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Kitchenware News & Housewares Review Show Daily Tuesday, March 17, 2020 1 6 Karving King Dripless Cutting Board 2-in-1 System Delights Users Everywhere Cooks, chefs and foodies will be thrilled with the new Karving King Dripless Cutting Board 2-in-1 System. Designed to answer the need for a no-mess carving solution, this large capacity 2-in-1 cut- ting board system not only cuts the mess, but also eliminates the stress when carv- ing everything from turkeys and roasts to fruits and vegetables. All of the liquid juices are collected in the drip tray draw- er instead of on kitchen countertops and floors, making for a significantly improved cooking experience with easy cleanup. The Dripless Cutting Board boasts a large 20.5-inch by 13.5-inch carving sur- face, spikes to hold the food in place dur- ing carving, the removable drip drawer to collect juices that can be reused for sauces or gravies, easy grip handles and non-slip rubber feet to keep the board firmly in place. In addition, Karving King has added a new supplemental cut- ting board for chopping. The drip drawer can also be used to store cutlery. BPA- free and bacteria- resistant, the Karving King Dripless Cutting Board 2-in-1 System is dishwasher-safe and requires no spe- cial cleaning products after use. Because it can go in the dishwasher, it's also ideal for cutting up raw meat and fish. The contemporary design and choice of colors (red, green, blue) will enhance any kitchen. Made in America, the boards are crafted of a very lightweight and durable polyethylene, which will with- stand the test of time. The polyethylene is non- porous and odor-resistant. Karving King offers a money back return policy within 30 days of pur- chase, a 12-month limited warranty for any material defects and replacement parts, should they be necessary. For more details about the Karving King Dripless Cutting Board 2-in-1 System, visit booth #S1752, South Building, or contact Kenneth King at 800.951.8384. Go to www.karving king.com to learn more. Preserve Your Past & Protect Your Future: Security Against Fire, Flood & Disaster By Malissa Phillips, Marketing Event Program Manager, Alpha Guardian As natural disasters increase at an alarm- ing rate, devastating wildfires, flooding and other disasters pose a growing threat to the safety of your most precious belongings. Meanwhile, both identity theft and theft of possessions are reach- ing an all-time high. Alpha Guardian encourages Americans to take action: Preserve and protect what matters most. The U.S. ranked No. 2 behind India for countries most affected by natural disasters. Emergency preparedness can provide reassurance that if tragedy hits, you've safeguarded those things that matter most. We all have sentimental items that can't be replaced, but they can be carefully preserved in a safe designed to keep out the effects of fire, smoke, water and extreme environ- ments. Well-meaning guests may not recognize the value of your keepsakes. Preserving them in a home safe ensures you won't come across your aspiring artist nephew finger painting with great-grandpa's heirloom quilt as a dropcloth. Instead, the quilt will remain just as you left it, secure inside, next to generations of photo albums and your precious collections. Cannon Safe has long been the leader in superior-quality home safes. The substantial weight, four-inch locking bolts and Tru-lock internal hinges of Cannon American Eagle Safes make it difficult to carry away or pry open, and it can protect all that's inside, even through a raging fire for up to 60 minutes. In fact, thank you notes from safe owners have featured jarring pictures of fire devasta- tion, with an Alpha Guardian safe stand- ing alone amid piles of ash and rubble, open to show jewelry, documents and keepsakes perfectly undisturbed! Another important step in emer- gency preparedness is to gather critical documents, cash, credit cards and identification in a portable water- proof, fireproof safe. Stored in your home safe, this emergency kit is always available for quick and easy retrieval in the event of evacua- tion, and ready to pro- tect essential paperwork whether you're in an evacuation shelter or on the road. Home burglaries happen in the U.S. every 15 seconds, so it's no surprise sales of home security systems and entry cameras have skyrocketed. While we think of theft as a stranger "breaking in," many instances of theft occur as invited guests enter for family visits, playdates, dinner parties, deliveries and service calls. A safe provides a pivotal layer of home security that protects from dangers inside the home. As rising cost of living increases co-living arrangements, the need for a home safe is magnified as living space