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Kitchenware News & Housewares Review Show Daily Tuesday, March 17, 2020 2 6 Smart Parents Stay Ahead of the Weather By Kari Strenfel, AcuRite Meteorologist As a meteorologist and an active mom with two young kids, I need to stay informed of the outdoor weather condi- tions to maintain our active lifestyle. Whether we are biking to the park, head- ed out on a family hike, or keeping it sim- ple by playing in the backyard, I need to stay updated on the outdoor conditions year-round. Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, we can get outside mostly every weekend. In the summer, I need to keep an eye on those high temperatures: a family hike is fun at 8 a.m. when it's still 60 degrees Fahrenheit outside, but not so fun when it reaches 80 degrees Fahrenheit by 10 a.m. Even in the winter when it rains, we like to know how much rain we got overnight to decide if it's a good day for puddle jumping! I rely on the AcuRite Atlas™ weath- er station that I mounted on my roof to stay updated on the changing weather conditions. With the weather station reporting to the AcuRite Access™, which is plugged into the router, all the weather data is reported to My AcuRite. This allows me to check the weather conditions from anywhere from the My AcuRite app on my smartphone. I also have enabled alerts in My AcuRite to notify me of any potentially dangerous condi- tions, such as outdoor tempera- ture above 95 degrees or light- ning detected within 25 miles. For those of us with smart speakers, My AcuRite is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, making it even easier to access our weather condi- tions. I often find myself asking – "Hey Alexa, ask my AcuRite for the outdoor tempera- ture." The AcuRite Atlas and My AcuRite will help you keep your family active and safe all-year-round. Create your custom weather station and home moni- toring system at www.acurite.com/per- sonal-weather-stations.html. For more information, go to www .acurite.com. SubLoc PRO SCRAIL, the Squeakless Subflooring Solution SubLoc ® PRO SCRAIL ® fasteners developed by the BECK Group are proven to help prevent subfloor squeaks by stopping micro-movement of the underlying wood flooring materials. SubLoc PRO SCRAIL have superior squeak free performance when installed according to guidelines with and without glue. The BECK Group recently conduct- ed testing to ensure the "squeak free" claim through an impartial third party following new guidelines surrounding sound ratings. The results indicated that sound levels are less than 3dBA, which is proven to be inaudible by most human hearing. Available in a variety of collation types, SubLoc PRO SCRAIL are versa- tile and compatible with several BECK America tools, such as F60 CN15W- PS90 SCR, F58AC RHN20-90B SCR and F58AC CHN33-90B SCR. Their holding power is only improved through BECK's diamond coat technology, which utilizes a polymeric bonding agent, con- tains various expansion elements, increases holding power by more than 20 percent and reduces drive energy by more than 10 percent on average. They truly combine the best of both worlds by offering the high-speed instal- lation that a nail would provide, and the dynamic holding power and adjustability of a screw. However, unlike both nails and screws, SubLoc PRO have shank and head geometry that provide a clamping force to help pull the material tight to joists and trusses. With head pull through values more than 10 per- cent higher, and withdrawal values that are more than 40 percent higher than ring shank nails, SubLoc PRO SCRAIL are the pre- mier fasteners for building professionals. BECK America recently announced that IAPMO's Uniform Evaluation Service has issued Evaluation Report 344 (ER-344) to parent company, The BECK Fastener Group ® , for the innovative con- struction fastener, SubLoc PRO SCRAIL, as a substitute for 8D and now 10D fasteners in seismic areas. Typical building codes specify only the most basic fasteners. If a builder wants to use more advanced methods and materials, they must show proof that the alternative product performs the same, or better, than the one specified in the code. The eval- uation report from IAPMO's U n i f o r m E v a l u a t i o n Service is the ultimate in independent assurance that SubLoc PRO SCRAIL is in full compliance with appli- cable code criteria. The organization has a reputation as being the foremost source of uniform codes and standards used by building officials across the nation. BECK America is the Master Distributor for products manufactured by The BECK Group, a leader in pneumatic tool and fastener development. For over 115 years, the BECK Group has been a company focused on creating innovative, high quality products that generate time savings for the professionals who use their products. Interior Door and Millwork Package from Forever Barnwood Forever Barnwood is excited to offer, for the first time anywhere, an authentic barn wood interior door and millwork pack- age. This will finally bring the reality of a truly rustic, authentic barn wood look to your interior doors, casing and base. This millwork package will be offered initially in the 100-Year-Old Traditional finish. The new interior door is an engi- neered stave core with all of the authen- tic, rustic, circle sawn, old-world charac- ter that Forever Barnwood is known for. The Forever Barnwood Millwork package will be offered in many tradi- tional millwork products and profiles. Forever Barnwood will offer KD pre- hung doors, base, case, headers, sills, stops and jambs. Other finishes will become available in time, but it is initial- ly only available in the 100-Year-Old Traditional finish. Forever Barnwood Millwork is priced very similar to rustic alder while offering a nostalgic reclaimed barn wood look absolutely unique in a millwork package. While other unique, eye-catch- ing features in the home can become very expen- sive, very quickly, the Forever Barnwood Millwork line is within reach of most buyers. By far, the most excit- ing product in the Forever Barnwood Millwork lineup is the Prehung Door. The Forever Barnwood Prehung Door is an engineered stave core door featuring the latest technology in door construction. This technology produces a door that is lighter, more stable, and operates more soundly than other types of doors on the market. These doors feature all of the authentic circle saw marks, rustic appear- ance and old-world character that you have come to expect with Forever Barnwood prod- ucts. Bring the histo- ry inside with the Forever Barnwood interior door and millwork package. For details on the Millwork line, visit www.foreverbarnwood.com/mill- work. For more information, go to www.forever barnwood.com, email info@forever barnwood.com or call 844.231.3777. Pros Go to Lowe's for Solutions Have you shopped with Lowe's lately? If not, you might want to drop by and check out some of the benefits that make it eas- ier for you to get in and out of the store quickly, with the products you need and the brands you trust. Lowe's is building deeper relation- ships with professional customers across the building, trade, repair/remodel and property management industries by mak- ing it simpler to do business together. From www.lowesforpros.com, to dedicated loaders to get the Pro in and out of the store faster, a deep focus on inventory levels and stock items ensuring you get the product you need, when you need, Pro delivery coordination and pri- ority, Pro parking and expanding product categories to include more trusted Pro brands, Lowe's is a true business partner to professional customers across the country. Plus, you can expect to see even more convenience initiatives being rolled out to stores in the coming months as Lowe's continues to create an exception- al shopping experience for Pros. Lowe's listened to its customers and introduced new products and services to address the opportunities and challenges facing their businesses. Pros can find all of the brands they trust most, like DeWalt, Sharkbite, Spyder, A.O. Smith, Metabo, Fluke HPT, Estwing, Trex, Marshalltown, GAF, Owens Corning, Werner and Johns Manville. Lowe's also offers volume savings on products Pro customers frequently buy, a dedicated Pro phone line in every store for quicker access to dedicated Pro customer support and additional opportu- nities for savings, including an everyday five percent discount for business credit holders. Additionally, Pro customers can now take advantage of its military recog- nition program. Plus, Lowe's carries job lot quantities of the supplies and materials you buy most to ensure you get the product you need, when you need it. NAHB members with a Lowe's Accounts Receivable (LAR) or Lowe's Business Account (LBA) are also eligible for addi- tional benefits to include: no annual fee, 5 percent off every day, $20 Pro delivery fee, online account management, state- ments to include itemized list of transac- tions and product-level details for each invoice and purchasing control. For more information, go to www.lowes forpros.com.

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