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SEVEN REASONS TO CHOOSE FOLLETT'S 7 SERIES DISPENSER FOR EMPLOYEE REFRESHMENT Providing ice and water is an important part of an employee refreshment program. Follett's new 7 Series ice and water dis- pensers provide you with a great way to meet the needs of groups up to 35 people. Chewblet® Ice Like all Follett ice machines and dispensers, the 7 Series features chewable Chewblet ice. Chewblet ice is preferred more than 2:1 compared to cube-type ice for its size, shape, appearance, and chewability. People like to crunch on Chewblet ice before, dur- ing and after their drinks! Compact At less than 18 inches tall, the 7 Series is the only ice and water dispenser that will fit on a counter under wall mount cabinets. This allows you to provide ice and water without the expense of modifying cabinetry. Drainless All 7 Series dispensers have been uniquely designed to not require a drain. This allows you to place a 7 Series just about anywhere and makes installation easier. Sanitary Follett's 7 Series ice and water dispensers have some very distinctive benefits when compared to traditional ways of providing ice from an undercounter icemaker, a coun- tertop open bin icemaker, or a refrigerator. These traditional approaches to supply- ing ice usually involve some type of open bin and hand scooping with the potential for ice contamination. Follett dispensers provide hands-free dispensing from a unit that makes the ice and stores it in a sealed bin. In addition, the ice and water contact compo- nents have an antimicrobial treatment to minimize bacteria and biofilm growth. Efficient The 7 Series contains a highly efficient ice machine that uses significantly less water and electricity than other machines of the same capacity, and its energy saving sleep mode keeps the machine turned off when ice is not being demanded Attractive The 7 Series' striking design will comple- ment any décor. This black and stainless dispenser with its soft blue accent lighting and capaci- tive touch dispensing will be a good fit for both employee break areas and customer/guest reception spaces. Flexible Available in countertop, freestanding, and undercounter versions, the 7 Series stores 7 pounds and produces 100 pounds per day of Follett's customer-preferred Chewblet ice. The undercounter model is the industry's only undercounter ice and water dispenser. See the 7 Series at NAFEM in booth #1400 or on online at www.follettice.com/7seriesvideo. For more information about Follett's entire line of ice and water dispensers, visit www.follettice.com or call 877-FOLLETT. F o o d E q u i p m e n t N e w s F r i d a y, F e b r u a r y 8 , 2 0 1 3 1 2 BLENDTEC SETS THE BAR FOR BLENDER TECHNOLOGY Blendtec®, with its powerful, advanced blenders, has made a name for itself as a leading innovator in the foodservice industry. With the recent release of their newest commercial blender, the Blendtec Stealth™, Food Equipment News sat down with CEO Tom Dickson to ask him a few questions. FEN: What is one defining characteristic that separates Blendtec from your com- petition? TD: Blendtec is known for so many dif- ferent things; from manufacturing the strongest, most advanced blenders on the market to being the best place to work for its nearly 300 employees. But our defin- ing characteristic is our uncompromising pursuit to meet our customers' needs. One example of this is in our warranties, which are the most comprehensive in the industry. It covers our main blender mod- els for three years parts and labor with no cycle restrictions. We also continue to offer our unbeat- able Service Plus™ program, which pro- vides long-term security to our U.S. cus- tomers. This is provided at no additional cost, and the program allows customers to purchase a replacement motor base at steeply-discounted rates in the event of an out-of-warranty motor failure. This drastically lowers the lifetime ownership costs of Blendtec blenders, and virtually eliminates downtime for foodservice cus- tomers. Another thing that sets Blendtec apart is that we don't try to tie up our cus- tomers with contracts when purchasing our equipment. We've found that our equipment performance and top-notch service keep them coming back year after year. FEN: Which of your newest products excite you the most? TD: No question, the Blendtec Stealth blender and the Twister jar. The Stealth is our latest blender, and it's the quietest commercial blender in the world, bar-none. It's