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C o n s u m e r E l e c t r o n i c s D a i l y N e w s 2 3 S a t u r d a y, J a n u a r y 9 , 2 0 1 6 M-EDGE LAUNCHES GYM-TO-OFFICE BRAND In response to consumer demand, M- Edge launches its Gym-To-Office brand and product assortment for the on-the-go professional. Packing power, productivi- ty and protection into products ranging from the Bolt gym duffel with a built-in 4000-6000 mAh battery to the Beast smartphone case – a magnetized drop- proof cell phone case that lets you attach your phone to your workout equipment without worrying about it falling off or a dumbbell dropping on it, keeping you focused on working out. The Gym-To-Office assortment also includes the Beast magnetic arm-band to keep your workout moving from station to station, indoors or out. The corner- stone of the collection are the TrueWireless Bluetooth headphones. Unlike most wireless headphones, these don't actually have wires – it's why it calls them wireless. To top it all off, the headphones are voice activated to keep your workouts distraction-free. "Our retail and distribution partners are super excited about these products," says Stephen Cleary, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at M-Edge. "We did focus groups throughout the coun- try for the past 18 months. Time and time again, consumers said bat- tery life and being able to listen to music while working out without having to mess with cords or carrying their phone were the biggest hassles they deal with while working out." During consumer research, it received a lot of positive feedback, includ- ing: "I love the fact that I can work out, listen to music and not worry about drain- ing my phone's battery because my Bolt duffel will charge my phone on my way back to the office."; and "The attention to detail is amazing and it lets me focus on my workout instead of worrying about where to put my phone and being stressed about knocking it off my workout bike or getting tangled up in the cords." For more information, visit www.medge store.com or stop by booth #73160, Level 2, Sands Expo in Sport Tech Space. other students and faculty. My Open Road app is a great free tool, available in iOS and Android platforms, for users to make a tiny differ- ence in their daily travel, reducing their global carbon footprint, fighting climate change and getting fit. It is a win-win for the users, for local business- es and the environment. My Open Road is a proud partner with Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) and its founders have created strategic alliances with Nevada's Clean Energy Project and The Alliance to Save Energy, among others, in an effort to save half a billion tons of CO2 emissions by the year 2020. For more information, visit My Open Road at booth #80337. After the show, go to www.myopenroad.com. JASCO MAKES HOME CONTROL SIMPLE WITH BLUETOOTH SMART CONTROLS Jasco Products, GE licensee and leader in home automation, LED lighting and security products, is showcasing its diverse collection of GE branded con- nected home products, including the new ecosystem of Bluetooth Smart Controls at the 2016 International CES (booth #9005, Central Hall). "Jasco has developed a complete ecosystem of Bluetooth Smart lighting controls powered by Avi-on and CSRmesh, the only line of its kind on the market," said Cameron Trice, Jasco Chief Executive Officer. "With Avi-on providing leading edge software devel- opment and support, Jasco is delivering a game-changing wireless solution to all of our major retail partners with affordable smart home products that simplify peo- ple's lives and connect their home." GE branded Bluetooth Smart Lighting Controls are a unique ecosystem of interoperable smart home products, providing an easy-to-use and affordable way of controlling lights and small appli- ances around the home with no Wi-Fi or hub required. Bluetooth Smart Controls from GE use CSR's Smart mesh protocol to allow multiple-devices to not only receive messages, but also repeat those messages to other devices, thereby defying tradi- tional Bluetooth range limita- tions. This means that the more devices you add, the stronger the mesh network and the greater your range of control. Users can control lighting across a large home, estate or office complex with Jasco's GE branded smart devices. With the free Avi-on Labs app for iOS and Android, users can set and con- trol lighting, dimmers, timers, count- downs, groupings of lights and devices, and more with their smartphone or tablet. Since all device settings are saved local- ly on the device, the switches and dim- mers will work as programmed regard- less of whether the phone or tablet is off or out of range. With afford- able solutions starting