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AN INDEPENDENT PUBLICATION NOT AFFILIATED WITH CES ® O s e r C o m m u n i c a t i o n s G r o u p L a s V e g a s S a t u r d a y, J a n u a r y 9 , 2 0 1 6 Euro Flavor launched with the sole purpose of pro- viding extremely concentrated, supe- rior quality flavoring using the best man- ufacturing practices guidelines available in the industry. Its concept is straightfor- ward: culture, quality and flavor. It believes that its flavors are best understood in the context of its culture. To fully understand a product, it is important to recognize its origins. The flavors it provides are all manufactured in Europe. It embraces the diverse, EURO FLAVOR: CULTURE, QUALITY, FLAVOR An interview with J.D. Davis, Executive Vice President of Sales, The Whistler Group Inc. CEDN: Tell our readers about The Whistler Group and how you became a leader in automotive and mobile elec- tronics over the years. JD: Whistler started business in 1971 and has been on retailers' shelves and in front of customers ever since. Whistler is best known for being a leader in An interview with Brent Williams, President, Beeline Cases Inc. CEDN: Tell our readers about Beeline Cases. How did you get the idea? BW: Beeline Cases was born out of necessity. I was snowboarding with my son at Whistler a couple years ago, and we were on the chair lift when I took my five-day-old iPhone 5S out to take a pic- ture. Next thing I knew, it was flying 150 feet through the air into deep powder ChargePoint, the world's largest electric vehicle (EV) charging network, is transform- ing the transportation industry by providing the charging stations, mobile app and the network that allow people to charge their cars everywhere they go. Its smart-energy management solutions help people and businesses shift from fueling with gasoline to fuel- ing with electricity. With over 26,000 charging spots across the country and by adding up to 100 charging stations in An interview with Andy Kadah, President, ICM Controls. CEDN: Do you consider the company's philosophi- cal change a complete par- adigm shift, or more of an evolutionary step? AK: The philosophical change has been an evolutionary step as ICM Controls has always been, and will be a growth-by- products company. Over the past 30 years, we have focused on providing a wide Continued on Page 76 By Ricardo Morales, Chief Executive Officer and President, XFIRE AUDIO LLC. XFIRE AUDIO is a dedicated audio manufacturer born out of necessity to design and build phenomenal audio prod- ucts, filling a market void left behind from other manufacturers that ignored consumer wants and needs, especially within the international markets. One size fits all mobile audio simply doesn't work. This inability to meet market and dealer demands were the flashpoints to Continued on Page 76 Continued on Page 77 THE WHISTLER GROUP EXPANDING PRODUCT OFFERINGS IN 2016 KEEP YOUR PHONE SECURE WITH BEELINE CASES INNOVATION FLOURISHING UNDER NEW LEADERSHIP AT ICM CONTROLS CHARGEPOINT HONORED BY U.N. FOR TACKLING CLIMATE CHANGE WELCOME TO THE NEW BREED OF MOBILE AUDIO Continued on Page 77 Continued on Page 76 Continued on Page 74 By Glenn Laxdal, Chief Technology Officer at Ericsson North America 5G, the next big step in the evolution of mobile com- munication technologies, will have a massive impact on industry and society. In 2020, we will see the com- mercialization of 5G networks, connect- ing five billion additional people to the Internet, as well as tens of billions of devices. We expect data rates that will let you download a full-length HD movie in seconds – even from a high speed train. Pulsar is proud to release its newest edi- tions to the Quantum series of thermal imaging monoculars, giving hunters, outdoorsmen, firefight- ers, law enforcement and security profes- sionals the ultimate edge. The new Pulsar Quantum XD19S, XD38S and XD50S feature an advanced OLED display (640x480 pixels) and a high resolution microbolometer sensor (384x288 pixels) with seven different color palette modes for optimal viewing in a variety of sce- narios. Equipped with durable, Continued on Page 77 WHAT WILL 5G ENABLE? PULSAR QUANTUM THERMAL MONOCULARS Continued on Page 76

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