the ultimate blender for any food- service enterprise, whether you're a single smoothie shop or a national chain of restau- rants or coffee houses, because you can now have the most powerful blender that also hap- pens to be the quietest. It com- bines our newest proprietary sound-management innova- tions, an exclusive capacitive-touch interface, USB programmability and the most powerful blender motor available. Most people don't realize how impor- tant the jar is to blending, so the Twister jar represents a huge leap forward in innovation. It's capable of blending the thickest recipes such as nut butters, cream cheese spreads and hummus that are nearly impossible in regular jars. It's perfect for those who are on the lookout for new ways to cater to customers' evolving tastes. FEN: Why should people be excited about the new Blendtec Stealth? TD: It will be exciting to use the most powerful, versatile Blendtec blender without worrying about noise. In addition to the intuitive interface (which is illuminated for low- light environments), the Stealth can be easily loaded with pre-programmed blend cycles via a USB drive. Users can also create custom blend cycles online using our Blend Wizard™ web app. So if the head chef of a chain gets an idea for a new recipe, they can create it, email out the new blend cycle, and the next day all of the chain's loca- tions can be making it! How cool is that? Blendtec is a U.S.-based company that manufactures professional mixing, dis- pensing and blending equipment for home and commercial use. Blendtec has been an innovation leader in the high- powered blender category for over 20 years. Learn more at blendtec.com/com- mercial. For more information, visit Blendtec at booth #455 at NAFEM 2013. After the show, check out www.blendtec.com/com- mercial, call 801-222-0888 or email pr@blendtec.com. PROTECT THE NATURAL TASTE OF YOUR FRIED FOOD Filtercorp first introduced superior depth filtration for frying oils to the food indus- try in 1987. Over the years, Filtercorp's SuperSorb® CarbonPad filtration system has helped foodservice operators and food processing manufacturers around the world serve healthier, better tasting fried foods. Filtercorp introduced its latest genera- tion of SuperSorb at NAFEM 2011 and received praise from both its current cus- tomers and visitors that stopped by the booth and decided to try it out. Field stud- ies have shown oil life extension up to 40 percent over competitors by maintaining oil in the optimum frying range for longer periods of time. Only SuperSorb's activat- ed carbon solution protects the natural taste of your fried food while enhancing your bottom-line. Some filtration methods require the user to recirculate or polish the oil for 5-10 minutes per fryer. Filtercorp's SuperSorb CarbonPad saves labor by eliminating the need for this step. For example, an opera- tor with a 4 bank fryer system would save anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes over tra- ditional filtration methods. In a 6 bank fryer system, the operator would save between 30 minutes to an hour! Filtercorp's SuperSorb CarbonPads are environmentally friendly and biodegrad- able. Longer useful fry life means more days of healthy frying oil, consistently high quality fried food, lower daily in-use costs and lower handling costs. In other words, fewer a n n u a l c h a n g e - o u t s equal a greener product. Please stop by NAFEM booth #2158 to find out more! Visit Filtercorp on the web at www.filtercorp.com or call 800-473- 4526 for more information. HALTON'S NEW MIST ON DEMAND PROVIDES SUPERIOR GREASE EXTRACTION Halton introduces the Cold Water Mist on Demand system (CMOD) which utilizes Halton's M.A.R.V.E.L. system to activate a cold water mist only during cooking. Since water is only used during actual cooking, there is significant water savings over continuous mist systems. In case study for kitchens in a resort it was esti- mated that the CMOD system could reduce their water consumption by 1,500,000 gallons annually when com- pared to a traditional continuous cold water mist hood. This equated to an 82 percent reduction in water consumption. Testing over high grease applications showed a 44 percent reduction in grease particulates. The CMOD system can be applied over the heaviest cooking appli- ances while incorporating other grease mitigating technologies such as Capture Ray UV-C systems on mixed appliance Continued on Page 68

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