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NATURALLY HEALTHY www.gourmetnews.com n MARCH 2016 n GOURMET NEWS N H 5 2 Leading Producer of Organic Pasta Nominated for Two sofi Awards Felicetti Pasta Company, sofi Award finalists for Best Pasta 2014 and Best Organic Prod- uct of the Year, is the world's largest maker of 100 percent organic pasta. Felicetti Pasta Company, one of Italy's most respected green pasta companies, was given the supreme compliment of being commissioned by Italy's space program to develop pasta for Italian astronauts, which it achieved in coordination with a renowned Italian chef. This family-owned firm, founded in 1908, is located at the base of the magnificent Dolomite mountain range in northern-most Italy and its unique geographic position al- lows it to create pasta with clean stream water dried in pure unpolluted mountain air. Felicetti has recently introduced Monograno Felicetti, a line of ex- quisite artisan pastas made from some of the most unique whole grains from around the world, in- cluding kamut, farro and "Matt," a special strain of durum wheat. Riccardo Felicetti, Chief Executive Offi- cer of Felicetti Pasta, is also the President of the International Pasta Organization, a not- for-profit group dedicated to promoting pasta worldwide. Ideal for vegans, Felicetti pasta is fat-free, sugar-free and extremely low in sodium. It is also certified Non-GMO, USDA Certified Organic and Kosher. For more information, visit www.felicetti.it/en, contact Sales Manager Mr. Massimo Cannas, American Office, at 949-481-9273 or info@ maxcointernational.com. Crofter's Food Ltd.: Sustainable from Source to Spread Jam is a fairly uncomplicated product, but Crofter's Food Ltd. is doing its best with this simple fruit spread to make a difference for the planet and the food supply chain. Over the past 27 years, Crofter's has become one of the largest manufacturers of organic re- duced-sugar fruit spreads and preserves while also progressing as a sustainable busi- ness. Laying the Framework Crofter's has been aiming for organic, sus- tainable products since the family-owned food manufacturer started in 1989. When Co-Founder and President Gerhard Latka came to Parry Sound with his food process- ing and production knowledge from Ger- many, he realized the small northern Ontario town on the shores of Georgian Bay on Lake Huron was a great spot to start his organic business. The natural beauty is undeniable and something that is at the forefront of his mind in his mission to create a product with less environmental footprint than others in the category. Today, all of Crofter's products are certi- fied USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Ver- ified, gluten-free and BPA-free. "Most companies do 20 percent organic and the rest is conventional production — we're 100 per- cent organic output," Latka said. Latka says this is the result of years of hard work perfecting processing and manu- facturing, and also finding the right supplier partners. "It took time to perfect our systems; from the equipment and facility to the audit trail to provide traceability of ingredients that uphold this high level of integrity." For these reasons, Crofter's has partnered with organizations such as the Green Cane Project, which promotes sustainable sugar- cane production, from soil preparation, planting and pest con- trol to processing. The Green Cane Project sugar is also Rainforest Alliance certified and fair trade certified. "For the last decade, The Green Cane Proj- ect has been our primary organic sugar sup- plier," says Latka. "We're proud to use sugar from a source that's truly making a differ- ence." Ramping up Efficiency Crofter's continues the push for sustainabil- ity in the company's newest phase of expan- sion. "After two and a half years we're on track for completing and starting up our ad- ditional brand-new production plant in early 2016. It will nearly triple our current capac- ity, while incorporating some of the latest ad- vancements in sustainable manufacturing." says Latka. "We're doing everything we can to make this plant as efficient as possible from the boiler system to the manufacturing lines that use gravity, and heat recycling in the pasteurization process — there's a lot of thought going into every aspect of this facility." The plant design is cen- tered on efficiency and sustainability. "We're try- ing to reuse any of the en- ergy we put in while minimizing our environmental output," says Latka. "Our plant will be one of the first in the area to go to a zero wastewater output with an on-site treatment plant with a GE Osmonics mem- brane bioreactor specially designed for our facility." "By operating a sustainable business — one that can be sustained environmentally and by workers, consumers and a profitable bottom line — we can impact the world in many small but measurable ways," Latka