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C o n s u m e r E l e c t r o n i c s D a i l y N e w s E v e n i n g E x t r a 1 9 W e d n e s d a y, J a n u a r y 6 , 2 0 1 6 ECOVACS ROBOTICS EXPANDS FLOOR CLEANING ROBOT LINE TO SUPPORT CATEGORY DEMAND Ecovacs Robotics, the premier developer and manufacturer of home service robots, expands its Deebot floor cleaning robot line with new products and new technol- ogy. New products were designed in direct response to consumer feedback and to help retailers expand their growing home robotics category. Winbot, a family of window cleaning robots, and the line of Deebot floor cleaning robots, have been show stoppers since their release, sparking a lot of interest and chatter among the media and retailers. "The home service robotics category has grown exponentially in the last sever- al years and is on track to continue. Research and forecasting models show several areas of demand that are yet to be filled with products. Ecovacs is enhanc- ing our Deebot line to support retailers and help them capture this untapped mar- ket," says Mike Hecht, Executive Director of Ecovacs Robotics, Inc. New price points, innovation and technological advancements are featured on Ecovacs brand new Deebot models filling niches that are lacking in the cur- rent marketplace. The recently released Deebot Slim draws fresh consumers into the cate- gory with a satisfying array of tech- nology and cleaning features at an entry-level price point. Deebot Slim, as its name denotes, is a low-profile robotic vacuum that stands only 2.2 inches tall so it easily cleans under furniture where other robots can't. Deebot Slim is simple to operate and maintain, cleans bare floors effective- ly with no-tangle direct suction, auto- matically adjusts to uneven surfaces and can mop, too. It still includes all of the Deebot standard equipment to clean up to and around stairs, detect objects in its path, recharges itself and performs sched- uled cleaning once per day even if nobody is at home, all for a very affordable price. Since its debut in 2014, the Deebot D77 has been very successful. The next generation Deebot D79 elevates this model from a robotic vacuum to a self- emptying, two -in-one cleaning system. The unique Deebot D79 combines an advanced floor cleaning robot with a detachable handheld vacuum and accessories for above floor cleaning furniture and drapes, for instance a combination consumers have never seen. Another innovation consumers have been asking for is included on Deebot D79: the robot empties its own dust bin. Other smart features include dual side brushes, four cleaning modes, hi-tech sensors to clean safely around stairs, avoid obstacles and switch cleaning modes based on detected dust vol- ume. Another Ecovacs product creating new demand is Deebot DM85. Designed to tackle the widest range of floor cleaning jobs, from vacuuming to Smart Clean mopping, the DM85 includes features that enable it to deliver superior perform- ance on virtually any surface. DM85 main brush can be removed, allowing the robot to vacuum up hair without tangling yet still navigate home terrain with ease. The cutting- edge Smart Clean Mopping System allows consumers to sweep, vac- uum, mop and dry their floors in one pass. For more information, visit booth #72545, call 844.326.8227 or visit ecovacsrobotics.com. to not only receive messages, but also repeat those messages to other devices, thereby defying traditional Bluetooth range limitations. This means that the more devices you add, the stronger the mesh network and the greater your range of control. Users can control lighting across a large home, estate or office com- plex with Jasco's GE branded smart devices. With the free Avi-on Labs app for iOS and Android, users can set and con- trol lighting, dimmers, timers, count- downs, groupings of lights and devices, and more with their smartphone or tablet. Since all device settings are saved locally on the device, the switch- es and dimmers will work as pro- Jasco Products (Cont'd. from p. 1) grammed regardless of whether the phone or tablet is off or out of range. With affordable solutions starting under $50, you can customize any combina- tion of GE branded Smart Devices: Plug-in Smart Switch; Plug-in Smart Dimmer; In-wall Smart Switch; In-wall Smart Switch; Plug-in Outdoor Smart Switch; and Add-On Switch (for three- and four-way installations). Jasco is highlighting the new Bluetooth Smart lighting control ecosys- tem and more connected home innova- tions at the 2016 International CES in the Central Hall, booth #9005. For more information, visit www.jasco products.com or www.ezbluetooth.com, call 855.527.2687 or stop by booth #9005, Central Hall. agree that cell phones are one of the lead- ing causes of adult acne. The cesspool of dirt and bacteria on your phone can cause breakouts on your chin, cheeks and around your mouth. There just isn't any- thing that truly keeps you safe from these deadly microbes, and that is a problem, until now. iShieldz ® has long been known for producing high quality screen protec- tion systems. With over 25 years in the applied film technology industry, iShieldz has quickly become a leader in mobile device protection. The antimi- crobial agent is embedded into its mate- rial during manufacturing, not topically coated. This method of combining the antimicrobial additive renders it 100 percent effective for seven years. Chances are you'll be upgrading your touchscreen device long before that. It is also FDA registered and EPA listed. It prides itself on the fact that its products are made in the United States from only the highest quality, proprietary materi- als. iShieldz screen protectors with Seal iShieldz (Cont'd. from p. 1) Shield™ technology kill up to 99.99 percent of common microbes on the film's surface. Combining the medical grade strength of the Seal Shield antimicrobial additive with unrivaled Impact Resistance and HD clarity makes iShieldz RX the ultimate level of device protection. Its line of antimicrobial products goes beyond screen protection. iShieldz now offers a line of rugged cases that have been military tested, meeting Mil- STD-810F for many of today's most popular smartphones. There is no other product on the market combining mili- tary toughness with medical grade antimicrobial protection. In addition, slated for launch in January 2016, is iShieldz new proprietary antimicrobial privacy film that will help hospitals comply with new HIPPA regulations. Just a few of the pathogens that iShieldz antimicrobial products protect against include MRSA, SARS, E-coli and Influenza. For more information, visit the iShieldz booth #36261 at CES.

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