is shared with roommates and their guests. As older Americans make up a larger pro- portion of the population, retirement communities are growing, too. With staff members, other residents and their visitors moving through the community, a small personal safe can protect against vulnerability to damage, loss or theft. Stack-On delivers exceptional value and vari- ety of secure storage solutions for home, outdoors and on-the-go. As the idea of "home" expands, Stack-On specializes in flexible design and features to protect belongings wherever you call home. RV's and tiny homes offer flexibility, and affordable travel promises adventure, but nobody wants the adventure of trying to replace stolen cash and travel docu- ments. Stack-On portable safes and per- sonal security cases travel easily on planes, trains, automobiles and cruise ships, and while staying at hotels, hos- tels, campgrounds and AirBnB rentals. Many are also designed to withstand extreme conditions. To learn more about Alpha Guardian, visit www.alphaguardian.com. New Boxed Mix Makes Gelato Accessible for Home Chefs By Lorrie Baumann Morano Gelato is launching a new home mix for gelato that will make it possible for consumers who've received an ice cream maker or an ice cream attachment for their stand mixer among their wed- ding or holiday gifts will now be able to make restaurant-quality Italian-style gelato at home. "This is for people who do want to make gelato, who are hands- on, but who want a short cut," said Morgan Morano, Founder and Owner of Morano Gelato. She operates two gelato shops in New England – one in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, and her original shop in Hanover, New Hampshire, and she is also the author of "The Art of Making Gelato." With a decade of experience in making and serving authentic Italian- style gelato in her shops, she's an expert in Americans' enthusiasm for gelato and in the mistakes that it offers novices to make. "There's a lot of science behind gelato. It's served at a higher temperature [than American ice cream], so there's a lot more solid content in the gelato to create a well-balanced product from start to finish, so that when it sits in a warmer display case, it's not going to melt like an American ice cream. The recipes are more complex," she said. "A lot of people want to make it but aren't comfortable measuring the ingredi- ents." Authentic Italian gelato is denser and much lower in butterfat than American premium ice cream, although many of the American scoop shops that offer gelato blur those lines, Morano said. "A lot of American gelato shops do American flavors like Snickers, Oreo," she said. "A lot of times the American gelato is hard- er." Gelato is best made fresh and then served the same day, and it should be served with a spade rather than a scoop, which is how its served in her shops, Morano said. With her new mix, the home cook adds heavy cream and milk to the shelf- stable mix, and then it's cooked, cooled and frozen in an ice cream maker or the stand mixer's ice cream attachment. The mix that just launched is a Fior di Latte (sweet cream) white base that makes more than four quarts of gelato, which can be served as Fior di Latte flavor, or the basic mix can be combined with other ingredients to make cherry, stracciatella or mint flavors. Other flavors are on the way, starting with pistachio and hazelnut, and a dark chocolate flavor will be coming within the next year. "There's a growing interest in authentic gelato and traditional flavors, and now that's available to consumers who may not have access to ingredients where they are," Morano said. "A lot of our 'The Art of Making Gelato' readers needed more access to ingredients, so if we had it prepackaged and ready to go, it was much easier than having to source, maybe going online for ingredi- ents." The new Morano Gelato Mix retails for $20. It's available at wholesale, with distribution arrangements in progress. Visit www.moranogelato.com for more information. Tillamook Farmstyle Cream Cheese Spread Tillamook's new Farmstyle Cream Cheese Spread isn't what you've gotten used to finding on grocery shelves. The line of four flavors includes the world's first Aged Cheddar Cream Cheese Spread, made with Tillamook's beloved sharp white cheddar. The additional flavors include Original, Very Veggie and Seriously Strawberry. The new spreads are made without gums, fillers or preservatives, offering a cleaner option that delivers on the taste of what cream cheese spread should actually taste like with fewer ingredients than most cream cheese products found on store shelves today. For more information, call 503.842.4481 or go to www .tillamook.com/cream-cheese.

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