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C o n s u m e r E l e c t r o n i c s D a i l y N e w s S a t u r d a y, J a n u a r y 9 , 2 0 1 6 1 4 PROTECT YOURSELF WITH CODETEL'S ULTIMATE CYBERSECURITY SUITE Did you know that nearly two thirds of U.S. adults have smartphones, meaning more than half of the country is suscep- tible to potential hackers? With this information in mind, people seem to recognize that a substantial amount of their private lives are communicated and held within their mobile devices, yet fail to protect themselves appropri- ately. Codetel sees this as a major prob- lem in today's world. To combat this, it is premiering its cybersecurity mobile technology with its patented combina- tion of biometric and advanced encryp- tion to give you control of your privacy using the features unique to you since the day you were born. From TrueFace's facial recognition software to BioPrint's one-touch fingerprint access, codetel is the ultimate in mobile protection with- out compromise with its five layers of authentication to protect your digital assets. Codetel was created and launched by Isaac Daniel. a former scientific analyst for the United Nations and a prevalent voice for cybersecurity with- in the industry. Codetel's grand vision is to bring a stronger consciousness of our digital footprint and the security measures need- ed to protect ourselves within the World Wide Web. Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, codetel is making its debut to the world at CES 2016. Partnering with the Macate Group Corporation to premier codetel's secure technology within Macate's GATCA Elite cyberphones, codetel delivers powerful protection with its biometric and encryption technology unmatched by any other in the market through exquisitely designed cyber- phones. With the influx of cyberhacks on both the corporate and individual levels, cybersecurity is now slowly becoming forethought for many businesses and everyday people. There are lots of plans for codetel in the upcoming year and look forward to it being well received and a staple within people's cybersecurity defenses. It's security you can trust. Your future secured. Visit codetel and see how you can protect your own cybersecurity needs at CES International, booth #21431. For more information, stop by booth #21431, visit www.codetelsecurity.com, call 954.625.4531 or email support@codetelsecurity.com. PAPAGO! DASH CAMS WILL 'KEEP AN EYE' ON THE ROAD FOR YOU PAPAGO! Dash cams provide the per- formance of a commercial surveillance system at a fraction of the cost. Avoid insurance fraud or wrongful citations, have solid proof when an accident occurs or capture that crazy antic on the road. With PAPAGO!'s growing product line, you are certain to find the right match for you and your family. The GoSafe 388 is a great way to record your traveling experiences and share with family and friends. The GoSafe 268 snaps over your exiting rearview mirror and comes pre-installed with all the latest features such as parking guard, the first in its class. The GoSafe 520 records in 2K with impeccable high- quality resolution. PAPAGO! dash cams come with a pre-installed Driver Assistance System that will keep any driver more aware while on the road while promoting safer driving habits. The Stop & Go technolo- gy is activated after the vehicle is com- pletely stopped for five seconds. And on long road trips, the driver can set an audio alert with the Driver Fatigue Alarm as a reminder to rest. The Light Reminder also alerts drivers to turn on their head- lights when the sun starts going down. PAPAGO! dash cams have a stop sign recognition feature and Front Collision Warning System that give drivers audio alerts when approaching a stop sign or following too closely. In addition, the Lane Departure Warning System will give the driver an alert when he or she switches lanes unexpectedly. The Parking Guard feature allows the dash cam to record 10 second videos when the device feels a bump or is hit in any way, with or without a power supply when the battery is fully charged. In addition, you can expand your dash cams' features. PAPAGO! has designed a hard-wire kit to offer a 24/7 surveillance or a motion activated park- ing surveillance for your vehicle. When the voltage of the car battery is low, the protection technology will become acti- vated and cut off the power to the dash cam automati- cally to prevent draining the car battery, so you never have to worry. The GPS antenna will add another layer to our already feature-rich dash cams. This external device will embed your exact loca- tion and speed onto all of your video files. The external GPS antenna is com- patible with PAPAGO! GoSafe 388, GoSafe 200, GoSafe 268 and LORA- GoSafe 381 dash cams. If you are attending CES 2016, visit the PAPAGO! booth so you can learn more about what it has