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Food Equipment NAFEM Feb 8 2013

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F o o d E q u i p m e n t N e w s F r i d a y, F e b r u a r y 8 , 2 0 1 3 4 6 CANPLAS SHOWCASES NEXT GENERATION OF GREASE INTERCEPTORS NAFEM 2013 will be the fourth consec- utive attendance for Canplas LLC. Andrew Bird, Business Development Manager for Plumbing, answered our questions. FEN: How does Canplas cater to the foodservice industry? AB: Canplas is by tradition a plumbing products manufacturer, and identified an opportunity around 15 years ago to improve upon the traditional steel grease interceptor located in many thousands of commercial kitchens. Using our consid- erable experience in the plastics indus- try, we successfully developed the 'next generation' grease interceptor made completely of thermoplastics. With over a decade of field proven success of the Canplas Endura grease management line, our grease and solids interceptors have successfully grown to become the industry standard for repair and replace- ment applications. The heavy-duty yet lighter weight thermoplastic material, along with the flexible installation options makes Endura Grease Interceptors a top choice for new installations as well. FEN: What has made the Canplas Endura product line so successful? AB: Simplicity. At an end user level, for the restaurant owner/operators who have to work with grease management prod- ucts on a regular basis, the design of the Endura products address all of the key issues that have been and remain famil- iar to users of traditional metal intercep- tors. The patented baffle system, EZ- Open latching on the cover and odor- tight seal alone make Endura Interceptors a better all-around solution, but the biggest benefit comes in the con- sistency of operation. Being injection molded, the product is 99.9 percent plas- tic, the only exception being the cover latch pivots/pins. This means that in operation there is no deterioration or cor- rosion of the internal surfaces, the tank, the baffles, etc., and this is key because that means your interceptor works as well in year five as it did on day one pro- vided you maintain it regularly. FEN: What is the greatest challenge Canplas will face in 2013? AB: Product awareness. At every trade show we attend without fail there will be a surprising number of the attendees that see the Endura line for the first time. One of the tools we have developed that is helping significantly if traffic is anything to go by is the endurainterceptor.com website, and just in time for NAFEM, Canplas is excited to have a new mobile website launching. This condensed mobile version of our website provides all the product information contractors needs at their fingertips. Not only will you be able to access product specifica- tions and dimensional data, but there is also a convenient grease interceptor siz- ing calculator built in to help you quick- ly determine which Endura Grease Interceptor unit is suitable for your installation. Be sure to check out and bookmark our new mobile website at www.canplasplumbing.com. Your mobile device will do the rest! FEN: What exciting products will you be displaying at the NAFEM 2013? AB: We will have a range of Endura Grease Management products, from the compact 7, 10 and 15gpm units to the larger 20, 25, 35 and 50gpm units. Each of our grease interceptors has been designed and independently perform- ance tested [PDI and ASME] to achieve the highest efficiency with the smallest footprint. We will also be showing the new Solids Interceptor and Solids Basket Accessory. The accumulation of food solids and debris in an interceptor can significantly reduce its efficiency and physical capacity, causing blockage. The new Endura solids interceptor has been designed not only as a standalone solu- tion for any installation with this chal- lenge, but also to work in conjunction with the range of Endura grease inter- ceptors, again saving valuable footprint in the kitchen. Make sure you stop by the Canplas booth for a demonstration! FEN: Where can we find out more about your products? AB: Canplas works directly with the dealer, installers and end users in deter- mining the right products to meet their needs. Our knowledgeable customer service team can help you properly size an interceptor for your application and answer your installation questions. Call 888-461-5307 or visit www.endurainterceptor.com and be sure to visit Canplas at NAFEM 2013 booth #2052. PANASONIC POWERS UP ITS NEW SONIC STEAMER OVENS Unique microwave steamers are now avail- able in 2100 watts and 3200 watts for more power than ever. Panasonic recently announced a new breed of high-powered Sonic Steamer prod- ucts. Models NE-2180 and NE3280, 2100 and 3200 watts, respectively, serve up industrial-strength speed and efficiency to meet the demands of food service business- es and serious home chefs alike. Fast, clean, and extremely economical to operate, the Sonic Steamer ovens use microwave energy to rapidly heat the water content in food to the boiling point, thereby producing steam. They are the only steam- ers, powered by microwave technology that can accommodate two full-size 4-inch deep steam table pans with covers, or