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NATURALLY HEALTHY www.gourmetnews.com n MARCH 2016 n GOURMET NEWS N H 6 4 L Kuvings Chef: Commercial-Ready Vertical Slow Juicer Crush and squeeze whole fruits and veg- etables to produce a glass of delicious fresh juice in seconds, now with the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Chef, a verti- cal low-speed masticating juicer with an industry-first 3.5-inch wide-mouth open- ing. The Whole Slow Juicer Chef expands the Whole Slow Juicer line from Kuvings, a company founded in 1978 specializing in kitchen electronics for health and nutri- tion-conscious consumers. The popular Whole Slow Juicer has garnered enthusi- astic reviews from juicing experts and has been positively reviewed by Consumer Reports and other media. The Whole Slow Juicer Chef is spe- cially designed for home juicing enthusi- asts, health food stores and retail applica- tions. This commercial-ready slow juicer can tackle the toughest produce, due to its powerful 200-watt motor with the highest torque in the industry. The heavy-duty brushless motor crushes ingredients with ease while minimizing friction and noise, for cool, quiet and stable operation. The Chef can extract juice from any produce such as spinach, apples, kale, lemon and ginger continuously for up to eight hours at 50 RPM. It can yield up to 1,000 glasses of fresh juice, making this slow juicer ideal for restaurants and juice bars. The easy access 3.5-inch opening al- lows putting ingredients in without much cutting. This not only means faster and convenient processing, but also means preventing un- wanted oxidation from cut- ting that often causes a loss in nutritional value. As the ingredients glide down the feeding tube, the patented low-speed masticating sys- tem extracts the nutrients in fruits and vegetables, en- abling the body to obtain four times more nutrition than by eating fruits whole. Its large-capacity 500-ml bowl handles big batches and comes with a conven- ient Smart Cap to prevent drips. The Smart Cap also enables creation of mixed juices and makes it easy to rinse the juicer between making different recipes. The chrome-finished body with its mod- ern square design will be a welcome addi- tion to any kitchen. Other features include a dual safety system that ensures proper assembly and air ventilation design to pre- vent the juicer from over- loading. All parts disassemble and can be easily washed by hand with the specially designed cleaning tools. The exclu- sive full color recipe book is included. The Whole Slow Juicer Chef is being demon- strated at booth #3584. Visit the booth and taste the fresh juice made with the Chef. For more information, visit www.kuvings .com, call 888.682.5559, email sales@ kuvings.com or stop by booth #3584. TresOmega Nutrition Organic Pasta TresOmega Nutrition is com- mitted to bringing you great tasting, wholesome products using quality ingredients as part of a healthy lifestyle. The Tre- sOmega Nutrition Organic pasta is made with a unique blend of only three ingredients: organic quinoa, a nutrient packed superfood; organic amaranth, an ancient grain rich in vitamins and minerals; and organic white rice. Its easy-to-make pasta does- n't come out mushy like other gluten-free pas- tas. TresOmega Nutrition Organic Quinoa Pasta is delicious in pasta salads, with sauces or as a main or side dish. Pastas are available as fusilli, linguine, orzo, spaghetti or penne in eight-ounce boxes or five-pound bags. TresOmega Nutrition won the American Masters of Taste Superior Taste Gold Medal Seal in 2015! Products are gluten-free, corn-free and wheat-free – ideal for Celiac patients and those who have gluten related allergies. Tre- sOmega products are also 100 percent certified or- ganic, are an exceptional protein source for vegetari- ans and vegans and an ex- cellent source of magnesium folate and phosphorus. They also contain all nine essential amino acids and are an absolute source of riboflavin (B2) neces- sary for proper energy production within cells. The nutritional protein in quinoa is similar to that of dried whole milk and contains no cho- lesterol or trans fat and is a high amount of ly- sine, required for the growth and repair of body tissue. For more information, call 860.210.7805, go to www.tresomega.com or www.facebook.com /tresomeganutrition or stop by booth #2471. Beveri Makes Healthy Choices Easy As promised, beveri ® is making healthy choices easy. Beveri's rBGH-free Whey Pro- tein is exclusively Whey Protein Isolate (WPI), the purest form of whey protein. It is lactose-free and fat-free. And rest assured, beveri guarantees that 100 percent of its rBGH-free WPI comes from milk produced by cows not treated with added hormones. And now it's even better. It has added GanedenBC30, a sustainable, naturally-oc- curring, non-GMO ingredi- ent. No "engineering" here. Most probiotics are ex- tremely fragile and thus few cells survive di- gestion to populate the intes- tines. This one is different. It was designed by nature to sur- vive and thrive in conditions other probiotics cannot. For more information, stop by booth #2475. Cleaning Smiles and Making Smiles, Naturally Imagine for a second the weight of 11,500 full-grown African elephants. It's tough, right? Well, that's what the estimated number of toothbrushes thrown out annually weighs — in the United States alone. It's a number that's hard to wrap your head around. "We so seldom throw out a toothbrush," you'd think, but with billions of people seldom throwing out toothbrushes, the numbers can get crazy pretty fast. So what can an environ- mentally conscious person do? Stop brush- ing? Of course not. WooBamboo is a company working diligently to make a dent in this gargantuan amount of plastic waste by offering a more natural alternative. By replacing the entire plastic handle with a single piece of natural bamboo, they've transformed a typical oral care instrument into a beautiful symbol of eco-awesomeness. "We're not a toothbrush company," said Christopher Fous, Co-founder and Creative Director. "We're in the inspiration business. Any toothbrush can clean your teeth. Very few, however, actually make you feel like you're making a difference in the world. Once you feel like what you're doing mat- ters, even in a small way, you'll know you can do more. You'll want to do more. And if millions of people start and end their day want- ing to do more to help the world, then we've re- ally created something powerful. Toothbrush companies can make toothbrushes. We'll focus on making a difference." Have they made a difference? Perhaps. After just over half a million bamboo tooth- brushes, WooBamboo is steadily becoming a bigger player in the industry. Now avail- able in chains like Target, H.E.B., Safeway, Albertsons, Lassens, Fresh Thyme and Nat- ural Grocers, it looks like "the inspiration business" is good. The young company (born on Earth Day 2013) is expanding from just toothbrushes for adults, kids and pets to a more complete oral care line — including biodegradable floss, natural toothpaste and mouth rinse. "We love what we do, and it shows," says Steve Hyde, Co-founder. "We're not dentists. We're not sales people or retail experts. We have no real business being in this industry. We're just a couple of guys that want to make a really cool product that makes a dif- ference, makes people smile and feel good about themselves. And ya know what? So far so good." For more information, go to www. woobamboo.com or stop by booth #5140.

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