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NATURALLY HEALTHY www.gourmetnews.com n MARCH 2016 n GOURMET NEWS N H 5 0 Ten Minutes to Homemade Pickles with Wind & Willow Wind & Willow has long been a leader in gour- met food mixes from cheeseballs, dips and soups to breads and desserts. In 2015, a new product line was born. Wind & Willow intro- duced the Farm Stand Pickle Mix line in Janu- ary of 2015. The idea that it could create its own homemade pickles in 10 minutes seemed pre- posterous. As soon as customers began trying them and found out that indeed the hype was true, it quickly gained a loyal following. As much as we'd all like to grow a huge garden and spend days canning, that just isn't in the time budget for most people. People can have a small urban garden or buy a few veggies at the farmer's market and still have the opportunity to make their own homemade pickles. Every mix comes in the jar you'll use, has directions as well as tips and ideas to make your own micro-batch of pickles unique, and also a blank label so you can put your name on your own unique creation. Directions: Simply stuff the jar (included) with veggies. Add mix to vinegar and water. Bring to a boil. Pour over veg- gies. Refrigerate. That's it! It's easy to create something to- tally unique every time by the veggies you choose and also by throwing in some fresh herbs from your garden. Wind & Willow received a flood of requests for the one thing in the line that was missing: a sweet pickle. Sweet Dreams has filled that void nicely, but it's definitely not just another sweet pickle. Yes, it has cane sugar, salt and spices as you would expect, but the end prod- uct is also subtly infused with laven- der, making an amazing new pickle customers are loving. Pickle Mixes with jar retail for $7.99 and refill bags with four mixes for $8.99. Flavors include Dill-icious (top seller), Fire & Spice, Secret Recipe, Rosemary Bell and new for 2016, Sweet Dreams Pickle Mix. For more information, go to www. windandwillow.com or call 888.427.3235. You can also find recipes and other information on Facebook and Pinterest. The Bone Broth Craze Hits the U.S. Each year a new product comes along that just makes good sense. "Why didn't I think of that?" people ask themselves. This year, the new "aha" product is by VitaClay. Michelle Liu, Engi- neer/Top Inventor/Chief Executive Officer at Essenergy, Inc. really hits the nail on the head with the new Crock n' Stock, a 6.5-quart smart and fast multi-cooker and stockpot. The thought of ditching the steaming stovetop cauldron when making bone broth or large portions brings a smile. This is a faster, easier, mess-free and notably more nutritious way to make a large batch of bone broth, chili, stew, healthy steam, nourishing jook, soup or yogurt. For large or extended families, co-op life and small restaurants that have gone green, this is a product that will be greatly appreciated. With doctors recommending bone broth, gluten-free grains, less salt, less sugar and fresh ingredients, it makes sense to use unglazed clay because it amplifies flavors and alkalizes foods, increasing the positive interactions between the nutrients. With technology and programmable settings, juices are sealed in and liquids inte- grate, keeping your kitchen cleaner and invest- ing all the flavor molecules back into your food. Meats become succulent, perfectly tender and juicy. Meals are satisfying without added salt or sugar. Rice, grains and beans are perfectly ten- der and fish or vegetables are easy to steam for high nutrition and flavor without frying. The new Smart Multi Crock n' Stock pot fea- tures Fast Cook (and Steam), Slow Cook, Congee with an auto start timer and auto Warm, Yogurt, and Cooking Timer can be set up to 10 hours. The low temperature yogurt maker and grain germinator was a big hit last season. People want to quit using plas- tic yogurt containers and save money for large batch, and use their own healthy ingredients when making yogurt. Bone broth is making a comeback. It's so good for you but has been a time consuming and messy endeavor to make, says Liu, a fan of author Sally Fallon, who just published "Nourishing Broth," a companion book to her bestseller "Nourishing Traditions." "Sally has been leading the current bone broth revolution," says Liu, reigniting the pub- lic's interest in this ancient tradition and sharing a wealth of information with people on the heal- ing potential of broths, soups and stews. With VitaClay Chef, you can make 24-hour bone broth for all your health needs in 10 hours. This break- through allows more people to cook the foods that are better for you, but took too much time for their busy lives. Liu, al- ways the scientist, says the biggest secret is not how the ancients used unglazed clay, but why they choose it — for its synergistic properties. Clay is infrared, paramagnetic and alkalizing, interacting positively with the foods. It is this synergy between all the natural elements that she feels is the secret of to good health and longevity. To learn more about VitaClay, call 408.621.6187 or go to www. vitaclaychef.com. Milkmakers Lactation Cookies & Lactation Teas Support Breastfeeding Moms While increasing numbers of new mothers begin their journey into motherhood breastfeed- ing, more than 30 percent stop before six months and nearly 50 percent abandon breast- feeding completely