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NATURALLY HEALTHY www.gourmetnews.com n MARCH 2016 n GOURMET NEWS N H 6 4 B Franklin Baker a Cut Above the Rest Franklin Baker, Inc. has been the premier supplier of coconut ingredients to the global food market for more than a cen- tury. In fact, some of its customers have been with the company for more than 60 years. All of its product is 100 percent sourced in the Philippines, where it is transported to one of its three manufactur- ing facilities within two days of harvest to ensure the freshest quality product. Franklin Baker prides itself on provid- ing its customers with value-added and cost effective supply of coconut ingredi- ents for a wide range of food applications, including bakery, confections, dairy, sa- vory, cereals, coatings and beverages, among others. Franklin Baker's product offerings in- clude desiccated coconut that include sweetened and toasted varieties, coconut chips, coconut water sin- gle strength, coconut water concentrate, co- conut milk, coconut con- centrate, coconut cream, organic virgin coconut oil, coconut flour, organic coconut sugar and other coconut products. Franklin Baker is proud to be Fair Trade USA, BRC, CERES, USDA Organic, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 22000:2005, HACCP, FDA Philippines, GMA-SAFE, AB PAO Accredited Testing Laboratory, SEDEX, Kosher and Halal certi- fied. Franklin Baker offers a variety of packaging op- tions: ingredient, bulk, foodservice and retail. Contact info-us@franklinbaker.com or 901.881.6681 to learn how Franklin Baker can assist you with all of your co- conut needs. For more information, go to www.franklinbaker.com or stop by booth #5250. Heritage Health Food – Natural Food's Best Kept Secret For more than five years, the perfect storm has been cooking in East Tennessee. Her- itage Health Food, an upstart health food company founded by Don Otis, his wife Kim and three sons, is reinventing healthy. Don's background as a retired executive of Kel- logg's Natural Food Division and Kim's more than 35 years as a vegetarian cook poised this family owned and operated busi- ness for an exciting nationwide launch first quarter of 2015. Heritage Health Food is a delicious brand that includes a 100 percent vegetarian, frozen naturals line with an All Natural Jumbo Dog, Hot Dog, Corn Dog, Breakfast Sausage, Sausage Crumblers, Chick'n Tender and VegeFish Fillet, and an industry changing shelf stable, just-add-water line direct from Kim's kitchen called Kim's Sim- ple Meals. This line is just now hitting shelves na- tionwide with simple, clean and healthy attributes that are perfect for just about any consumer. No other brand can claim such an array of gourmet perfection. USDA Organic, non- GMO, gluten-free, vegan, kosher, peanut/nut-free and the list goes on. In fact, it has removed all of the bad stuff and left you with simply delicious. Plus, Kim's Sim- ple Meals are great prepared straight out of the box. But, if you are craving something a little extra and want to spice up your meal, just add your favorite wholesome ingredients — Kim's Simple Meals can be a gourmet ad- venture. Meet Don, Kim and family at booth #9121 and taste for yourself both product lines. Learn more at www.heritagehealthfood.com or www.kimssimplemeals.com, or call 888.237.0807. Nitro Beverages the New Hot Trend It looks like a beer, it tastes like a beer, it pours like a beer, but it's not a beer! It's Dan- delion Nitro, the newest creation from Teec- cino, the makers of the top selling brand of coffee alternatives in America. Inspired by the latest trend in cold brewed coffee, dubbed "nitro coffee," Teeccino's Dandelion Nitro is an artisan herbal brew that is infused with nitrogen just like a Guinness ® . Made from a proprietary blend of roasted dande- lion and chicory roots, its rich and creamy flavor with cascading bubbles creates an ex- citing taste experience. It took a Millennial who grew up watching his entrepreneurial mother create Teeccino in her kitchen to dream up Dandelion Nitro. Galen MacDougall, the son of Teeccino Founder Caroline MacDougall, has been crafting homebrewed beer made with Teec- cino for fun and good time drinking for friends and family. After hearing about nitro coffee, he decided to see what Teeccino would taste like simply brewed and nitro- genated. When Galen handed Caroline her first taste of nitrogenated Teeccino, she had a Eu- reka moment. "I've tasted hundreds of herbal beverages during my 40 year career, but nothing prepared me for the transformation in flavor that nitrogen imparts in Teeccino," she said. "It is so rich and creamy, smooth and refreshing, you just want to guzzle it down!" Nitrogenation brings out Teeccino's natu- ral caramelized sweetness, enabling Dande- lion Nitro to be completely unsweetened. With the new flavor trend toward bitter as consumers move away from overly sweet- ened beverages, customers now appreciate the bitter