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Kitchenware News & Housewares Review Show Daily 7 7 Tuesday, March 17, 2020 precision-hinge folding mechanisms were applied creatively to its whole line of foldable products, allowing them to open and close easily within seconds. Each product is built with durability and convenience in mind. When not in use, they can be folded up to just a few inches thick to save space. In recent years, Oasis Concepts had added quick assembly products that require toolless assembly within half a minute to no more than two minutes. One of the examples is its round bar table with foldable tabletop wings, which saves space when it is not in use. Oasis Concepts is introducing new entertainment carts and storage racks this month. "We used the same principles that helped create our existing lineup of fold- ing carts, islands, tables and racks to develop these new items," said Kelvin Ng, President. "In the process, a few more Oasis Concepts (Cont'd. from p. 1) patents were achieved. Please stop by our booth to review these new products." "The folding carts and racks can be customized to fit your needs. We can make them in a number of sizes and with any number of shelves," said Ng. "You can also choose the materials you would like. We offer powder coated steel of var- ious colors, hardwood such as Rubberwood or Acacia, MDF with woodgrain veneer, plus supplementary materials such as tempered glass and plastics, and of course we can design new items with a creative combination of any of the above materials, plus more in the future." Oasis Concepts can custom design carts and storage racks to fit your require- ments. See the complete line at booth #S4054. For more information, visit www.oasis concepts.com, call 800.231.1330 or email sales@oasisconcepts.com. DS: We focus on culture: fine art, culi- nary arts, literature, design. We are fasci- nated by understanding how people live, what is inspiring them and what is influ- encing their lives. We are constantly dis- tilling what we see in the world today through a filter of history into new sketches and ideas for products that improve people's lives. KNSD: MGD has been around for over five decades. How does it fit into the modern housewares landscape? DS: The Michael Graves Design brand has always stood for finding unmet con- sumer needs and filling those gaps with solutions that improve people's lives. Whether it's a teakettle with an unexpect- ed whistle or a toilet brush that you're proud to leave out in your bathroom, Michael Graves Design seeks to bring a smile to consumers faces. It is this focus, rather than considering trend or 'style,' that enables Michael Graves Design to be evergreen and timeless. KNSD: Were there any challenges in tak- ing architecture principles and applying them to housewares for this collection? DS: Michael Eisner, former Chairman of Disney, once said, 'Michael Graves is an architect for whom design has no bound- aries. There is no such thing as an insignificant object.' Michael's design philosophy is still the basis for all we do. As such, we focus on every detail of every object, knowing there is always an opportunity to make a difference in someone's life. For us, it's very natural. MGD (Cont'd. from p. 1) KNSD: What are you most excited for with this new collection? DS: After more than two decades of exclusive relationships with major retail- ers, we're thrilled that Michael Graves Design will now be widely distributed across the retail landscape. KNSD: With this exciting launch for 2020, are there any other upcoming proj- ects you would like to announce? DS: We are currently providing various design services for clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. With these product design programs our clients prevent us from speaking about the projects until they launch. We are thrilled to announce a new cosmetics storage collection we designed for Polder called Glamour Grids. The project comes from the simple observation that people deserve better options than the ubiqui- tous acrylic trays. Whether in a medicine cabinet, in a drawer, left out or on the go, Glamour Grids are a collection of items from which people can choose to opti- mize their own storage system that look great before, during and after use. We are also very proud to announce that the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation has acquired MGD's exten- sive product design archive as part of its permanent collection. The Henry Ford Museum plans to create permanent and temporary exhibitions with the Michael Graves Archive, and in celebration of the acquisition, a selection of 21 artifacts is now on display inside Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation. For more information, stop by booth #N6346 or go to www.hdstrading.com. develop a new coffee maker: the ESPRO Bloom Pour Over Brewer. "I love helping others make better and better coffee. That's why I'm proud to have helped design the Bloom Pour Over Coffee Brewer with ESPRO," said Gann. The greatest challenge home coffee lovers experience with pour over brew- ing is consistency. Leading brewers require precise technique, and each day's coffee tastes different from the last, creat- ing