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F o o d E q u i p m e n t N e w s 5 7 F r i d a y, F e b r u a r y 8 , 2 0 1 3 issues. Because it does not waste water or use chemicals, TAC is an environmentally friendly option that doesn't create an off taste in the drinks. With a variety of configurations, capac- ities, and technologies available, VZN sys- tems can address the specific water needs of any operation. VIZION is a brand of A.J. Antunes & Co. Family owned and operated, A.J. Antunes & Co. also manufactures foodser- vice equipment under the ROUNDUP® may promise similar results, but they also require cartridge changes on a weekly, bi- weekly or monthly basis. With a VZN sys- tem, only mechanically pure water enters the carbon cartridge, reducing the filtration load and preventing clogs. This minimizes maintenance issues and ensures the carbon cartridge only needs to be replaced on an annual basis. Because the ultrafilter is both self cleaning and long lasting, the VZN sys- VIZION (Con't. from p. 16) tem can provide owners and operators with better water and better ROI. The VZN system can also include our Template-Assisted Crystallization (TAC) technology to address the most significant maintenance issues in the foodservice mar- ket: lime scale. A problem caused by hard water, lime scale reduces the efficiency of equipment and damages components, lead- ing to an increase in service and costs. TAC reduces lime scale by 96-98 percent to ensure operations have fewer maintenance FOR FOODSERVICE NEEDS, WASSERSTROM FULLY PROVIDES By Nathan Wasserstrom, Founder N. Wasserstrom & Sons has a global pres- ence providing comprehensive services for the foodservice industry. With more than 2,000,000 square feet of office, manufac- turing and warehouse space, NWS has the resources, capacity and ability to design, manufacture and deliver the highest quali- ty processes, products and customer serv- ice. At N. Wasserstrom & Sons, our people make our company unique. The diversity of experience and knowledge is the hall- mark of our organization. From planning and engineering to project management and manufacturing to delivery and expert installation, our experienced team provides unparalleled customer service and cus- tomer-centric solutions. N. Wasserstrom & Sons products and services are designed and manufactured around our customer's needs. Along with cutting edge innovation in manufacturing capabilities, only the highest quality mate- rials, from stainless steel to millwork to alternative items, are designed, engineered and manufactured in our products. Our design and engineering team, along with our experienced craftsmen, can create any look for any foodservice operation. We offer the flexibility to create products and services in various combinations to suit our customer's operational requirements and aesthetic preferences. Technology resides in our processes, manufacturing capabilities and locations. All NWS programs, activities and opera- tions are integrated and tracked through our project management system resulting in real time information. Our modern facil- ities are equipped with the latest manufac- turing equipment, all tied to our central design and engineering center located in Columbus, Ohio. Quality is guaranteed regardless of where our products are man- ufactured. NWS utilizes multiple manufac- turing points located throughout the coun- try and features in-house installation teams and extensive field services networks to provide national on-site coverage. N. Wasserstrom & Sons is positioned ahead of change because of our diversity and flexibility. Being on the forefront of technology in processes, manufacturing capabilities and locations supports the suc- cess of our customers; we are constant and consistent in our ability to adapt to their changing needs. NWS has been inspired by our cus- tomers since 1902. We are interested in learning more about you and your operations. We would like to take the time to get to know you and to understand what it takes for you to be successful. At N. Wasserstrom & Sons, we have the experience and expertise to pro- vide the support necessary for your suc- cess. For more information, visit booth #1043 at NAFEM, call 800-444-4697 or visit www.wasserstrom.com. RÖSLE OFFERS HIGHEST QUALITY COOKING TOOLS Since 1888, Rösle has been using German engineering to produce the finest quality professional cooking tools and kitchen utensils for both the professional chef and home cook. Designed for optimum performance, comfort and appearance, Rösle offers task-specific food preparation utensils, cooking tools, colanders, barbeque tools and barware – all made from the highest grade 18/10 stainless steel. Rösle products are NSF approved. Visit booth #4232 for more informa- tion. Contact the company at foodser- vice@rosleusa.com.MAVEA AIMS By Chad Langer, VP of Sales, North America, Mavea LLC I joined Mavea, LLC just a few months ago because I was very excited about an organ- ization that was not only committed to its quality products and innovation, but also to the customer's needs and feedback. For instance, the product lines we are showing at the show will not only reduce a cus- tomer's overall maintenance cost but also elongate the life of the equipment, while offering a better quality product. We believe our system will become the industry stan- dard within the next 10 years. For more information about Mavea, LLC, be sure to stop by booths #2572 and #2573 at the NAFEM Show. After the show, you can reach out to the company by visiting www.mavea.com, calling 847-429-0509 or emailing info@mavea.com. THE EZ GRIP FRY BASKET: GRAB IT, GRIP IT, LOVE IT Unlike many kitchen hazards that are eas- ily visible, ergonomic hazards impact workers over time and are not immediate- ly recognized as harmful. If you've ever slung fried food as a part of your job, then you know how much of a toll a food-laden basket can take on the wrist or forearm. A load of fries in a basket might only weigh 5 lbs.; however, the force on the hand can be 15 to 18 lbs. due to handle length and the distance the hand is from the center of gravity of the basket. The current flat han- dle design of most fry baskets makes them awkward to hold, especially when filled. Turning the basket to dump its contents is not as easy as it should be, and over time the user feels unnecessary fatigue. FMP's new EZ Grip Fry basket handle is an innovation in kitchen ergonomics. The vinyl-coated handle is designed to better fit the natural shape of the hand when gripping. This physiological differ- ence means less "squeezing," which translates to reduced stress on the hand, wrist and forearm. The improved grip also provides better leverage when turning the basket to dump its contents. The FMP line of fry baskets includes the EZ Grip basket, which is a regular fry basket with a vinyl-coated EZ Grip han- dle, and the EZ Grip Plus, which, along with the innovative handle, comes with a patented corner reinforcement and a dou- ble front hook. These features add signif- icant durability to the EZ Grip Plus and allow the man- ufacturer to offer a two year guarantee on the life of the basket. Stop by the FMP booth #3822 and feel for yourself how comfortable a fry basket handle can be. We're confident that once you grab one and give it a good grip, you'll love it. For more information on EZ Grip fry baskets and a full line of fryer accessories, visit www.fmponline.com or call 800-257-7737. brand, and air and gas pressure switches and custom electronic controls under the Antunes Controls brand. To learn more about A.J. Antunes & Co., call 1-800-253- 2991 or visit www.ajantunes.com. For more information about VIZION and its complete line of VZN systems, visit Booth #2229 at the NAFEM show. You can also call 1-630-784-1000 or visit www.vizionwa- ter.com. MAVEA AIMS TO BE INDUSTRY STANDARD SEE WHAT'S NEW AT US REFRIGERATION Drawers are now available on all under- counter and work-tops, salad prep tables, mega top tables and pizza prep tables for the Value Series. These models can be ordered with many different configurations with a combination of drawers and doors, or if you decide later that you need draw- ers in place of the door, that is possible too! The doors are interchangeable with the drawers. The door hinges and drawer guides just 'snap' into pre-engineered slots, making a change from doors to drawers a snap! Deciding between wire shelves or bak- ing sheet pan racks for your reach-ins is no longer an option with our Value Series models. You can now use either wire shelves or full size baking pans (or steam pans) without changing the guides on all of our Upright Refrigerators and Freezers— Another innovation by US Refrigeration to give the consumer more versatility! US Refrigeration is seeking new deal- ers and distributors to represent this new line of equipment. Please contact the com- pany's national sales office at 888-556- 2112 for more details. If you are interested in purchasing their products, please visit www.us-refrig.com. Nothing works smarter, harder or longer for you than us! For more information, visit booth #1080 at NAFEM. After the show, visit www.us- refrig.com, call 888-556-2112 or email mark.winters@us-refrig.com.

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