notes from roasted dandelion and chicory roots just like they enjoy the bitter- ness of hops in beer. Beer, as everyone knows, contains barley, so with many people now avoiding gluten, Galen and Caroline decided to make Dande- lion Nitro certified gluten-free, so everyone can enjoy it. Of course, being naturally 100 percent al- cohol-free also makes it attractive to people who want a refreshing drink that fools every- one else into thinking they're drinking beer. Dandelion Nitro is perfect for anyone who chooses to be alcohol-free for one night or always. As Galen says, "Dandelion Nitro can be enjoyed whether you're the DD or a dozen drinks deep!" Capitalizing on the detox movement, Teeccino is serving Dandelion Nitro in ven- ues as diverse as nightclubs to natural food stores where functional beverages beneficial for the liver and the digestion are fully ap- preciated by both tea drinkers and alcohol imbibers alike. Packaged in five-gallon kegs for pouring on draft, the company plans on introducing Dandelion Nitro in single-serve containers later this year. Sales are currently concentrated in South- ern California but plans call for a roll out along the West coast during 2016. A pint of Dande- lion Nitro is priced on par with beer, Kom- bucha and nitro coffee on tap. Teeccino produces 18 flavors of herbal coffees and teas that are sold nationally in natural food and specialty grocery stores and retail- ers like Amazon. Packaged in 11-ounce bags of the all-purpose filter grind that brews like coffee and in 10-count boxes of tea-bags that steep like tea, the brand dominates the coffee alternative category with more than 50 per- cent market share. Taste Dandelion Nitro Dark Roast and Caramel Nut at booth #3978. For more in- formation, contact Galen MacDougall at galen@teeccino.com. Fermented Corner: Fermented Foods Category Grows in 2015 By Courtlandt Jennings, President and Founder of Pickled Planet 2015 saw another year of big growth in the fermented foods category, and Pickled Planet has been right along for the ride. As our little category is reaching a more mainstream audience with the likes of Dr. OZ and Dr. Mercola giving props, we find ourselves getting placements in some con- ventional channel retailers. This has been fun for us, as the marketing becomes more of the old "missionary" style preaching I came out of the gate with. Pickled Planet started in 2003, and when I was out in the stores back then, most shoppers even in the natural channel didn't know about the health benefits. With conventional shoppers and retail- ers picking up the fermented torch, what's happening in the natural channel? The sets are growing quickly as demand for diver- sity is driving buyers and merchandisers to make room for more and more SKUs. I've been in West coast stores recently and seen over 50 SKUs represented in a single set. Shoppers really want their choices and its nice to see the retailers are giving it to them. Kudos to you brave buyers! This is leading to a de-localizing phenomena in the fermented category and giving shop- pers the choice of what's best, not just what's local. Something else I've noticed is a little disturbing though, and it's cutting into the diversity. More brands are going to the "pouch," which takes significantly more room per SKU to merchandise. This wider packaging takes double the space of one of our old school narrow jars – something I've proudly stuck with to conserve space on the shelf, and maintain our quality and sustainability standards. Store level buyers at chains and some independents are not calculating velocity by the inch, but by the SKU, even though the wider package is taking double the space. I know this oversight may seem innocuous, but when a narrow SKU gets bumped because that facing is moving half the speed of a SKU in the wider package, the reality of the velocity per inch in the set is pretty equal. To be fair, a buyer should calculate the velocity by either halving the wide-angle SKU, or doubling the narrow one in comparisons. Then all the brands have a fair and equal playing field when discos are made. Retail science is very specific, as is real estate, that value is based on physical space. I doubt the own- ers of independent stores or re- gional/national merchandisers are overlooking the physical space each SKU takes when building schematics. I think this oversight really needs to be ad- dressed and store level buyers would do well by the brands to do so. When Pickled Planet can fit four SKUs in the same space as two SKUs in a "pouch," that really needs to be thought of before mak- ing disco decisions and velocity calcula- tions. Either way, if this packaging trend con- tinues, the fermented sets will become less diverse or bigger than is realistic, and right as the category is really getting in- teresting. For more information, visit www. pickledplanet.com or stop by booth #9318.

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