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C o n s u m e r E l e c t r o n i c s D a i l y N e w s S a t u r d a y, J a n u a r y 9 , 2 0 1 6 1 8 YIP YAP INC'S PIPSQUEAK: A BLUETOOTH PHONE FOR KIDS Yip Yap Inc. has created a new category of wireless phones designed specifically for children between the ages of three and eight. Pipsqueak ® is the world's first Bluetooth phone for kids, allowing par- ents to give their kids a phone to talk or play on without risking their own expen- sive smartphone. Parents simply enable Bluetooth on their smartphones and then easily push calls directly to Pipsqueak. However, Pipsqueak is more than just a communication device – it's also an entertainment device that will play games, photos, videos, movies and soundboards. Parents can download and push content to their child's Pipsqueak, allowing for full control and customization of content based on the interests of the child. Yip Yap is currently building the Yip Yap Yuniverse™ where parents will be able to shop for both educational and enter- tainment content for Pipsqueak. Pipsqueak is fully customizable to keep up with kids' changing tastes. Featuring removable front and back cov- erplates (available in multiple colors), interchangeable Yip-chips (located on the backside of the device), Dangles, sound boards and more, Pipsqueak offers virtually unlimited ways for kids to personalize and cus- tomize their own phone. Pipsqueak requires no contract, has no monthly fees and can connect with any Bluetooth capable phone on any wireless network. "For those that remember the Pipsqueak prototype we debuted at CES last year, you'll be in for a big surprise," says Michael Smith, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Yip Yap. "Pipsqueak has received a major overhaul in function and form, migrating to an Android-based operat- ing system for more robust functionali- ty, and switching to a direc- tional keypad for better gameplay and a bigger, durable LCD color display. And the Pipsqueak we are showcasing at CES this year is retail-ready!" Yip Yap plans to take wholesale pre- orders for their initial production run of Pipsqueak while at CES this year. The first production run is scheduled to deliv- er end of Q1, 2016. Find Pipsqueak at CES in the Yip Yap booth at Eureka Park Hall G (Sands Expo) booth #81023 and in the Blue Tiger booth at LVCC South Hall 4 booth #36808. Visit www.yipyap.com to find out more or email contact@yipyap.com. DESIGNER BRAND INNODEVICE INTRODUCES AUDIO PRODUCTS AT CES 2016 INNODevice, the audio products brand created by award-winning designer YoungSe Kim, introduces INNOFlask 2.0 and InnoWave Plus at CES 2016. INNODevice launches design-oriented and contemporary audio products. These are on display at booth #82435 in the Sands Convention Center. INNODevice's new audio product line includes: INNOFlask 2.0, a portable Bluetooth 4.1 speaker that pairs instantly with any iOS or Android device. INNOFlask is small in size, weighing less than eight ounces (210g), and fits inside its own carrying case that's no larger than a sunglasses case (51/2" x 3" x 1"). This serves not only as a handy carrying case, but also as a holder for the speaker. Additionally, a built-in micro- phone allows the traveling businessman to conduct a conference call with ease. INNOFlask is ideal for all travelers, especially those who value convenience without compromising audio quality. The speaker features a lithium-ion battery with over 10 hours of life and a 10-meter (33 feet) Bluetooth range. INNOFlask is available in four distinctive colors of gold, rose gold, plat- inum and charcoal for $130. INNOWave Plus is a new over-ear noise-canceling headphone equipped with 40mm dynamic drivers for delivering high quality sound with very low noise. INNOWave features a unique wave design that stands out and suits all demo- graphics; a flat cable prevents tangling and the 3.5mm straight connector fits all devices, including those in a protective case. INNOWave is available for $130 in four colors: black, red, green and blue. "Our products are designed for a distinctive and contemporary look," says INNODesign Chief Executive Officer, YoungSe Kim. "Whilst design is at the heart of our concept, the tech- nical quality and everything that is in the box must reflect the Inno value. Our audio products are created for the music enthu- siast who appreciates quality and unique design. We have a roadmap for 2016 which will set benchmarks for audio design." For more information, visit Sands Convention Center booth #82435. Learn more at www.innodevice.com. BIG IDEAS OFFERS HOT NEW ITEMS AT CES An interview with Marc Segal, National Sales Manager, Big Ideas. CEDN: This is your first year at CES – why this year? MS: Big Ideas has been in the industry for over 20 years. CES has always been a show of interest for us. Now with El- Luminescence panels, this a great show to introduce this product. As the con- sumer needs have changed in the indus- try, so has our line of products. Big Ideas strived over the years to stay current with the ever-changing market. Consumers of this generation want electronics, which led to us attending the show this year. CEDN: What is El-Luminescence? MS: El-Luminescence, is a small, low voltage flashing panel incorporated into the product, and when activated it makes the panels come to life with flashing lights. CEDN: What is the target market for this product? MS: This line of product may range from children to mid-aged adults. What is great about the El-Luminescence panel is they may be used in many different ways. Younger children may use our licensed Marvel panels to deco- rate their bedrooms, teenagers may use it to deck out their clothing and backpacks, while young to mid-aged adults might use it for party events. CEDN: Do El-Luminescence panels fit into the changing market? MS: Absolutely! As we have mentioned, this generation is all about electronics. El-Luminescence is not only a great elec- tronic product, but it's a new emerging product. Consumers now want to feel they are getting something new or differ- ent. El-Luminescence is not something you find every day, yet it is an item that is appealing and offers its users a sense of imagination when deciding on how they want to use the panel. The pan- els also have a wide range for commercial use. CEDN: Why would people visit Big Ideas at CES? MS: For the same reason they came to CES – to find that new hot item! We have it, and it's called El- Luminescence. At this trade show, there will be many vendors who have similar items. Well, we have something no one else has. For the people who come to CES looking for something new, hot, cur- rent and different, Big Ideas Marketing is the booth to check out. For more information, stop by booth #72966, email info@bigideasmarket ing.com or www.bigideasmarketing.com. IDEAL SALES MARKS 13 YEARS IN CONSUMER ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY Another anniversary is upon us and it's a cause for celebration! Ideal Sales looks back with satisfaction upon yet another 365 days offering customers quality products and outstanding service at amazingly low prices. Ideal Sales chooses to view this anniversary not only as the conclusion of 13 years in business, but also as the commencement of greater growth and advancement toward the top of the cor- porate ladder. As a New York-based wholesaler and distributor of photographic and elec- tronic equipment, the company knows that a satisfactory customer is a compa- ny's greatest asset. Ideal Sales was built on a foundation of honesty, and as the company grows, it continues to live by the rule that integrity equals prosperity. What started out as a small enterprise has morphed into a large network that contin- uously expands to take in more inventory and serv- ices. The team at Ideal Sales pursues its dreams with loyalty to customers' satisfaction. It believes that this is why its dreams continue to come true. Ideal Sales has never ceased to upgrade its items while still offering customers unbeatable prices. It is always expanding its inventory of consumer electronics to conform to the needs of a very technologically advanced society. Ideal Sales guarantees customer satisfaction indefinitely, and takes great pride in its team of respectable, educated cus- tomer service and sales agents who aim to satisfy many clients. The greatest testimony to its cordiality and expertise are the countless customers, worldwide, returning repeatedly for its products and services. Visit Ideal Sales at booth #35111. For more information, call 718.782.3017 or email info@idealsalesusa.com.

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