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Kitchenware News & Housewares Review Show Daily 6 5 Tuesday, March 17, 2020 Keep Pets Hydrated with Pawcet Viatek Consumer Products Group contin- ues to provide consumer goods for all members of the family, including pets. One of its hottest new items is the Pawcet Dog Water Fountain, an easy, mess-free way to keep parched pets hydrated during hot weather. Pawcet was spawned by inventor Tony Lytle, who had noticed how dehy- drated his dogs were becoming through- out the gruelingly humid dog days of summer. Deciding that dogs needed an easy way to get water whenever they needed it, Tony conceived of a device that would connect to a home's water supply and give pets a drink without human supervision. From there, the Pawcet was born. The Pawcet connects to any stan- dard garden hose, and at the press of a paw, emits a steady stream of thirst- quenching water. No matter how big or small your dog is, the Pawcet is easy to activate and get a drink from. The paw- activated design also keeps the device from wasting water, as well as eliminat- ing the risk of a dog knock- ing over or dirtying their own water bowl. The con- nection to a home's water supply further guarantees that your pet's water is as clean as yours. The unit is small, lightweight and con- structed from plastic that can stand up against the heat of the summer. The water pressure can also be adjusted, allowing the per- fect amount of water to be given to your dog. Since its recent introduction, the Pawcet has been a huge hit for Viatek. The product has seen immense success in TV shopping and online retail- ers, and with the summer months coming up ahead, the demand for Pawcet is increasing by the day. Visit Viatek's booth at the show to check out the Pawcet, as well as the company's other exciting new items. For more information, go to www.viatek products.com, call 423.402.9010, email cs@viatek.com or stop by booth #L11147. Wine Accesories from Franmara Electronic Wine Aerator Leaving the open bottle sitting for an hour is a good start, but only a small por- tion of wine will be aerated. However, there is a device that will do a good job of aerating a whole bottle or a glass at a time. It's a portable electric magnetic wine aerator. It brings wine and air into full contact for perfectly aerated wine. It is made of food-grade, eco-friendly, non-toxic ABS material. A stainless steel expandable tube inserts into the wine. It is equipped with a USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery. On a full charge it will last 3-4 hours, which will decant about 100 bottles. The pack- age includes: a wine aerator, a USB cable, a stainless steel pipe (extends 12- 3/4 inches), a storage bag and a user manual. The body stands 6-1/2 inches tall, 3-1/2 inches in diameter, and retails for $55.00. Call or email Franmara, Inc. for the complete new catalog for 2020 with over 2,700 items (wine/bar/cheese acces- sories) at 800.423.5855 or orders@franmara.com. ICE BAG Collapsible Wine Coolers This amazing bag that has become a top seller in France has now arrived in America. Over six million sold in France alone! The ICE BAG ® is perfect for parties, picnics and restaurant service. The ICE BAG works amazingly well for chilling bottles, and it folds down for easy storage. The ICE BAG is very strong and durable with sturdy loop handles. Just add ice and water, and insert the bottle and you are ready to go. Item #9030 for wine (9- 5/8 inches high by 4-5/8 inches wide by 4 inch- es). Available in clear, pink, purple, red and blue. There is also a larg- er size available for champagne: #9032 (9-5/8 inches high by 6 inches wide by 5-1/2 inches). New models include cut-out handles and solid colors (gold, silver, black and white). Retail prices are $6.00-$8.00. For more information, stop by booth #S1745 or go to www.franmara.com. Cooks Standard Expands High-End Line John Wei Shen of Neway International Housewares reveals what makes his com- pany unique. KNSD: Tell our readers about your company. What's your main line of business? JWS: We design and produce high-qual- ity cookware, Cooks Standard™, which has been top rated for six consecutive years. The cookware features a stay-cool handle. This handle design was patented in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in 2011. The cookware handle provides a comfortable grip and stays cool during cooking use. Since we introduced this line of cookware seven years ago, it quickly became very popular in the mar- ketplace. We have many positive cus- tomer reviews online. KNSD: Are you introducing any new products this year? JWS: We are expanding our Cooks Standard high-end line, adding more sizes and functional items to meet cus- tomer needs. KNSD: What would you say makes your company unique? JWS: Our quality and design. KNSD: Tell our readers about your tradeshow objectives, plans, products, promotions, etc. JWS: There are many new products becoming available in 2020, and we wel- come distributors as well as sales reps. KNSD: What distin- guishes your products from the competi- tion? JWS: Quality, quali- ty, quality! KNSD: What was the most significant event or series of events affecting your company in the past year? JWS: This show gave us an opportunity to welcome new customers. Our cus- tomer retention rate is 100 percent. We were limited in resources to service new dealers last year, so we hope we can soon overcome this limitation. KNSD: Did your marketing strategy in the past year pro- vide you the overall position you had projected? JWS: Yes, business has grown quickly! KNSD: Describe your current marketing strategy. JWS: We aim to offer the highest qual- ity beyond our customers' expecta- tions. KNSD: What is the nature of your distri- bution? JWS: We welcome all distributors. For more information, email sales01 @newayusa.com, visit www.neway usa.com or stop by booth #S4810. DishFish: The Ultimate Dish Cleaning Tool In an extremely competitive category with little innovation and a plethora of brands, why create a new sponge prod- uct? According to Jim Kordenbrock, Founder of the DishFish family of prod- ucts, "there is an amazing love-hate rela- tionship among sponge users and their sponges, yet we found it's a topic con- sumers love to discuss. This is not sur- prising as sponges are a product we use virtually every day. We found that con- sumers were looking for a sponge that would last longer, stay clean and not smell. Our solution was the DishFish!" The process began when Foamtec International hired Kordenbrock to create their first consumer product after 22 years in the B2B market. "We were able to leverage the expertise of Foamtec International, an industry leader in high tech specialized foam applications within the automotive, electronic, cosmetic and medical industries. Foamtec's clean room solutions provided the foundation for the real science behind the DishFish materi- al. It's the material inside that makes the DishFish truly revolutionary. According to Kordenbrock, "Our best sales tool is to simply have people try the DishFish. Once you try it, you will understand why we created the DishFish family of products and why 'Other Sponges Don't Stand Up!'" Kordenbrock's team set out to create the "perfect" scrubbing sponge. They lis- tened to hundreds of customers and test- ed dozens of products in order to create the final DishFish product. The first and most important differentiator of the DishFish is the patented design. It's shaped like a fish to ergonomically fit in your hand, clean tight spaces and most importantly, stand on its tail to drain and stay fresh. As a result, the DishFish doesn't smell. "A rectangle sponge provides cost savings and a round sponge is novel, but neither of the two options are functional. Plus, a round sponge will roll off the table. We wanted something unique, fun and functional," said Kordenbrock. The DishFish addresses many of the issues consumers have with sponges. Compared to the competitors, the DishFish is stronger, stays clean longer and is more absorbent. Additionally, the DishFish won't scratch sensitive surfaces and avoids those horrible bacteria odors by standing on its tail to drain. Remarkably, when con- sumers try the DishFish, nearly 92 percent prefer it over their current scrub sponge. According to Kordenbrock, "When you create a product with this high level of acceptance, it means you listened and delivered a product that consumers love! This is amazing to me and it's also what I am most proud of!" In fact, during the extensive consumer research, consumers actually used the word "perfect" to describe the DishFish. This strong preference fits the new DishFish tagline: "Other Sponges Don't Stand Up!" For more information, email sales@dish fish.com or go to www.dishfish.com and www.getgofish.com.

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