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P ro d u c e S h o w D a i l y S a t u rd a y, O c to b e r 1 8 , 2 0 1 4 2 6 HELLMANN PERISHABLE LOGISTICS OFFERS CUSTOM-MADE SOLUTIONS By Markus Fellmann, Global VP, Hellmann Perishable Logistics Founded in 1871 as a family business, we are proud of our independence, our con- tinuity and our entrepreneurial tenor. Over the years we have grown into one of the world's largest international logistics providers. Today, our network of 440 offices is represented in more than 157 countries. With an extensive perishable net- work strategically located throughout the world, Hellmann Perishable Logistics is a market leader in time and temperature- sensitive shipments. Our state-of-the-art facilities and systems, backed by experi- enced professionals, ensure your temper- ature controlled goods are carefully shipped and constantly monitored. We are actively shaping the future of perish- able logistics through innovation, effi- ciency and the implementation of cus- tomized logistics solutions. Our expertise and network makes us a global player in the provision of perish- able logistics. We transport goods, pro- duce and overall know-how. In addition to traditional shipping via truck, rail, air freight and sea freight, we also offer individu- alized supply chain solutions, integrating IT and purchase order/vendor manage- ment with customized and industry-specific solutions. Hellmann's is all about the customer. We understand that in today's highly competitive marketplace, even a small advantage can make the difference. This is why we offer a full range of products and services designed to help you maxi- mize your business potential. Our global network of offices and warehouses is connected by thousands of trucks, various coopera- tive agreements with global and local shipping lines and airlines, and cut- ting-edge IT and commu- nication systems which allow us to work efficient- ly and transparently. Hellmann's core range of products and service includes air freight, sea freight, sea-air solutions, air charter, U.S. domestic solutions, customs brokerage, contract logistics and IT solu- tions. During Fresh Summit, visit Hellmann's at booth #2550. Go online at www .hellmann.net/hpl, call 305-594-4995 or email info@hplgroup.com. FORMAGGIO BRAND PRODUCE SALADS – CONVENIENCE WITHOUT COMPROMISE The flavor profiles created by Anthony Mongiello, The Big Cheese™, and his creative team at Formaggio Brand have been the force behind so many exciting innovations in the deli and specialty departments. Then, the incredible con- venience it brought to customers with its Just Add Lettuce and Bits & Pieces fam- ily of products proved it could do it in the produce department as well by adding time-saving convenience to the mix. Can it keep it up? Oh yes! It looks (and tastes) like the team at Formaggio Brand has kept the creative juices flowing and have come out with a collection of offerings that will delight the palates of everyone from casu- al kitchen consumers to out-and-out epi- cureans. It's a line of premixed salads that are out of this world. You can add them to any recipe, mix them into salads, place as a side dish or enjoy as an appetizer. Imagine a convenient seven-ounce cup with replaceable lid bursting with buoyant, eye-grabbing colorful graphics as is typical of Formaggio Brand. Inside the cup is all flavor as you would expect from Mongiello and team. Let's start with the roasted garlic in infused oil: fresh gar- lic roasted in olive and canola oil until sweet and golden brown. Then there's the sundried tomato salad: a mix of sundried tomatoes, olives, fresh basil, fresh red onion, cel- ery all in an infused oil. The line continues with a nod to foodies everywhere: edamame salad. A mix of healthy edamame, roast- ed corn, black beans, fresh cilantro, onions and lime juice. You can imagine about a hundred dishes you could improve with this product right now. You might like the quinoa and sundried toma- to salad: a blend of healthy quinoa and sundried tomatoes, with roasted garlic, fresh herbs and garlic infused oil. You might think it would stop there but it's not done yet. Check out the mush- room and artichoke salad: a pungent mix of marinated mushrooms, artichoke hearts, red peppers, onions and olives in a original Formaggio Brand vinaigrette. And finally there's the Mediterranean olive salad featuring exotic kalamata olives, feta cheese, green olives, red onions, celery, fresh garlic, fresh oregano with canola oil. Since Formaggio Brand expanded into the produce department a few years ago with its Just Add Lettuce line, it is very exciting to see a company who is so well-known for its cheese doing things right in the produce department where they belong. And so convenient because all the work is done for you. Everything is right there in