four half- pans, or four 12-inch plates, at one time. Unlike conventional steamers, these energy-efficient ovens require no water hook-up, drains, sewage systems, extra fil- ters or vent hoods. There's no recovery time, and less load is produced on air condi- tioning and refrigeration systems. "Panasonic developed the Sonic Steamer ovens to efficiently accommodate high volume applications while preserving foods' taste and nutrient content," said Executive Chef Ken Megarr of Panasonic's Commercial Food Service Group. "These new, higher-powered models will not only deliver these benefits, but will also offer more flexibility for broader applications." Panasonic developed a unique top and bottom energy feed design, using four sepa- rate magnetron heating elements, to achieve incredible speed and even heating. The ultra-fast Sonic Steamer ovens can cook two full-size, 4-inch tall steam table pans of lasagna in under 20 minutes. Six pounds of fresh vegetables are ready in just six min- utes. A 1¼-pound lobster can be steamed to perfection in under two minutes. The Sonic Steamer ovens are con- structed of stainless steel inside and out, so clean-up is fast and easy. They are remark- ably compact at only 26 inches wide, yet feature a large, 1.6 cu. ft. cavity. The ovens feature eight pre-pro- grammed heating pads with five power lev- els and three cooking stages for one-touch operation. They can be programmed to shift from one power level to another automati- cally for two- or three-stage cooking, or to defrost and then cook foods. Eight pro- grammable memory pads with 16-memory capability let users program the ovens to defrost for one stage, cook at high power for the second stage then low power for the third stage with the press of one button. Manual single-stage heating gives the user maximum flexibility to set the oven to desired times and power levels for menus that require variation in heating require- ments. The NE-2180 and NE-3280 Sonic Steamer ovens feature two easily-remov- able, cleanable air filters, a"grab and go" door handle, and a door that drops down for easy access to the cavity that also holds pans before or after cooking. The steamer ovens also feature a removable center shelf, an interior light, and can be programmed to operate with a dial timer. Users can even set the volume and length of the beep tone. The ovens are factory-set for 208V and may be adjusted to 220V – 240V. In the event of any difficulties or ques- tions, Panasonic supports its customers with a comprehensive customer service program. Technical support is just a phone call away. From menu analysis to recipe development, Executive Chef Ken Megarr and a team of certified chefs and food technicians are available to answer customers' questions. Panasonic is committed to providing its cus- tomers with the highest reliability and after- sale customer service. When needed, the company's national service network will provide on-site service anywhere in the United States. The Panasonic Test Kitchen website (panasonic.com/cmo) offers recipes, service and sales locators and FAQs, and provides customers with real-life industry "success stories." See the Sonic Steamer and a complete line of new "Pro I" commercial microwave ovens including an SD programmable model with 1300 possible menu combina- tions at The NAFEM Show booth #1004. IEC 705-88 Test Procedure. Specifications subject to change without notice. SLEEK, FUNCTIONAL VIPER BY ENGLISH MFG. EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS English Mfg. is an industry leader in sneeze guard fabrication. Specializing in sneeze guards and only sneeze guards, English is a trusted source for food service breath protection. For years, English has impressed dealers and designers alike by introducing innovative designs at highly competitive prices. At the last NAFEM, English introduced the VIPER, a new, fully-adjustable custom sneeze guard. The main idea behind the unique, patented VIPER is full functionality with fewer adjacent posts. The guard was designed specifically for curved or angled counters, giving the counters and the sneeze guards a fluid and seamless appearance. By elim- inating extra posts, the customer has a clearer view of the food and a less- obstructed reach. In addition to its appearance and easy access, the VIPER is made for the restau- rant operators to move and manipulate effortlessly. Without using any tools, the guard can be altered to accommodate a full-service to a self-service setting in sec- onds flat. Sleek, stainless steel brackets allow for easy and infinite angular adjust- ment, while discreet vertical tracks allow each panel of glass to adjust independent- ly. This patented feature separates English as the only sneeze guard manufacturer to offer an infinite and independently adjustable option. When combined with English Mfg's patent-pending under-counter mounting, the VIPER becomes the best looking and best operational sneeze guard in the indus- try. And it's made in the U.S.A. so you can expect quality and consistency. See English Mfg. and all of their innova- tive sneeze guards at booth #878. After the show, visit www.englishmfg.com or call 800-651-2711 for more information.

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