before one year. Research has shown that nearly half of moms stop breast- feeding before they want to because of insuffi- cient milk supply. Milkmakers Lactation Cookies – as well as a brand new line of Lacta- tion Teas – offer mom's delicious lactation sup- port that are a sweet solution for her busy, breastfeeding life. Today's new mom thinks organic and natu- ral. She prefers real foods and healthy snacks. She breastfeeds because she knows it is best for her baby. She's busy taking care of everyone in her life but may forget to take care of herself, leaving herself vulnerable to milk supply issues. "Breastfeeding can be challenging," said Emily Kane, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Milkmakers. "Our Milkmakers Lactation Cookies and our new Milkmakers Lactation Teas offer something to make life easier for mom at a very important time in her life and her baby's life." The new Milkmakers Lactation Teas contain key ingredients that help to boost milk produc- tion, and are available in two flavors: original and coconut. Likewise, Milkmakers Lactation Cookies contain natural key ingredients that help boost breast milk supply. Oats, brewer's yeast and flax seed – traditional remedies used to support breastfeeding moms – are baked into every cookie, along with a custom blend of vi- tamins and minerals that will help moms re- plenish, revitalize and rebalance. Kane actually created Milkmakers because she needed them. After the birth of her first daughter, she returned to work and found her- self in a new situation: trying to manage work life, home life and fitting in the time to pump during an already busy day. As her milk supply decreased, she worried she wouldn't be able to provide enough milk for her baby. A lactation consultant suggested lactation cookies and to her surprise, she saw an immediate boost in her milk production. A skilled baker, Kane experi- mented with recipes until she developed one that was absolutely delicious. She then went on to start Milkmakers because she realized the powerful support that lactation cookies could provide for breastfeeding moms. The first line of Milkmakers Lactation Cook- ies became an instant success online and within a few years, was in mommy boutiques, hospi- tals and birthing centers across the United States. Today, Milkmakers products can be found in major retail stores, including Babies "R" Us, Buy Buy Baby, Whole Foods, Central Market, Wegmans and Sprouts. Milkmakers Lactation Cookies are sold by the bag as well as in grab- and-go bakery boxes and are available in three de- licious flavors: Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin and Lemon Zest. The Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Raisin are also available in a traditional baking mix as well as a gluten-free baking mix. Milkmakers has a finger on the pulse of today's breastfeeding mom and supports her during a precious time of life when mom gets to nourish and bond with baby. "It's hard to jug- gle work, kids and everything else that life throws at you," said Kane. "My hope is that Milkmakers will make mom's lives more fun and convenient – and less stressful." For more information, go to milkmakers.com or stop by booth #3566. The Spice Hunter Entices Cooking Schools with the Culinary Program The Spice Hunter provides flavorful spices, herbs and blends to consumers looking to create delicious meals. But sometimes novice home cooks are overwhelmed by the myriad of possibilities when it comes to choosing a spice, herb or blend. Alterna- tively, experienced cooks can get in a recipe rut and are driven to seek out new and interesting flavors and recipes. The Spice Hunter designed the Culinary Educa- tion Program (CEP) with these consumers in mind to aid cooking schools across the country. The CEP was created especially for food professionals who expose others to new and creative adventures in food. The intention with the CEP is to provide exist- ing Spice Hunter customers who offer cooking classes with the same high quality herbs and spices they already know and use while making it easier for them to explore and share some new culinary possibilities with their students. Participation in the Culinary Education Pro- gram is simple. Partici- pants are asked to submit the Culinary Education Program registration form. After review of their registration, The Spice Hunter sends them a classic assortment of 15 full-sized jars of herbs and spices to use in their classes. From then on, each month that the cooking school orders $200 or more of The Spice Hunter products, they receive a free full-size 6-pack of a spice or herb of their choice as well as a full-size 6-pack of "The Spice of the Month." A CEP newsletter is also sent to them with information and recipes to accompany the spice of the month. Additionally, whenever The Spice Hunter introduces a new spice, herb or blend, CEP participants receive an intro- ductory 6-pack with their next qualifying order so they can begin to explore the pos- sibilities of the new product. By encourag- ing cooking schools to share information about cooking with spices and herbs, The Spice Hunter hopes to make cooking classes even more enjoyable and informa- tive. If you are interested in signing up for the Culinary Education Program with The Spice Hunter, contact Laura Ferber at lfer- ber@cfsauer.com.

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