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Kitchenware News & Housewares Review Show Daily Tuesday, March 17, 2020 5 8 Decanter Cleaning Made Easy with Spot-Not Everyone knows it is impossible to prop- erly dry and polish the inside of a decanter – until now! Spot-Not is easy to use and so effective. The Spot-Not decanter dryer has two main parts: a dry- ing cloth that goes into the decanter and a drying mitt for the outside. Magnetic bands draw the two parts together – when you move the outer mitt, the inside cloth moves along with it, drying and polishing the inside of the decanter. The results are nothing short of miraculous! Decanters, carafes and even vases you were embar- rassed to use are suddenly restored to being your pride and joy. Spot-Not comes in retail-friendly packaging and master packs of 12, so it is really easy to buy. CDU packaging is available, and an opening trial order sam- ple pack with free shipping is available. Spot-Not is a product of the Wine Lovers group, a con- sortium of professional-grade wine accessories. Visit booth #N8518 to learn about the foremost wine education tool in the world – Le Nez du Vin. It is the gold standard in wine education. You will also see the amazing, handblown wine glasses of Bottega del Vino Crystal – a world class line of beautiful, wine driven stemware that is light, strong and 100 percent dishwasher safe. Wine Lovers is introducing its new decanter drying rack, The Swan, that folds up to save space when not in use. Wine Lovers welcomes inde- pendent gourmet/kitchen stores, gift shops and importers from other countries. You are the pre- ferred customer and Wine Lovers loves working with you! Remember, every wine lover needs a Spot-Not! For more information, stop by booth #N8518 or go to www.winelovers collection.com. Café-Quality Coffee at Home with ESPRO Making pour over coffee is frequently a frustrating experience for casual coffee lovers. The final mug tastes different from day-to-day, difficult techniques are required for a balanced flavor and the experience is more stressful than relax- ing. ESPRO partnered with experts like Kaley Gann, the 2019 US Brewers Cup Champion, to design a new style of pour over brewer that brings the professional's precision and consistency to the every- day coffee lover and helps them brew like a champ. ESPRO calls it the Bloom Pour Over Coffee Brewer. Even Extraction for Consistently Delicious Coffee The Bloom Pour Over Brewer's patented brew bed ensures full saturation of all the coffee grounds, helping coffee lovers produce a balanced extraction and deli- cious flavor every time – no finicky tech- nique required. Takes Just Two Minutes The steep slope encourages efficient brewing in less time, enabling both casu- al and pro-level users to brew a full cup up to 30 percent faster than leading pour over brewers. Dual Filter Modes Increase Flexibility A permanent 1502- hole micro-filter brews a rich and full- bodied cup with zero waste, while optional ESPRO paper filters make a lighter cup with a faster cleanup. Thermal Sleeve Keeps Coffee Hotter The silicone sleeve reduces coffee heat loss for a more consistent and reliable brew, while giving users a safe place to hold the brewer when it's hot. Durable Steel Design Made to withstand the challenges of busy kitchens and bustling coffee shops. Perfect for the consumer who wants to make every purchase count. With a brewer that builds pro-level tech- nique into the design, coffee lovers of all kinds can make cafe-quality coffee at home with ease and confidence. Taste coffee made with the Bloom Pour Over Brewer and see its unique design at booth #N8316. Redmon Debuts Two New Food Storage Products For 137 years, the W.C. Redmon Co. Inc. has been supplying American retailers with quality, functional and affordable products for the home and family. During these decades, the company has designed and offered literally hundreds of new items from infant products to house- wares. At this year's show, the company is introducing two new upscale food stor- age products called Visto™. Visto Fresh is the first. These con- tainers are strong, space-saving and stackable. They offer a simple and practi- cal food storage solution that's perfect for everyday use in your fridge, freezer or pantry. Visto lids have a superior hollow antibacterial seal for ongoing safe food storage. In this product, you will find the ideal food storage container for home, on the move, party catering, transporting bulk food or packed lunches for the kids. The second is Visto Max. Visto Max is the ultimate kitchen food storage solu- tion that is designed for style and per- formance, with glass-like clarity that is phthalate-free, elegant, space efficient and stackable. This innovative storage system is maximum in every way for the table, countertop, pantry, fridge and freezer. The great news is that they are uniquely engineered to be leak proof and stain resistant. Peter Redmon, the fourth generation President of the W.C. Redmon Co. Inc., says, "We have attended the Chicago Show since 1939, and our longevity as an American icon is no wonder because our business philoso- phy has been to strive for magnanimity of purpose. We have refused to sacrifice the Christian principles of morality, honesty, ethics and just plain manners because without these, the bottom line in business becomes nothing more than dross! To this end, we treat our customers, employ- ees, suppliers and yes, even our competi- tors, alike. To our cus- tomers of many decades, we express our appreciation for your business and recom- mend this Visto product as a part of your arsenal to continued profitable success. To our new customers, we welcome you, and the opportunity to demonstrate our total commitment to customer satis- faction. We have a great staff of key peo- ple to serve you. Please visit us at the show in booth #N6900!" For more information, stop by booth #N6900, go to www.redmonusa.com, call 765.473.6683 or email sales@ wcredmon.com. AIRCARE Launches AIRCARE Essentials After tremendous success with the AURORA and AURORAmini, AIR- CARE recently launched a new brand extension, AIRCARE Essentials. This new line is designed to go after food, drug and mass, and offer consumers a lower price point on the humidifiers – and features – they want. "We have always been known as the "whole house evaporative" humidifier company," said Chad Long, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for AIRCARE. "A few years ago, we suc- cessfully launched a couple of ultrasonic humidifiers. This year, we are introduc- ing several new models that will include additional ultrasonic units. With that, we created a brand extension called AIR- CARE Essentials, designed to go after the food, drug and mass channels. These were channels of distribution in the past we didn't have a good solution for due to the footprint our large whole house units take up on the retail shelf." The new AIRCARE Essentials line includes two ultrasonic humidifiers, one evaporative humidifier and one steam humidifier – a first for AIRCARE. Ozark – The Ozark is AIRCARE's first steam humidifier. It combines the benefits of essential oils and menthol inhalants with the healing properties of true steam humidity in one attractive (and easy-to-operate) table-top unit. Evie – The Evie is the newest table- top evaporative humidifier from AIR- CARE, and the first evaporative model for the AIRCARE Essentials line. It uses the AIRCARE 1044 wick. The Evie will arrive later this year. DUET – The ultrasonic DUET fea- tures both warm and cool mist settings to create harmonious humidity in any living space. The essential oil diffuser and LED nightlight will make this new unit a cus- tomer favorite. FELLOW – This compact ultrasonic FELLOW will be your new favorite com- panion. Its small footprint makes it per- fect for an office or other small space. It includes an essential oil diffuser and sim- ple one-button operation. All of the new AIRCARE and AIR- CARE Essentials units can be seen at the show. For more information, go to www.aircare products.com, call 501.562.1094 or stop by booth #L12112.

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