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Kitchenware News & Housewares Review Show Daily 7 5 Tuesday, March 17, 2020 Boards and Spreaders are currently in stock and available to ship from its facility in Edina, Minnesota. The raw materials used for its Bio products are 100 percent sugarcane sourced from Braskem, Brazil. Braskem is located more than 2,500 kilometers from the rainforest and does not produce genetically modified sugarcane or use artificial irrigation in its manufacturing process. Using sugarcane as a replace- ment for fossil fuels often allows for a significant reduction in the carbon foot- print, lower energy costs in the produc- tion process and a reduction in waste by using raw materials that are recyclable at the end of a product's life cycle. The Bio products are manufactured at Linden Sweden USA's own facility, DaloLindén, in southern Sweden. DaloLindén currently owns and operates two manufacturing facilities in the south- ern region and its corporate headquarters are in Värnamo, Sweden. It owns a U.S. Linden Sweden (Cont'd. from p. 1) and a Russian subsidiary and maintains product representation in 23 countries. DaloLindén has been designing and man- ufacturing Swedish kitchen products in its facilities in Sweden since 1932. According to one owner, Jens Sorensen, "Our products are tested regularly to ensure that European safety and environ- mental standards are followed and main- tained. We care about our environment and take pride in our commitment to its safety and wellbeing. Our line of bio products takes this commitment one step further to offer consumers another choice in our extensive line." Linden Sweden USA is located in the South Building, booth #S560. It is a global company committed to providing customers with sensible, quality products that are designed to make cooking effi- cient and fun while maintaining a com- mitment to the same quality and tradition that are the cornerstone of its business. For more information, stop by booth #S560 or go to www.lindensweden.com. in 2011 by Founder Lou Lentine, the company remains determined to be on the forefront of the consumer market. To better achieve this goal, Viatek has had a litany of exciting changes in recent months that pave the way for further growth in the current year. One very visible new addition to the company came in the form of a revamped look. This includes a new logo, as well as a retooled, more user-friendly website. Here, customers can more easily peruse the company's now classic products, such as the Quirky Pivot Power line of surge protectors, Night Stars landscape lighting projectors and Q-Beam tactical flashlights. Another change comes with the 2020 catalog, offering an exciting lineup of new products. These include the USB rechargeable Pedispa Callus Remover, Night Stars Candle Projectors, the WeedErase and new Metallic ver- sions of the Pivot Powers. These changes all coalesced around Viatek (Cont'd. from p. 1) the naming of a new leader, Chad Neuendorf, who became President of Viatek in June 2019. With an exhaustive history in sales and TV shopping, Neuendorf brings to the company a ground floor perspective of the industry, and an eye toward the future. He takes over for Lou Lentine, who still serves as chairman while Neuendorf guides the company into new, exciting waters. These new ventures will see Viatek mov- ing into new markets both foreign and domestic, with the continued mission of meeting customers wherever they are to best serve their needs. With an over- hauled look and improved website, Viatek is sure to become ubiquitous at retail and online marketplaces in 2020. Join Viatek this year at the show to wit- ness the creative vanguard of Chattanooga industrialism. For more information, go to www.viatekproducts.com, call 423.402.9010, email cs@viatek.com or stop by booth #L11147. with the Spyderco knife company of Golden, Colorado, to create the Murray Carter™ Collection, which faithfully translates Carter's coveted custom designs into a family of high-perfor- mance production knives ideal for every cooking need. Manufactured in Japan to Spyderco's exacting quality standards, these knives are available in three differ- ent series to accommodate different skill levels and budgets. All three tiers show- case Carter's highly refined expressions of five classic Japanese kitchen knife pat- terns: Petty (equivalent to a Western par- ing knife), Funayuki (ideal for general kitchen tasks), Nakiri (vegetable cutter), Bunka Bocho (similar to a santoku, but more pointed) and Gyuto (equivalent to a Western chef's knife). The tiers of the Murray Carter Collection were inspired by the training progression of traditional Japanese chefs. The top-tier Itamae Series™ is intended for professional chefs and accomplished amateurs skilled enough to appreciate the finest kitchen cutlery. Literally meaning "in front of the cutting board," Itamae is a prestigious title reserved for expert sushi chefs. The knives in this series are expertly crafted from laminated steel fea- turing an Aogami Super Blue core between layers of SUS410 stainless steel. This three-layer construction allows the outer layers to protect and support the ultra-hard carbon-steel center layer that forms the blade's edge. Ground excep- tionally thin and straight for unparalleled cutting performance, these elite blades are