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Food Equipment NAFEM Feb 8 2013

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F o o d E q u i p m e n t N e w s F r i d a y, F e b r u a r y 8 , 2 0 1 3 1 6 VIZION: SEE WHAT BETTER WATER CAN DO Filtered water is a necessity in today's world. It improves the quality of food and drinks and protects equipment and appli- ances. But there are a lot of filtration sys- tems that make a lot of promises. Only the VIZION™ brand by A.J. Antunes & Co. delivers on the two most important factors: premium quality water and low cost of ownership. The VIZION brand offers a complete line of VZN systems that use a combination of technologies to deliver premium quality water without the constant costs of mainte- nance and cartridge replacement. Each sys- tem utilizes an advanced seven-bore ultra- filter with openings that are only 0.015 microns (equivalent to 0.00000059 inches). As water travels through these minuscule openings, 99.999 percent of all solids are immediately removed. The water then flows through the system's carbon cartridge to reduce taste and odor. This two-step process not only ensures premium quality water, it also ensures a low cost of ownership. Other filtration systems CADDY CORPORATION EXPANDS INTO DESIGNER SERIES VENTILATION SYSTEMS Caddy Corporation of Bridgeport, N.J., has been engineering and manufacturing kitchen ventilation systems for more than half a century and is excited to announce the expansion of the line. Caddy has expanded its approvals to provide archi- tecturally enhanced designs for display cooking and servery areas. The old number four finish rectangu- lar stainless box is a thing of the past. Caddy's in-house architectural expertise can now provide designs that have a myr- iad of shapes, finishes and lighting detail. Once Caddy has a rendering or drawling they are able to put together a hood design to help enhance the space and dining experience. Even if there is no theme or criteria in place, Caddy can develop a design concept and engineer a custom exhaust system. Caddy ventilation sys- tems are not just designed for the kitchen consultant, but architects, engineers, con- tractors, and others who install, inspect, operate, maintain commercial kitchen ventilation systems. Caddy works very hard to help its customers avoid the costly mistakes sometimes made in choosing a ventilation system. Caddy is well prepared to answer the questions and concerns clients fre- quently have associated with designing and installing an exhaust system. Ventilation is the single most impor- tant factor in the design, construction and operation of commercial kitchens. Without adequate ventilation and an ample supply of clean air, no kitchen can operate efficiently. Good ventilation is also important for the comfort of occu- pants in any enclosed space. In commer- cial kitchens, adequate ventilation is essential to deal with the effects of heat, smoke, odors, pollutants and numerous airborne contaminants. Without adequate ventilation, cooking operations in con- fined spaces would not only be unsafe, but very uncomfortable. Caddy designs for each independent application. The degree of ventilation in a given kitchen space depends on various factors such as: the type of operation, the physical struc- ture, the equipment in use, the heating source, applicable regulations, and ecolo- gy requirements. Over the past 50 plus years, Caddy has developed the skills required to handle these and many more details. Caddy has also kept up with rising costs driving the industry to find innova- tive ways of providing competitive instal- lation, start-up and operating costs. They have developed interior hood shields and deflector plates to improve capture and containment performance, allowing reduced exhaust by directing effluent back towards the filters. Hoods designed with these features require as much as 30 percent less exhaust rate compared to standard designs. Capture and contain- ment performance is also improved along with grease removal efficiencies. It is now possible to match up a cus- tom Caddy hood design with any style Caddy exhaust system, meaning a filter hood can match the size, shape, and finish of a cartridge style or UVC style system. Water wash hoods when used will also match all other models. Remember, as the kitchen or cooking venue changes, so can the Caddy system. This new designer series is a welcome addition to the Caddy line of exhaust hoods and air systems. For more information on the Caddy design- er series exhaust hoods, please visit booth #3135 at NAFEM. After the show, call 856- 467- 4222or visit Caddy on the web at www.caddycorp.com. Continued on Page 57

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