will give consumers the TV experience they demand and deserve. The latest implementations of OpenTV 5 HTML5 set-top box connect- ware and its elegant integration with key partners such as Netflix will also be on display. OpenTV 5 offers a robust solu- tion to help accelerate the launch of secure multiscreen connected-home serv- ices. Visitors will also learn more about the increasing momentum behind NAGRA's MediaLive multiscreen solu- tion and its latest cloud-based features- including cloud PVR, download-togo, electronic-sell-through and dynamic ad insertion-that help increase ARPU and provide value-driven customer retention.

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