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F o o d E q u i p m e n t N e w s F r i d a y, F e b r u a r y 8 , 2 0 1 3 6 0 RVS: We have just celebrated our 25th Anniversary as a provider of technology innovations and solutions. In the last 10 years, we have focused on the food service industry. While our target markets have changed, our mission remains the same and that is to provide the best possible solutions and innovations to our clients. We deliver tools that improve operations, enhance crew performance and deliver product safety. The focus is on food safety, HACCP program simplification and ongoing product man- agement. FEN: What makes ICC unique? RVS: Our ability to deliver a truly individ- ualized solution to our clients. While they serve food, we serve them, by providing tools that help them to meet their objectives. What makes each brand different and how they want to execute that difference is important to us. We work closely with them in their environment to help them to identi- fy technology optimizations. We don't sell our clients "things." We sell them cus- tomized devices to help them meet their business goals. ICC delivers solutions that are technologically feasible and commer- cially viable. FEN: What products do you see as hottest this year? RVS: Anything to do with staff optimiza- tion and operational continuity will be hot. The cost of labor and product is up chal- lenging restaurants to do more with less. Tools that enhance food safety will be at the top of the list. Brands want to provide the safest possible product to the consumer with brand protection and integrity a priority. Minimizing waste will be high on every- one's list of objectives. ICC products specif- ically help to address these needs. FEN: Are you introducing any new prod- ucts? RVS: This year we will feature a number of enhancements to our Temp Minder™ prod- uct line, especially to CCP Minder™. Many Integrated Control Corp. (Con't. from p. 1) have been implemented specifically in response to client requests. CCP Minder has brought food safety to a whole new level. Food service operation segments such as QSR, hotel, fast casual, hospital, commis- sary, etc. have reported significant savings in labor, food preparation times, and reduc- tions in spoilage, waste and regulatory com- pliance levies. FEN: What distinguishes your product(s) from the competition? RVS: Like the food our customers serve, we're fresh! Fresh on ideas for making kitchens work better. We can be fresh because we choose the right "technology" for the application. We are not a one size fits all company. We understand that each brand has specific objectives and requirements and we use the right mix from our "technol- ogy bag of tricks" to meet those needs. Our client's success is our success FEN: Who are your primary target end- users? RVS: Our focus is on large multi-unit brands and operators, food service opera- tions in hospitals, schools, convenience and grocery. Really, any food service operation anywhere in the world can benefit from our products. FEN: Tell us about what you think ICC's general and product line outlook is. RVS: I couldn't be more excited and proud of the amazing work the dedicated ICC crew performs. We evolve daily and are proud to provide world class product and service to the food service industry. 2013 will be a year of expansion for us. We will see major expansion to our staff as well as an exciting new component to our product offerings. The products we're introducing are the right tools for the right time at the right price for the marketplace! Integrated Control Corp. can be found at booth #1681 at NAFEM 2013. Please stop by and visit! For more information, please call Integrated Control Corp. at 1-877-422- 8788 or visit www.goicc.com. KH: Gaylord offers a complete line of cus- tom engineered commercial kitchen ventila- tion exhaust hoods, utility distribution sys- tems and pollution control equipment. And with our customer's interest in energy sav- ings and labor optimization, we also have demand control ventilation systems to fur- ther enhance energy savings. FEN: What was the most significant event or series of events affecting your company in the past year? KH: Good question! We have invested a great deal in developing new products. We have done this while refining our technolo- gies that increase our products' value to restaurateurs, consultants and design build dealers. We have made had some very sig- nificant changes in part due to customer input and in part due to our own drive to meet the continued improvements our cus- tomer's demand. FEN: Are you introducing any new prod- ucts at NAFEM? KH: You bet we are! We have three new products that will be on display at our booth here at NAFEM. We have added to our product offering so that we can become your one-stop shop allowing us to give the consultant a range of options designed to meet any project or budget requirements. Our EL Series allows us to meet the needs of the project whether the decisions are driven by energy and air volume savings and cost of operation or if the focus is to meet a budget. The products are as follows. Our ELXC waterwash or "Clean-In- Gaylord Industries (Con't. from p. 1) Place" exhaust