said. For more information, visit www. croftersorganic.com , call 705.746.6301, email crofters@vianet.ca or stop by booth #3021. The Spice Hunter's New Line of Global Fusion Rubs Delivers Innovative Flavors After exhaustive research of evolving U.S. purchase habits and emerging flavors in the increasingly multicultural American food scene, The Spice Hunter is seizing the oppor- tunity by fusing global flavors into innova- tive and delicious combinations. Its global fusion rubs provide busy home cooks with a simple way to add great flavor and creativity to their meals whether they are cooking for one, a family or entertaining friends. As the demographic landscape of America changes, so do palates' flavor expectations. Smoky flavors, spicy and sweet pairings and bitter tastes of pickled foods are gaining in popularity. These trends serve as the inspira- tion for The Spice Hunter's blends. The fact that its products are sourced from all over the globe positions The Spice Hunter as a leader in flavor discovery. The new line is comprised of seven rubs that are inspired by different cuisines from around the world. Two of the flavors, Chipo- tle Cinnamon and Smoky Chile, are inspired by Mexican cuisine, which has seen a rise in popularity in recent years. Mild Sriracha and Coriander Lime draw their inspiration from the exotic flavors of Thailand. Smoky Turmeric and Tandoori are inspired by the warm aro- matic flavors of Indian cuisine. Finally, Spicy Garlic draws in- spiration from harissa, a popular North African condiment. The rubs are a natural fit for the upcoming grilling season, but The Spice Hunter has provided usage suggestions to educate consumers how to use these rubs year round. For example, the Mild Sriracha blend makes a delicious dip and the Chipotle Cinnamon pairs perfectly with roasted sweet potatoes. The rubs are rated by level of spici- ness and provide a nice range for adventurous and sensitive palates alike. Erin Hatcher, Mar- keting Director for The Spice Hunter, said, "We are confident that these flavors will entice con- sumers. Today's trends indicate that con- sumers are becoming more adventurous and are seeking out interesting and unique fla- vors. This line of global fusion rubs allows consumers to take a flavor journey and ex- perience something new and exotic." For more information, go to www. spicehunter.com or stop by booth #2890. Upstart Gourmet Pumpkin Seed Brand Becomes No. 1 in 2015 SuperSeedz ® , the gourmet pumpkin seed brand from Kathie's Kitchen, announced it became the No. 1 Premium Pumpkin Seed brand in 2015 and grew dollar volume 125 percent, faster than all other major pump- kin and sunflower seed brands in the food channel, according to Information Re- sources Inc.'s 52-week report ending Nov. 29, 2015. SuperSeedz experienced significant growth from securing new distribution and accelerated consumption. In addition to triple-digit growth, SuperSeedz was the re- cipient of the Most Innovative New Gour- met Product award and was featured in Good Housekeeping, New York Times, Runner's World, Prevention, Glamour, the Los Angeles Times, Family Circle, Good Morning America and more. "Consumers want more out of their snacks these days," says Founder Kathie Pelliccio. "They want simple, natural in- gredients. They want meaningful nutrition. They want protein. And most of all, they want their snacks to provide a superior fla- vor experience. We believe SuperSeedz de- livers on all of these characteristics, which is why SuperSeedz has continued to be suc- cessful." SuperSeedz was cooked by Kathie Pel- liccio, a mother of five, chef and en- trepreneur. Kathie was experimenting with dry-roasted pumpkin seeds as a tasty, healthy snack for her fam- ily. Years later, the business has grown from a small seedling into the No. 1 selling premium pumpkin seed brand in grocery stores nationwide. The brand was founded with one specific goal, encourage and em- power consumers to never snackrifice taste for nutrition. Currently available in nine mouthwatering flavors: Sea Salt, Super Spicy, Somewhat Spicy, Tomato Italiano, Curious Curry, Coco Joe, Cinnamon & Sugar, Really Naked and Maple Sugar & Sea Salt. SuperSeedz are dry-roasted in small batches without shells, using a pro- prietary, artisanal pan-roasting technique that bakes the seasoning into each seed. The result is an enhanced snacking experi- ence with unparalleled taste and a delight- fully addicting crunch. SuperSeedz are sold at grocery, health food and gourmet food retailers across the United States, including Whole Foods, Sprouts and Safeway, Inc. stores. They can also be purchased online at superseedz.com. For more information, visit the SuperSeedz booth #5650 at Expo West or contact its media representative, Mary Garrett, at 602.432.2010 for interviews, images and additional information.

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