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C o n s u m e r E l e c t r o n i c s D a i l y N e w s S a t u r d a y, J a n u a r y 9 , 2 0 1 6 3 4 3D SCANNING: PORTRAITS, FRIDGE MAGNETS OR HIGH-LEVEL SECURITY FOR YOUR HOME PC Artec 3D, leading manufacturer of hand- held professional 3D scanners, is present- ing a range of 3D products accessible to everyday users at CES 2016. The main highlight is the Artec Shapify Booth, a one-click 3D body scanner used to make 3D portraits – a unique new way to capture life's most treasured memories. The Shapify Booth features four wide-view, high- resolution Artec 3D scanners that rotate around the person, scanning them from all angles. These high-precision scan- ners, used in the aerospace, medical and manufacturing industries to ensure quality control, as well as to 3D scan President Obama, are able to capture even the smallest details, down to wrin- kles on clothes. Artec's sophisticated software then automatically stitches together hundreds of generated images to create a full-body 3D image file ready for 3D printing, without any post-processing. This digital model is then sent to a 3D printing center to make a mini-statue in full color, which is then delivered to the customer a few days later. Anyone can be 3D scanned free of charge, and what is more, each person is emailed a free 3D video of themselves which can be posted to Facebook. At CES, Artec is offering new ways to use your 3D scan, in addition to order- ing a full color high quality 3D print: turn yourself into a fridge magnet, a laser engraved crystal, a bobble head or a one- color plastic action hero. In the future, some of these options will be available to make at home, using the Artec Shapify home user application, which works with the new Intel 3D sensor. The new Intel 3D sen- sor is also used in combi- nation with Artec's upcoming security product for PCs: Artec ID 3D facial recognition soft- ware. When using a laptop with a built-in Intel 3D sensor, you will no longer need to enter a password – just sit in front of the computer and it will automatically recognize you by scanning your face and log you in or return you to your session. Easy, fast and secure! Try out all of Artec's products at booth #72523 at Sands, Tech West, visit www.artec3d.com or email info@artec- group.com. EVERY STAGE OF PRECIOUS METAL RECYCLING IS IMPORTANT Abington Reldan Metals LLC under- stands that the value of precious metal is measured by more than pounds, tons, karats or even dollars. The scrap entering its facility is a symbol of its commitment to customers and the environment, which is reflected at every stage of the metal recycling process. Before scrap enters its doors, AR Metals' sales representatives will have already consulted with its customers to identify the materials available for recy- cling and will have provided shipping containers tailored to the customer's spe- cific needs in order to ensure the materi- als are transported as efficiently, conve- niently and safely as possible. At AR Metals' facility, environmen- tal sustainability is built into its refinery and processes, exceeding environmental regulatory requirements. Located in the Keystone Industrial Port Complex, an eco-industrial complex granted the "Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence," it was designed and built in 2010 from the ground up with the latest advanced technology. As the only ISO-14001, R2, e- Stewards and LEED certified zero- discharge facility of its kind in the United States, with baghouses, neutralizing scrubbers and waste- water treatment equipment found throughout the facility, Abington Reldan Metals reflects its commit- ment to environmental sustainabil- ity at every step of the refining process. As a result, AR Metals has achieved more than 43 percent in annual water savings, a 35 percent reduction in energy consump- tion, and diverted thousands of tons of waste away from landfills. AR Metals is equally committed to protecting its customers' sensitive mate- rials, using gated entrances, security teams, a secure vault and multi-level security systems throughout its facility. With more than 30 years of experience in the precious metal recycling and refining industry, Abington Reldan Metals has accumulated the knowledge and skills necessary to serve its customers in an ever-changing industry. For more information, go to www .armetals.com, call 800.764.9222 or email sales@armetals.com. IMPECCA FAMILY OF BRANDS AND PRODUCTS: 10 YEARS AND STILL GROWING The Impecca family of brands and line of products is entering its tenth year, and once again is expanding its number of SKUs and category offerings. In addition to the traditional electronics products such as digital photo frames, home video, cell phone accessories, portable DVD and audio products, the company recently launched a full line of portable power solu- tions inclusive of jumps starters under the Power It Up brand. The Power It Up multi- function power cell and supply products can be found in national retail channels as well and regional retailers and at e-com- merce sites. Impecca has also increased its offerings within the Rip Tunes brand with the addition of Bluetooth enabled audio devices to complement the current portable audio products line up. 2016 will bring even more additions to the already robust Rip Tunes audio line. In addition, Impecca's line of small electrics and housewares products under the Courant brand continues to gain traction at retail. The successful launch of its TO1235 Toast Tower, a unique form factor, space-conscious four-slice toaster oven was completed this past September. Impecca branded computer keyboards, mouses, calcula- tors, and cell phone and tablet cases under the company's Eco Shield brand are all bamboo-based products, adding a nice eco-friendly touch for an increasing- ly aware consumer base. The family of brands: Impecca, Rip Tunes, Courant, I am Game, Power It Up and Zoo Tunes have been established and grown with strategic part- ners both nationally and regionally. The Impecca distribution strategy continues to remain targeted and focused on providing first class quality products at attractive price points with enhanced margin opportunities. The ded- ication to continue to provide quality consumer demand items at aggressive retail price points also remains intact. For more information, visit booth #9449, call 866.954.4440 or email info@ impeccausa.com. INNOFLASK PORTABLE BLUETOOTH SPEAKER: QUALITY AT AFFORDABLE PRICES INNOFlask 2.0 is a portable Bluetooth 4.1 speaker designed to stand out in a crowded space. Quality, convenience, price point and style all work together to make a product that will appeal to anyone who wants to take his music along on trips around the world or out to the back garden. The INNOFlask speaker pairs instantly with any iOS or Android device, weighs less than eight ounces and is housed in a sturdy case that's no larger than a sunglasses case, so it can be tucked easily into purses, carry-on bags or pockets. The case opens to create an easel stand that directs sound from the stereo speakers out into the room. Its lithium ion battery provides more than 10 hours of life and a 10-meter Bluetooth range. "The Flask is a genuine stereo product with total separation between left and right channels, so you can enjoy a natural stereo sound. Many of the other lower-price products produce the same sound from both speakers. Additionally, friends and colleagues can share the INNOFlask, as it can pair multiple devices," said Randy Kemps, INNODesign Vice President of Sales and Marketing. The INNOFLASK also has a built-in microphone for conven- ient hands-free calling – a feature that's certain to appeal to road warriors who have meetings all day and then come back to their hotel rooms at night to review their messages and return calls. "If you're in a hotel room, using a head piece is not always the most convenient way," Kemps said. INNOFlask's $129.95 retail price is another attraction. "Many of the other Bluetooth portable devices in this price range don't offer this kind of quality and features," Kemps said. "We've engineered it to have excellent volume and very low distortion, so it's perfect for people who care about the quality of their sound. This is a great product for those who want excellent sound reproduction and convenience while they're on the road or for those who sit in the garden and listen to music while they're reading or just chill- ing out." "The sturdy case makes for an excel- lent display, storage and carrying case. The INNOFlask makes a great corporate gift as well," Kemps said. INNOFlask is available in four col- ors: gold, rose gold, platinum and char- coal gray. Visit INNODesign in booth #82435 at the Sands Convention Center. For more information after the show, visit www.innodevice.com or email randy@innodevice.com.

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