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Kitchenware News & Housewares Review Show Daily 3 5 Tuesday, March 17, 2020 Exciting New Product Lines from Viatek Viatek Consumer Products Group is reaching new heights in 2020. The Chattanooga, Tennessee-based company is coming out swinging with a bevy of new products that serve to make your busy life a little bit easier in the new year. One of its hottest new items is the Body Dryer. This trendy bathroom accessory replaces typical towels, drying you off with compressed ionized, sanitized air. Hot and cool settings allow users to opti- mize the product to their tastes and cli- mates, and the drying process takes only about 30 seconds. It's around the size of an average bathroom scale, making it perfect to fit in any space. It also pro- motes sustainability, reducing a house- hold's carbon footprint by eliminating the need to constantly wash towels. Viatek's Ting Toothbrush is the next level in dental hygiene. Its design is both minimalistic and elegant, making it an instant standout among its peers. Battery- operated, its Dupont bristles stroke your teeth 24,000 times per minute, ensuring that every inch of your mouth is scoured to perfection. There's also a tongue scraper on the back of the brush's head, tailored to tackle the toughest of bacteria. The battery is easy to replace, and its IPX7 compliance guarantees water immersion safety. Made to be both effec- tive and affordable, you'll get top-of-the- line dental care for a fraction of the usual cost. Another new product from Viatek is the new and improved high-tech Pedispa Callus Remover. USB rechargeable, and boasting three different heads, the Pedispa tackles even the roughest parts of your feet with smooth, gentle precision. Even those with the most stubborn calluses will be left with soft, sexy feet. The unquestionable functionality of this irreplace- able personal care item is wrapped together with a sleek, shimmering exterior, further bolstering its classy appeal. The Disposable Cutting Board is another breathtakingly sustainable item that's sure to change how you cook. It eliminates the need for that big, bulky cutting board that's clogging your count- er space, replacing it with a flexible sheet that can easily be cut and cut on. The material is strong enough for you to slice meat and produce on, yet gentle enough to not dull or wear out knives. It's also drip- and mess-free, making it perfect for food preparation on-the-go. Add in the fact that it can be recy- cled, and you have a kitchen appliance that's both utensil and eco- friendly. These are just a few of the top-shelf new items that Viatek Consumer Products Group is bringing to mar- ket in 2020. With the company's accelerated growth, continued search for the latest consumer trends and already extensive product line, Viatek is sure to provide the product for every niche of your life. If you'd like to see firsthand the enticing inventions in the company's catalog, visit Viatek at the show. For more information, go to www.viatek products.com, call 423.402.9010, email cs@viatek.com or stop by booth #L11147. Enhance Your Cooking Experience with Spyderco Kitchen Knives The Spyderco knife company of Golden, Colorado, has a long, proud history of producing world-class kitchen cutlery. While fostering manufacturing relation- ships in Japan during the early 1980s, a highly regarded Japanese company offered Spyderco the chance to produce a series of kitchen knives. Spyderco eager- ly embraced the opportunity and ulti- mately introduced a full line of kitchen cutlery, including the first commercial santoku (a versatile Japanese knife pat- tern similar to a cleaver) ever offered to the U.S. market. Four decades later, Spyderco's Kitchen Classics line is still going strong and has been joined by many new knives specifically designed for food preparation. Spyderco's newest culinary knife offering is the Counter Puppy™, which gets its name from its uniquely shaped handle. Injection-molded from high- impact plastic, Counter Puppy handles are shaped like the stylized body and legs of a puppy. This allows them to stand upright on a counter or tabletop, keeping them handy while ensuring both the counter surface and their blades remain clean. In the dining room, they can be used to create a truly distinctive table-set- ting presentation. Counter Puppy blades are crafted from 7Cr17 stainless steel and are full-flat ground for optimal cutting performance. They are available in two handle colors – blue or purple – and with a choice of either a plain or fully serrated cutting edge. From the scalpel-like precision of the Mini Paring Knife through the impressive cutting capability of the long- bladed Bread Knife, Kitchen Classics include a broad range of sizes and pat- terns optimized for food preparation tasks. All the knives in the family feature blades crafted from MBS- 26 steel – a high-carbon stainless steel that is ground exceptionally thin and