the cup. And cleanup is like nothing. People were absolutely delighted by its earlier offerings and now this gener- ous produce line will make you a firm believer that Anthony Mongiello knows his business and Formaggio Brand knows flavor. For more information, stop by booth #2813. THE AMERIFRESH ADVANTAGE IS IN THE FIELD For fresh produce marketer Amerifresh, it's all about having people in the fields to check out the local markets. "We are source-based, meaning we are on the ground actually looking at the prod- uct," said Rick Harris, Senior Director of Food Service Sales. "We can verify the quality of the product, which makes a huge difference to our customers." Harris says most of Amerifresh's competitors conduct business with the growers strictly by phone. "If you're not in the field, you might as well be in a basement in Philadelphia," he said. "Those people are guessing as to the quality of the product." Having representatives at the source in every major growing area in the U.S. gives Amerifresh a major advantage in the competitive produce marketing arena. "Our people in the branches are experts on the produce grown in their area," said Harris. "They keep a close eye on local market conditions and the quali- ty in the field, which allows them to best match customers' needs and expectations to the product." Amerifresh offers customers a true independent voice from the best growing areas in the U.S. and can do all the work of finding the best deals for customers. Harris said sometimes it's not just about price. There is usually a price spread for a product in a certain region that can be affected by the quality, the quantity and even the size of the acreage produced by the grower. In addition, because Amerifresh buys such a huge volume from so many growers, the company can offer its customers the advantage of consistent quality through- out the year, even when supply is scarce. Amerifresh's eight individual branches specialize in handling the prod- ucts grown in their region. Their proxim- ity to the fields, orchards and production areas allows the branch's quality assur- ance staff to take an active role in deter- mining what growers, fields or blocks of fields are chosen for cus- tomers. Being so close to the source, quality assurance staff can assure that raw product attributes meet strict written standards and specifications before pack- ing. The active role Amerifresh takes on its customers' behalf means that cus- tomers receive produce with consistently high-quality levels of freshness, color, size and flavor. Amerifresh delivers this any time of year to anywhere it is need- ed, regardless of weather or seasons. "If we are not saving customers time and trouble, we are not doing our job," said Harris. For more information, visit booth #4233 at Fresh Summit or visit online at www.amerifresh.com. MARKETING IMPACT LIMITED A STEP AHEAD OF THE GLOBAL MARKETPLACE Marketing Impact Limited is North America's premier supplier of retail mer- chandising and display products. Since it opened its doors in 1986, its focus has been on maximizing sales and simplify- ing inventory management on the shelves and floors of retail environments. From cutting-edge custom displays to common merchandising products and accessories, it is the supplier of choice for retailers of all kinds. For many rea- sons, it is your source for effective dis- play and merchandising. It has a full time design team creating new and innovative displays every day to fit all of its cus- tomers' custom needs It offers a range of more than 4,000 functional, adaptable, innovative mer- chandising and display products with complimentary accessories. A large onsite inventory allows Market Impact Limited to ship most orders in 24 hours or less. Its modern 58,000 square foot facili- ty sports the capability to manufacture most of what it sells. Its team of creative designers and engineers have years of experience in continually developing functional and effective displays and mer- chandising products. Innovation and cre- ativity have no boundaries at MIL since its constant research of trends always keep it a step ahead of the global market- place. Outstanding customer service has always been a source of pride with its experienced representatives. They are always ready to provide fast and effective solu- tions to your merchan- dising challenges, and educated answers to any questions that you may have. No matter what your merchandising display requirements or needs, Marketing Impact has the products to help you max- imize sales. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, please call! The knowledge- able staff will work with you to create the ideal merchandising solution. For more information, visit www .displaypeople.com or call 800-410-0264 or 905-738-0888.

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