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F o o d E q u i p m e n t N e w s 2 7 F r i d a y, F e b r u a r y 8 , 2 0 1 3 SEE INDUSTRY LEADER ROBOT COUPE'S CL50E VEGETABLE PROCESSOR Do you want to increase your production, save processing time, improve the per- formance of your staff while saving on produce cost? Then the Robot Coupe CL50E is the perfect kitchen partner for you. With only one operator and the CL50E, you can process a multitude of dif- ferent vegetables/fruits/cheeses in a variety of cuts and sizes in just minutes. The CL50E will perform ALL of your vegetable prep with its continuous feed lead and prepares 1,200-plus servings in under three hours. With 43 different discs available including dicing grids and French fry kits, your staff will be able to cut; slice, shred, dice, julienne, and French fry in a matter of minutes providing you unmatched versatility. This will free up employees to perform other kitchen func- tions. The CL50E Continuous Feed Vegetable Prep Machine has two feed openings. Its large capacity feed lead will accommodate bulky vegetables (will hold 1/2-head of lettuce/cabbage) or large loads of smaller food items (10 # tomatoes). Its small, round feed opening will handle deli- cate products while providing precise cuts. An optional mashed potato attachment is available for the CL50E. Its convenient wide feed opening allows for the continu- ous output of potatoes – a great labor-sav- ing feature. The mashed potato attachment produces 20 lbs. mashed potatoes in just two minutes. Another good reason for purchasing the CL50E is that it pays for itself in a matter of months with savings in labor and pro- duce costs. By using the CL50E instead of purchasing pre-processed foods or hand- processing, your facility can actually pay for the CL50E with savings achieved over a few months. (Savings from hand labor and purchasing pre-packaged vegetables is averaged at $1,000 per month. Contact Robot Coupe at info@robotcoupeusa.com. for chart.) The CL50E is manufactured by Robot Coupe, the inventor of the commercial food processor and leading innovator of food processor advancements for more than 45 years. Robot Coupe offers a complete line of food processors, vegetable prep machines, vertical cutter-mixers, Blixers, power mixers, juicers and extractors. Make it a point to stop by the Robot Coupe booth No. 2220 at the NAFEM Convention to see how easy it is to use the CL50E... the perfect partner for your kitchen. For more information, visit booth #2220, check out www.robotcoupeusa.com, call 800-824-1646 or email info@robot- coupeusa.com. GLASTENDER INTRODUCES NEW COUNTERTOP MERCHANDISER REFRIGERATOR Glastender Inc., headquartered in Saginaw, Mich., is introducing its new CM24 countertop merchandiser refrigera- tor, which is on display inside the Glastender booth. "Our new countertop merchandiser refrigerator is a great way to merchandise refrigerated products to your customers," stated Todd Hall, President of Glastender. "From beverages to salads or specialty desserts, the open food listing gives you the freedom to display whatever food items you wish." Available with solid stainless steel or stainless steel glass doors, the CM24 is a pass-thru model for convenient access from both sides of the unit. The forced air refrigeration system on the CM24 provides uniform cooling of product and is NSF standard 7 listed for open food storage. A removable condens- er air inlet filter is included to make it easy to clean the condenser coil and the auto- matic condensate evaporator means that no plumbing hook up is required. The CM24 has an all stainless steel interior that includes two adjustable shelves and LED lighting. The digital thermostat control allows for an easy visu- al check of the interior temperature. Since countertop installations are most common, the CM24 is available with four-inch adjustable legs to make it easy to clean beneath the unit. For more information, visit booth #3212 at NAFEM 2013 and check out www.glas- tender.com. GROEN SET TO EXPAND THE ECLIPSE BRAISING PAN OFFERING Michael Williams, Groen Product Line Director, recently announced the expansion of the market-leading Groen Eclipse Ergonomic Tilting Braising Pan line of products and accessories. The expanded line will include a new 15-gallon version of the popular Eclipse in both gas and electric models. Food Equipment News caught up with Williams and spoke with him about this new product. FEN: First, what makes a tilting braising pan so versatile? MW: This workhorse combines the func- tions of a skillet and a kettle—it can braise, roast, boil, fry, grill, sauté, steam, hold and provide back-up to nearly any piece of cooking equipment in a restaurant. FEN: With the market for smaller sized