under $50, you can customize any combination of GE branded Smart Devices: Plug-in Smart Switch; Plug-in Smart Dimmer; In-wall Smart Switch; In-wall Smart Switch; Plug-in Outdoor Smart Switch; and Add-On Switch (for three- and four- way installations). Jasco is highlighting the new Bluetooth Smart lighting control ecosys- tem and more connected home innova- tions at the 2016 International CES in the Central Hall, booth #9005. For more information, visit www.jasco products.com or www.ezbluetooth.com, call 855.527.2687 or stop by booth #9005, Central Hall. BEM WIRELESS UNVEILS 2016 LINE OF PRODUCTS Bem Wireless LLC was conceptualized with Mike Nakamura and two other consumer electronics veterans, official- ly launching U.S. operations at CES 2013. While a very short time ago, the company has grown tremendously with a strong product portfolio and retail footprint. The company's founding principles remain today, such as time- less and borderless designs coupled with intuitive interfaces. Serving up wireless products that meet current and emerging technology is where the com- pany lives. The company is excited to unveil its 2016 multi category line of wireless products in its large suite at Caesars Palace. Some of the categories include portable audio, outdoor enter- tainment, video projectors and cam- eras. "It is important to remain nimble and opportunistic, yet at the same time temper the expectation of consumers embracing certain change with emerg- ing technologies," says President and Chief Executive Officer Mike Nakamura. "The industry is awash with WiFi solutions and products, yet the ease of integration for the main- stream consumer is just not there yet. That is the challenge as well as the opportunity." Bem Wireless is addressing the WiFi audio category with what it believes is the best way to lead the consumer migra- tion to this emerging category. At the same time, older wireless technologies can be very relevant or even find a new and repurposed use that fits the right con- sumer need. Bem Wireless launches a new brand centered around out- door entertainment that has received stellar reviews from its retail partners. Nimble, creative and stead- fast, Bem Wireless LLC has quickly garnered respect within the industry, and it is thankful for the wide trade and consumer acceptance thus far. "Where we are today is not where we will be tomorrow by any means." For more information, visit www.bem wireless.com, call 815.337.0541 or email inquiries@bemwireless.com. Bem Wireless is exhibiting at Caesars Palace. FIRST OF ITS KIND FREE SOCIAL ENERGY CONSERVATION SUSTAINABLE APP My Open Road (MOR) is an innovative social energy conservation sustainable app for smartphones that encourages and incentivizes users to reduce their carbon footprint by taking alternative transporta- tion (walk, run, bike, carpool, taking the bus or train) instead of driving, and get rewarded with discounts from sustain- able partners for their efforts in saving the environment. MOR makes it fun by using social responsibility scores to rank users' method of travel. The more energy-effi- cient the method of travel, the higher the score. MOR's patent-pending mobile technology can detect a wide range of transportation mechanisms that a person might use to get from point A to point B. The app uses different travel "modes" and assigns a "social responsibility score," or SRS, to each one. For example, walking or running has an SRS of 1,000, while driving a car has an SRS of only 500. Carpool mode will award users with a 700 SRS, which will go up depending on the number of people in the car. MOR partners with local businesses to provide users with specials and dis- counts for their effort in saving energy while maintaining a high social responsi- bility score of 700 or better. "My Open Road is an amazing application," said Wing Lam, Co- Founder of Wahoo's Fish Tacos. "It's a new green marketing system that gives merchants the tools to reward customers for their energy conservation efforts. We are proud to be one of the first major customers to align with MOR," said Wing Lam, Founder of Wahoo's. "Like a lot of other fans of MOR, we really think it's a game changer when it comes to reducing carbon emissions by rewarding customers for altering their travel behaviors." My Open Road app also has its own integrated Rideshare matching service (called JoiRide™) that many colleges are finding to be a better alternative to other rideshare services. Colleges are also very impressed with My Open Road's student internship program. Students are given paid positions in sales and marketing to local business partners, and serve as brand ambassa- dors on campus to support the app with

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