hood has set a new standard for energy savings and labor optimization and offers the lowest exhaust air volume in the industry and has been third-party veri- fied by the Food Service Technology Center. Our brand new EL dry cartridge exhaust hood is the light duty hood that is not light- weight! The hood has the lowest exhaust air volumes over ovens and kettles and has a price point that appeals to every project. Based on performance and price, it's a great exhaust hood. Gaylord also offers demand control ventilation systems. Our smart read and react demand control ventilation system reduces the exhaust and supply air to lower overall energy costs and can be factory installed (DCV-F) or retrofitted to any hood (DCV-R). This is a very simple system that is accurate, reliable and easy to maintain. Another benefit is it price point that allows for a quick ROI (return on investment) adding to the overall value of our brand. FEN: What distinguishes your company from the competition? KH: Quality! The quality of our product, the quality of our engineering, the quality of our designs and the quality of our support. I'm not saying we never make a mistake, but when we do, we respond and ensure our customers know we stand behind our prod- uct. This is a mantra that goes from the President of our company to every individ- ual that supports our customers. Please come see us at booth 2035. For more information, visit www.gaylord- ventilation.com, call 503-504-2869 or email keven.hass@gaylordventilation.com. NCC MODEL TNC-TM 166 FEATURES RUGGED CONSTRUCTION AND EASY-TO-READ DISPLAY The Model TNC-TM 166 panel-mount thermometer from AMETEK National Controls Corp. is an easy-to-read digital thermometer that provides continual moni- toring of temperature in critical environ- ments and equipment, affording operators a higher degree of efficiency. The panel-mount thermometer features a heavy-duty stainless steel front plate that protects the unit from mechanical shock and blends visually with other stainless steel equipment and an all-metal case that is con- structed for rugged operating environments. The unit fits a standard utility box and can be mounted directly on the equipment or on a remote panel up to 250 feet away. The unit is powered from low voltage AC or DC, eliminating the cost of installation to NEC or other high-voltage electrical stan- dard wiring. The thermometer has a temperature sensing range of –25 degrees Fahrenheit to 100 degrees Fahrenheit (–32 degrees Celcius to 38 degrees Celcius). Front panel buttons on the unit allow it to display either °F or °C. The set point temperature can be adjusted using up and down buttons on the front panel. When temperatures rise above the set point temperature, an audible alarm and flashing display alert personnel and the unit's relay contacts close. When the tem- perature falls back below the set point, the alarm condition ceases. The audible alarm can be turned off manually during an alarm condition by pressing a button on the front panel. That interrupts the audible alarm for approximately two and half hours while the display continues to flash. The unit also is able to detect an open or shorted temperature probe. If a probe is open or shorted, the display panel indicates "Prb," the alarm sounds, and relay contacts close. The alarm continues to sound until the probe error condition is corrected. AMETEK National Controls Corp. (NCC) is a business unit of AMETEK, Inc. AMETEK, Inc., headquartered in Paoli, Pa., is a leading global manufacturer of elec- tronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annual sales of more than $2.5 billion. AMETEK operates more than 80 manufacturing facilities across the United States and in 14 countries around the world. AMETEK NCC is a leader in the design and manufacture of timing and temperature control systems sold into various domestic and international markets. For more information on the Model TNC- TM166 panel-mount digital thermometer, contact AMETEK NCC at 630-231-5900 or visit www.nationalcontrols.com. Be sure to visit booth #1154 at NAFEM 2013. GENERAL: A LONG LEGACY IN FOOD EQUIPMENT General has led the way in foodservice equipment innovation, quality and serv- ices since 1955. "To be a successful brand for 57 years, especially in the ups and downs of economic trends, has been the source of much pride for General and The Legacy Companies," said Teresa Asbury, Vice President of The Legacy Companies. The brand that was built on slicers has evolved into offering a variety of high quality mixers, meat processing equipment, vegetable cutters, coffee, tea, heating and cooking equipment, and a full line of faucets and fittings. Recently, General launched feature packed microwaves. These products add to a product line that is most simply stat- ed as unparalleled performance at a value that cannot be beat. As with all General products, the microwaves are designed for simplicity of use, reliable performance and optimal efficiency. This well-rounded product portfolio and General's legacy helps the company react and adapt well to shifting trends. When new products are available, General's service technicians easily Continued on Page 69

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