tilt- ing pans quite crowded, why add a 15-gal- lon version to the Eclipse line? MW: It makes perfect sense to me from a chef's perspective. The tilting braising pan is quite versatile, but unfortunately linear foot space is at a premium under the hood and sometimes a full-sized 30 or 40-gallon model doesn't fit the available space. The 15-gallon model will fit into most configu- rations and provide the same performance as the larger units. Smaller-volume pans are available, but most competitive models are in the round configuration with lower power ratings, which really limits the func- tionality compared to the configuration of the Eclipse. FEN: Why is the Eclipse configuration so much better? MW: The Eclipse consists of a set of fea- tures that provides excellent performance and durability. Let's start with the 5/8-inch clad plate cook- ing surface, which heats to 350 degrees Fahrenheit in just four minutes and delivers evenly distributed heat across the flat sur- face, eliminating hot or cold spots. Also, the 100-grit hand-ground finish reduces incidence of sticking compared to bead-blasted finishes used by other brands. The interior walls of all Eclipse models are a full 10-inch height providing the prop- BALLY SMARTSPEED, SMARTVAP, DEMAND DEFROST TECHNOLOGIES OFFER ENERGY SAVINGS Bally SmartSpeed® Evaporators offer energy savings of 28 percent over conven- tional fixed speed EC fan motors, while SmartVap™ and Demand Defrost systems allow for simple control over your Refrigeration System. Bally Refrigeration's line of low and medium-profile evaporators are furnished with variable SmartSpeed EC (electroni- cally commutated) fan motors as a stan- dard at no additional cost. All motors are compliant with the Energy Independent Security Act of 2007 (EISA) compliant and factory pre-assembled for reduced installation costs. Michael Coyle, Bally President, stated that the main innovation of the SmartSpeed technology is the reduction of the evaporator fan speed once the system has achieved the desired temperature and the condensing unit is off-cycle. The fan motor energy consumption at full-speed is 60 watts per motor, while in off-cycle mode the low-speed fan energy consump- tion is only 13 watts per fan motor. Bally SmartSpeed evaporators can offer a typi- cal energy savings of 40 percent over a standard Evaporator's fixed speed EC motor. Bally offers a wide range of SmartSpeed evaporator models all specif- ically designed for each job's particular application. Standard low-profile evapora- tors optimize storage space with a com- pact, slim profile that can be flush-mount- ed to the ceiling. Other evaporator model options include: low-velocity models designed for reduced air-flow, two-way evaporators for smaller compartment sizes, and medium and high-profile evap- orators for larger warehouse applications. Bally evaporators are available in one to six fan models in both low and medium- temperature and come standard with a fac- tory pre-assembled Thermostatic Expansion Valve (TXV), Liquid Line Solenoid Valve (LLSV), thermostat, and other options available upon request. SmartVap, Bally's exclusive electronic controller, is available as an option on all low-profile evaporators. This controller eliminates the defrost components nor- mally mounted on the condensing unit, time clock, defrost terminations, contac- tors and fuses. By controlling the defrost function directly at the evaporator the con- trol wiring normally required from the evaporator to the condensing unit is elim- inated. SmartVap controls are factory pre- set or field adjustable through a simple user interface; a user-lock option can be programmed to prevent unauthorized adjustments. In 2013, Bally will begin offering the new KE2 Evaporator Demand Defrost Controller as an option on all low and medium-profile Evaporators. The Demand Defrost Controller constantly checks the temperature difference of the coil for build-up of ice on the Evaporator. Conventional defrosting methods operate on time-based schedules, but the Demand Defrost system allows heaters to be ener- gized only when required. This approach can skip up to 60 percent of defrosts on a medium load system; drastically reducing energy consumption. The heater pulsing feature improves heater life and reduces the fogging effect during defrost – greatly lessening the formation of ice droplets on the ceiling. The control has remote moni- toring capability, which allows access to check data, adjust set points, and receive alarms for system malfunctions through email or text. For more information, visit booth #3444 at NAFEM. After the show, check out www.ballyrefboxes.com or call 1-800- 24BALLY. Continued on Page 68

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