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NATURALLY HEALTHY www.gourmetnews.com n MARCH 2016 n GOURMET NEWS N H 6 4 D FATCO – Real Food for Your Face Most of us have complicated relationships with fat. We fight it. We avoid it. We dis- miss it. But FATCO believes fat is good. In fact, it believes fat is beautiful. FATCO is a paleo-friendly brand that uses tallow (beef fat) to craft simple, deep nourishing skincare products. Why? Be- cause animal fat allows your skin to hy- drate and stay pH-balanced. It's a primal, yet sophisticated approach to cleaning your face and moisturizing your body. So many "natural" products clutter the shelves and mislead consumers with empty promises. But FATCO promises handmade products made with limited in- gredients, free of preservatives, chemicals and toxins. It begins with its nose-to-tail philosophy and its partnership with Fat- works Foods — ensuring respect for the livestock that provide its tallow. It's an ethical, kind way of sourcing safe and healthy animal fats from safe and healthy animals. Founder Cassy Burnside had a passion for clean eating that inspired FATCO Skincare. For years, Burnside practiced the philosophy that a health-conscious diet can improve your life, one meal at a time. This connection between food and well- being led her on a quest to find skincare products developed for the same benefits. To her, feeding your skin is just as impor- tant as feeding your appetite — it's all about healthy, nutritious choices. When she couldn't find exactly what she was searching for, Burnside decided to take matters into her own hands by crafting good-for-you products from her own home; and FATCO was born. Through the company, Burnside brings awareness and education about how small changes in your life can improve your skin as well as your overall health. Tal- low and other naturally oc- curring ingre- dients are the basis for FATCO's products — upholding the idea that just like clean dieting, clean hygiene is a sound approach to living well. A lean, little company with big, uncon- ventional ideas – follow its lead and rub some fat on your cheeks. Learn more at booth #H28. Himalayan Chef Organic Spice Line The great hype about everything organic in food is not new. Seasoned foodies are already aware of it and people who are new to the battleground are still trying to figure out what exactly it is. To put it simply, organic food is food in its natural unprocessed form, from grow- ing to preserving. Non-organic foods are often grown from genetically modified seeds, with the use of pesticides — and once harvested, are processed, usually in- cluding additives and preservatives. On the other hand, organic food is 100 per- cent natural and unadulterated, and for discerning shoppers, it is the food of choice. Spices are used in food for seasoning, providing color and aroma as well as en- hancing taste. Unlike the taste of non-or- ganic spices, which can be flat and artifi- cial, organic spices have the freshest aroma and most alive flavor. With organic spices, less is more, compared to non-or- ganic spices, as the enhanced flavor al- lows you to use less, which makes it more economical in the long run. The Himalayan Chef organic salt line is a potent and flavorful blend of organic spices and Himalayan Pink Salt. A little goes a long way with this delicious line of herbs, blended together to produce the most mouthwatering seasoning, suitable for everyday use. The best thing about the blended organic salt is that it adds just a hint of flavor to your stir fried vegetables and lean meats. It cuts down on the time taken to mix and match different herbs and spices together and combines all the flavors in a single jar, like the ginger salt and line salt blend, which can be used in almost all savory dishes. The other blends are equally aromatic and tasty and add to the flavor of meat and vegetables alike. Especially fla- vorful is the roasted herbs with pink salt blends, such as the roasted onion and gar- lic. The herbs are roasted and then crushed with salt to make a fine seasoning, suit- able for preparing meat, fish, pasta or veg- etables as well as any salad or soup. Himalayan Chef Organic spices and blends are free from the fumigation and ir- radiation process often used to get FDA approval, and instead employs a steaming process for cleaning up and removing im- purities from natural herbs. Irradiation is a harsh method used for cleaning spices by using gamma radia- tion and fumigation involves using ethyl- ene oxide gas. Allow- ing harsh chemicals to clean the spices is not a healthy solution. It uses a mild and safe method of steaming to clean the spices and make them