to offer and to see the amazing quality and features of its dash cams. Learn more at Sands Expo booth #72870. SKIPSTONE LLC LAUNCH SUCCESS Skipstone LLC launched in November 2015 with AskLearnVote.com, a digital platform for audiences to engage and interact with candidates in the 2016 pres- idential race, right from their mobile device or computer. Powered by Skipstone's patent-pending interactive video platform, AskLearnVote.com allows users to view candidates' video presentations and ask questions directly to each candidate's video. Skipstone's goal is to provide a better way for voters to research candidates' positions on issues that are important to each individ- ual voter. "All too often we hear candidates' positions out of context, words are twist- ed in a headline or we hear information about the candidates from someone who has an agenda. Skipstone's technology allows voters to virtually access each candidate and hear each position in the candidate's own words," says Troy Ontko, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Skipstone. "Since our November launch, many brands have found the benefits of Skipstone as well. Brands appreciate 'hearing' the consumer at scale for the first time." "Today's businesses will see the same benefit to Skipstone's interactive technology that voters enjoyed at AskLearnVote.com," says Katherine Mills, Director of Sales and Marketing. "There is no need for consumers to sift through information they are not interest- ed in or that may not be accurate. They simply ask their question to the brand's Skipstone and get their informa- tion directly from the source." Skipstone is the first video technology platform that forms a bridge of two-way communication between brands and consumers. Consumers love Skipstone because it provides the advantages of video in an interactive format. They can get answers to questions quickly without wading through lengthy and irrelevant content. Skipstone works well for brands because it offers viewers a more satisfy- ing experience, while providing key insights into the things that matter to con- sumers most. Through the engaging Skipstone interface, brands are able to identify and present related products or services that may interest the consumer based on the questions asked. "Our solution allows to share fea- tures and benefits of their products and services and share the benefits of their design." says Ontko. "Now, with Skipstone, consumers can get the information that is important to them instantly rather than from commercials or other media." About Skipstone Skipstone LLC is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and was founded in December 2013. Skipstone is an interactive video platform that enables efficient and col- laborative investigation of goods and services. Skipstone empowers audiences to reach higher by creating a paradigm shift in brand storytelling with ground- breaking video technology that empow- ers audiences to ask, engage and under- stand like never before. For more information, go to www.go skipstone.com or stop by booth #81052. BOLT DUFFEL FROM M-EDGE Recent trends point to an uptick in the desire to live a healthier and more active lifestyle. After conducting research with a number of different active profession- als, it is clear that more and more people are looking to add or already have added an element of activity to their daily life and need to be able to make the journey from gym to office more convenient. For working warriors looking to balance the daily grind with an active lifestyle, we present the ultimate go-between the gym and office: the Bolt Duffel. Designed with ample storage, you never have to stuff your sweaty socks in with your clean shirt again. The Bolt Duffel comes complete with a specialized, vented pocket to stash your sweat-soaked towel, sweat bands or sneakers while the main interior boasts room to keep your clean clothes smelling fresh. A number of additional pockets line the perimeter of the duffel bag to store your smartphone, wallet, and keys – the important stuff. The Bolt Duffel keeps your smartphone or tablet charged with a 4000-6000 mAh battery while its patent- pending power interface allows you to plug in your USB cord from the exterior of the bag. This means you can keep using your phone while it's plugged in – always con- nected, always charged. Never again worry about draining your phone or tablet while working out. Check your e-mail, post that workout selfie or pay for that smoothie on your way back to work – the Bolt Duffel will keep you charged and connected from the locker room to the break room and anywhere in between. Go ahead, see if you can surf the Web – all the way to the shore. For more information, visit www.medge store.com or stop by booth #73160, Level 2, Sands Expo in Sport Tech Space.

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