paired with traditional octagonal han- dles made from stunning burl G-10 (a fiberglass/epoxy laminate) with black G- Spyderco (Cont'd. from p. 1) 10 ferrules. Their proportions are careful- ly tuned to offer exceptional balance, control and comfort during use. The second tier is the Wakiita Series. Meaning "near the cutting board," Wakiita refers to senior apprentices equivalent to sous chefs or journeyman chefs in Western kitchens. The blades of Wakiita Series knives are precision ground from CTS ® BD1N – a high-car- bon, nitrogen-enriched stainless steel that provides a superior balance of hardness, edge holding and corrosion resistance. These knives are also ground exceptional- ly thin and straight for superior cutting performance and feature octagonal han- dles painstakingly crafted from solid black G-10. Wakiita Series knives are ideal for skilled amateur cooks who appreciate the performance advantages of and pride of ownership of premium-qual- ity kitchen cutlery, but prefer the ease of maintenance of stainless steel blades. Japanese chef training begins with the minarai (literally, "to learn by observ- ing"), or apprentice. The knives in the third-tier Minarai Series will feature the same CTS BD1N blades as the Wakiita Series, but their octagonal handles will be injection molded from tough polypropylene plastic. Designed for budget-conscious cooks, these knives will provide the same ergonomics, ease of maintenance and high-performance functionality as the Wakiita Series, but in a more basic and affordable format. Forged by tradition and built by Spyderco, the knives of the Murray Carter Collection are designed to provide the ultimate cooking experience. For more information, visit www .spyderco.com/culinary or stop by booth #S1675. need to understand that sustainability for a brand is about prospering from people and planet resources in a way that leaves plenty for others to enjoy, both now and in the future. With that in mind, there's a fairly logical approach to take when sustain- ability is part of a brand's definition for creating value. It's applying due dili- gence with respect to the social and envi- ronmental issues that intersect with the brand at its mission, its values and each of its unique business operations. These are often referred to as issues that are material to the brand. Due diligence includes exploring risks and opportuni- ties around these issues for the brand and its stakeholders (employees, community, customers), prioritizing and measuring performance through sustainability indi- cators, and managing against quantifiable targets that move the brand toward a sus- tainable business model. This approach is repeated for each business function, including product design, material qualifications, top sus- tainability indicators and targets that guide a brand toward low impact. KNSD: Do you think you are doing enough when it comes to sustainability? DC: We're doing all the right things and have a comprehensive approach. Relevant issues are identified, metrics are developed, tools/methods for ade- Klean (Cont'd. from p. 1) quate measures of performance are being utilized and reporting mecha- nisms enable team members who can affect outcomes. We now have a dash- board of information that will allow us to manage for social and environmental outcomes that are material to Klean. Now we can start setting numeric targets in areas where we have been mindful, but not in a position to know the meas- ured impact of one option compared to another. KNSD: What are a few of your measura- ble sustainability plans for the future? DC: Advance our use of LCA's (Life Cycle Assessments) to guide new prod- uct design and improve existing. Continue working with the outdoor industry to support efficacy and use of Higg Index tools toward a uniform meas- ure of environmental performance for brands, retailers, factories and product designers. Explore ways to make recov- ery and recycling of Klean products at end of use (EOU) easy and sensible from financial and environmental perspec- tives. Get aggressive around GHG (Green House Gas) emissions. And close the remaining measurement gaps and challenge ourselves to become 100 per- cent renewable. For more information, go to www .kleankanteen.com, call 800.767.3173, email original@kleankanteen.com or stop by booth #N8216A. Teflon Platinum Plus Nonstick Teflon™ nonstick coating systems last longer than pans with ceramic or sili- cone coatings and are dishwasher and metal utensil safe. Chemours ensures durability by providing a nonstick coating that is not only abrasion and scratch resistant, but also helps protect against adhesion and corrosion. It's this balance of properties that keeps these nonstick coatings performing like new, year after year, so there's lit- tle erosion to the wallet. That's because Teflon's high-quality coatings have been perfected over 50 years. Teflon nonstick coat- ings are the finest non- stick, with a variety of products to meet the variety of cooking needs. All Teflon prod- ucts are quality tested to live up to the Teflon brand promise: easier cooking and cleanup, time after time. Teflon Platinum Plus nonstick is the most scratch- and abrasion-resistant Teflon branded nonstick finish to date. For more information, call 866.205.1664 or go to www.chemours.com.

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