meticulously heat treated for optimal cutting performance. Depending upon their purpose, most are available with either a conventional PlainEdge™ or fully serrated SpyderEdge™ with a unique serration pattern that reduces dulling when used on a cutting board. Their handles are made from durable polypropylene plastic and feature a dis- tinctive "stepped" texture that offers both comfort and control during use. Injection molded directly onto the blade tangs for strength, they are also available in sever- al different color choices. In addition to time-tested classics, Spyderco recently bolstered its kitchen knife line with a unique take on the offset kitchen knife called a Z-Cut™. Its dis- tinctive "Z-shaped" profile places the handle above the blade, aligning the edge with the finger knuckles while providing ample clearance when working on a cutting board. Available with either blunt-tipped or pointed blades and a choice of plain or ser- rated edges, Z-Cuts are full-flat-ground from CTS BD1N stainless steel and have durable polypropylene handles. The pebble-textured handles are injection molded directly onto the blade tangs and come in a choice of black, green, red and yellow. Proudly manufac- tured in Golden, Colorado, from American-made materials, Z-Cuts are perfectly suited for both home and com- mercial use. Offering the best of both innovation and time-honored tradition, Spyderco's kitchen knives are sure to enhance every cooking experience. For more information, visit www .spyderco.com/culinary or stop by booth #S1675. Protect What's Most Important with Alpha Guardian By Malissa Phillips, Marketing Event Program Manager, Alpha Guardian Many people might see safes as large, expensive items that aren't needed or perhaps an item that is out of reach finan- cially and spatially. The near-instanta- neous image people have when they think of home safes is something hidden in a wall behind a painting or a large vault being cracked by a criminal. In all actuality, safes can be whatev- er the consumer needs them to be, and they're available in all shapes, sizes and colors. From small, portable safes to large fire and water-resistant safes, Alpha Guardian has a method of secure storage to meet anyone's needs. Unfortunately, the misgivings of size and cost surrounding the need for secure storage leaves many people at risk and without a way to protect their belongings. Thousands of firearms are stolen or mis- used each year due to improper storage. Millions of dollars in damage occurs from natural disasters, and even more damage is done due to house fires and home flooding. Therefore, to fully pro- tect what's most important to you, secure storage is essential. Alpha Guardian's brands, GunVault, Cannon, and Stack-On, offer varying types of secure storage that can fit any need. Stack-On offers a wide variety of quick, small, and large safes at affordable price points; Edge provides affordable security with a modern twist, perfect for communal living and dorm life; GunVault provides premium quick access safes; Cannon Safes are premium models for firearms and homes. "What matters to you, matters to us" is not a phrase that we at Alpha Guardian take lightly. We pride ourselves on the products we create and the people that back them. We masterfully deliver the best possible solutions to provide peace of mind to consumers. From natural dis- asters to home break- ins to college move-in day, our products stand ready to protect your most valuable items. We make it a point to protect your heir- looms, collectibles, important documents, priceless mementos, hobby gear, firearms and treasured mem- ories. Your family is our family, and pro- viding you with peace of mind is para- mount; simply put: what matters to you, matters to us. Cannon Safe Cannon Safes are built for superior secu- rity with essential features to provide best-in-class Secure Organization™ solutions for your most valuable posses- sions. Stack-On Stack-On builds its safe purposefully, with the user in mind. It delivers an exceptional value with a wide array of features, options and flexibility. Stack-On quick access safes, portable security cases and per- sonal safes are the choice for the value-dri- ven shopper in a variety of markets, channels and demographics. Edge Safe Small, highly maneuver- able safes boasting a modern array of colors that blend in with your home. Smartly designed for every- day use in small living spaces including communal spaces, apartments, dorms, bedrooms and offices. GunVault GunVault quick access safes provide optimal security for handguns. As the leader in digital and biometric safe tech- nologies, GunVault is the premier brand in the industry, offering the features you want and strength you need to ensure a Safer Way of Living ® . To learn more about Alpha Guardian and our brands, visit www.alphaguardian.com, www.cannonsafe.com, www.stack-on.com or www.gunvault.com.

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