fit for consumption, which is the only cleaning process that Hi- malayan Chef employs for making its or- ganic line of spices fit for consumption. For Himalayan Salt Seasonings, with or- ganic and natural spices, think Himalayan Chef, the true source and the brand to re- member for pink salt and seasonings. For more information, visit www. himalayanchef.com. Luvo: Food for the Greater Good Luvo's mission is to make it easy for peo- ple to eat nutritious meals that taste amaz- ing every day. It believes that you shouldn't sacrifice taste or nutrition for something that's convenient. That's why it paired a chef and a nutritionist to create meals you'd want to make at home – if you had the time. From full servings of fruits and veggies to nourishing whole grains and lean meats raised without an- tibiotics, it's putting the best real ingredi- ents and flavor into everything it makes. For instance, it is proud to partner with Lotus Foods, who sources organic, whole grain rice that is sustainably grown on small family farms with nutrient-rich soil. Farmers use an innovative method for growing rice called More Crop Per Drop™ that is respectful of women and water, enabling them to harvest more rice with less water, seed and labor. It doesn't use seasoning shortcuts like excess sodium and sugar, and it leaves out artifi- cial colors and sweeteners. Instead, it uses herbs and spices and to create a delicious menu that includes vegetarian and gluten- free options. Its en- trées steam cook in its Steamazing pouch – a real innovation in the category – so they come out tasting great and looking like they were plated in a restaurant. You can find its meals in the frozen aisle and in other places you don't expect to see wholesome foods – like on Delta Airlines. It has the support of ac- complished athletes like Derek Jeter, Rus- sell Wilson and Natalie Coughlin who all recognize the importance of eating well every day in order to fuel performance. Behind all of this is its belief that when you eat well, you feel and perform better in every aspect of your life so you can focus on the important things – like which delicious meal to try. It's food for the greater good. Learn more at luvoinc.com or stop by booth #5182. Magnum Coffee: 'Searching the World for the Finest Coffee Beans' Magnum Coffee, a family-owned coffee roaster, believes in personally traveling to farms all over the world to hand select the finest 100 percent Arabica beans and harvest them at the peak of perfection. Picked beans are meticulously graded and separated by bean size and density. It closely monitors the entire process of selecting, roasting, grind- ing, flavoring and packaging its beans using state-of-the-art quality control methods and equipment. Its coffee is produced using the finest beans grown in the region between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capri- corn. These gourmet Arabica coffee beans are grown between 4,000 and 6,000 feet above sea level to gain smooth, rich taste. Direct Relationships with Growers Magnum is one of the few coffee roasters to own a trading company, Café Trading, through which it has long-term relationships with coffee bean growers in Central Amer- ica, South America, Hawaii, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Africa and Indonesia. These relationships allow it to provide the finest gourmet coffee, at the most affordable price. They also assure that its sources are properly compensated for their work and ex- pertise. Café Trading Café Trading was devel- oped for the sole intent to safeguard its customers from the volatility of the commodity aspect of coffee and the unfortunate circum- stances that come with an agricultural product. It sam- ples all the coffee first and then purchases the coffee. Once the coffee arrives to Magnum, a second cupping takes place. If at that time the coffee was misrepresented, or a problem has occurred with the coffee, Magnum denies the product and Café Trading sells it in the open market. Thus, your customers or you are not burdened with bad coffee or the financial responsibility of the coffee. Las Lajas Coffee Las Lajas Coffee is the C h a c - C u b i l l o family. When the family lost its father, Oscar Chac, to cancer, the family was convinced that his lifelong exposure to chemicals used in coffee processing was a catalyst for his illness. As it wondered how to create a living legacy from his flourishing little piece of earth, its path emerged. It would dedicate itself to producing the purest,is special honey coffee exclusively to you. For more information, go to www. magnumcoffee.com or stop by booth #2192.

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