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C o n s u m e r E l e c t r o n i c s D a i l y N e w s E v e n i n g E x t r a W e d n e s d a y, J a n u a r y 6 , 2 0 1 6 6 NEW 'U' THERMOSTAT FROM ICM CONTROLS MAKES WI-FI AFFORDABLE Starting at just $65, the new "U" thermo- stat from Syracuse, New York manufac- turer ICM Controls is set to make a big splash in the Wi-Fi marketplace. Leveraging an innovative use of capacitive sensing technolo- gy, the "U" paves the way for everyone to be able enjoy the convenience of controlling their heating and cooling sys- tems remotely from their smart- phone. Designed with the typical end-user in mind, the "U" is sleek and stylish, with a footprint that is no bigger than today's smartphones. Scheduled to launch this spring (pre- orders are being accepted at www.uther- mostat.com), the "U" features a dynamic, cap-touch user interface and even allows end-users the ability to custom configure one or more of the buttons to match their personal preferences or needs. The "U" connects quickly and easily to an existing Wi-Fi network, with typi- cal installation and set up times taking only a few minutes. Multiple users can also control the same thermostat with the smartphone app (available for both iOS and Android platforms), allowing every- one in the household to be able to adjust set points remotely. Additionally, multi- ple thermostats can be controlled remote- ly from one smartphone. "We designed the 'U' thermostat with the average homeowner and family in mind," said Kevin Jobsky, Director of Sales and Marketing for ICM Controls. "We stripped out many of the advanced features that most people really don't need or care about, but otherwise drive the cost up. Instead, we went for simplicity and affordability." "With that said, the 'U' is still a full-featured programmable Wi- Fi thermostat that offers homeown- ers reliable convenience of remote access with a personal touch – all for a price point that is below the cost of many standard digital models on the market today," added Jobsky. Consumers wishing to learn more about the "U" or to pre-order can do so by visiting the "U" Series website at www.uthermostat.com. CES attendees can stop by the ICM Controls booth at the Sands, Smart Home Pavilion, booth #71155 to learn more. Based in North Syracuse, New York, ICM Controls has been manufacturing thermostats for more than 15 years. Last year, the company launched its higher end i3™ Series of affordable touch ther- mostats based on the same innovative platform, and including a more robust feature set and a patent-pending, dynam- ic and intuitive interface. For more information, visit www.uthermo stat.com or stop by booth #71155. FULLY WIRELESS BATTERY-OPERATED CAMERA FROM ATOM LABS For users who would like a small, portable, battery-operated camera to quickly record whenever there is an event and let you know about it, this camera is the perfect solution. The camera makes efficient use of battery power by entering sleep mode whenever it's idle, and wakes up in under one second to capture video when it sens- es motion. ALC's new products will be on display at The Westgate Suite #430. One-Year Battery Life The battery-operated camera is able to sustain daily use and maintain one-year battery life. When the battery runs low, it will simply notify you via your smart- phone or tablet reminding you to replace the batteries. Motion-Activated Sensors Triggering Recording The camera is always on standby to detect motion. When it detects move- ment, the camera will automatically record five seconds of footage and notify your smartphone or tablet stating a move- ment has occurred. The footage would be stored onto local stor- age, and/or synced to the cloud. Easy Setup ALC prides itself on having fast and reliable setup of its cameras and systems. This camera is no different – the user is guided by an app setup wizard and may complete the setup in mere minutes. No computers required! Local and Cloud Storage ALC offers both options of storage for free. For users who would like to only store videos locally, they would be able to do so. For users who would like an extra layer of convenience, they may choose to automatically sync the video to the cloud after the cam- era has finished recording. Small Form Factor For discreet use of video surveil- lance, it has developed a smaller- than-usual housing, so it easily fades into the background, opti- mal for indoor use. Option for Power Users For users who would frequently access the camera for live feeds and playback videos, it offers a micro USB connector on the camera so the camera can always be powered to handle heavy usage. For more information, stop by The Westgate Suite #430. INTRODUCING THE SENNHEISER HD 630VB With a 70-year legacy of delivering pre- mium audio products to the marketplace, Sennheiser showcases its relentless 'Pursuit of Perfect Sound' at CES 2016. This year, the audio specialist introduces the new HD 630VB – its first closed audiophile headphone, which also includes an integrated variable bass con- trol. From a sonic perspective, the Sennheiser HD 630VB combines the brilliant sound of open audiophile mod- els with excellent passive ambient noise attenuation, so listeners can enjoy a rich listening experience without any distrac- tions. The HD 630VB delivers an impressively spacious sound image, which is made possible in part due to a proprietary high-performance transducer. This enables an intense bass experience that can be customized by the user adjust- ing a large, rotary bass dial. Such user- controlled flexibility allows listeners to change the bass settings accordingly to suit a range of different listening envi- ronments. In addition to possessing bril- liant, dynamic sound, the HD 630VB head- phones are also a e s t h e t i c a l l y attractive, featur- ing rugged, foldable aluminum construc- tion, making them ideal for use either at home or on the road. User features include convenient access to volume, track and call buttons, as well as a built- in microphone. The ultimate objective of modern headphone development is to reproduce sound that is as lifelike and direct as pos- sible – this is also the aim of the engi- neers and acoustic devel- opers at Sennheiser. For 70 years, the company's name has been synonymous with high quality products, excellent sound and relent- less audio innovation. With the new HD 630VB – which is on display at Sennheiser's CES 2016 booth – Sennheiser once again redefines what is possible with its first closed back audiophile headphones, establishing yet another milestone in the history of audiophile development. For more information, visit www.sennheiser.com or stop by CES booth #20606, LVCC South Hall.

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