frustration in the mind of the con- sumer. The Bloom Pour Over Brewer's patented brew bed saturates all the coffee grounds evenly for the user, producing a reliably delicious flavor day after day. All users have to do is add grounds, pour water and let it brew. "It's made to be very repeatable – which makes it great for beginners – but it also offers a lot of control to help me master my routine for those competition-level cups of cof- fee," said Gann. Another challenge home coffee lovers face is brewing time. Many pour over brewers take 3-4 minutes of hands- on activity, slowly falling out of favor for the busy coffee lover. The Bloom Pour ESPRO (Cont'd. from p. 1) Over Brewer's steep slope encourages a two-minute brew that's balanced and speedy. Gann adds, "It also only takes two minutes, which, other than being super fast at home, is really helpful when you're on the competition floor and every second counts." Featuring a permanent metal filter and optional paper filters, the Bloom Pour Over Brewer offers users flexibility in the flavor of their final cup. The ther- mal sleeve ensures users can lift the brewer at any point without burning fin- gers, and the stainless steel build protects the device from drops and knocks. The Bloom Pour Over Brewer fits well in ESPRO's lineup of industry-lead- ing coffee makers, including the beloved no-grit French press, the world's lightest travel press and a cold brew coffee maker. Visit ESPRO at booth #N8316 and see how the Bloom Pour Over Coffee Brewer is helping both professionals and home brewers elevate their daily coffee experience. For more information, go to www.espro.com, call 844.377.7622, email info@espro.com or stop by booth #N8316. the highest coffee consumer per capita in the world, NESCO identified a market space for home-roasted coffee that has gone unfulfilled until now. At a suggest- ed retail of $79.99, this unit makes it easy for beginners to get started using preprogrammed settings for light and dark roasts. As users get more comfort- able and begin to experiment with cus- tomized roasts, there is a "cool down" setting that stops the process at any point, allowing full control over the darkness of the roast. The roaster can hold up to a quarter pound of unroasted beans, equivalent to about 12 cups of brewed coffee. This model doesn't replace the average, weekday morning cup of coffee made from store-bought NESCO (Cont'd. from p. 1) grounds or K-Cups; instead, it provides an artisan flavor experience on days when consumers want to take a little more time to create something special. NESCO is meeting the rise in demand for products that allow consumers to recreate commercial scale crafting on a smaller scale (think popular home beer brewing or wine making). With this new unit, NESCO expands upon its existing line of consumer coffee products such as coffee urns, and in the past, percolators. The brand's goal is to expand the market of DIY coffee brewing so the everyday consumer can enjoy a special cup of coffee. For more information, call 800.624.2949, email sales@mwcorp.com or stop by booth #L12702. KNSD: Do you see the online shopping trend growing? AH: Year over year, industry statistics are consistently showing the growth in online sales and there is no doubt this will continue. It's imperative that compa- nies adapt to this changing retail land- scape. Therefore, neatfreak! taking a position of strength by providing drop- neatfreak (Cont'd. from p. 4) ship is a significant step forward in assisting our retail partners to expand their online sales. For more details about neatfreak home organization products and neatfreak B2B direct, visit booth #N7740, clean & contain, or contact Asif Husain, Director of Digital Sales (North America), at 905.624.6262, ext. 271. Visit Neatfreak online at www .neatfreak.com. These automations have created such a positive working environment for our employees that in July of 2019, they voted to dismantle their own union, giving Metal Ware more options in cross-training between departments so we can easily move employees depending on labor demand. What all of this means for our customers is that they get products crafted by dedicated, knowledgeable employees leading to high quality products at competitive costing – which gives us an advantage over competitors who are often strug- gling to work around the tariffs and shaky political climate. Furthermore, our domestic produc- tion has allowed Metal Ware to react to Metal Ware Corporation (Cont'd. from p. 4) changes in demand much faster than many other companies. If one of our cus- tomers needs a product on a tight time- line, we're able to fulfill orders on a shorter lead time without having to work with overseas teams, transport goods and clear them in customs. These shorter lead times also give us more flexibility in orders and goods. Overall, here at The Metal Ware Corporation, we stand out because of our willingness to continuously optimize our processes and look for efficiencies, which allows us to be competitive in costing and flexible reacting to consumer demand. For more information, call 800.624.2949, email sales@mwcorp.com or stop by booth #L12702.

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