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NATURALLY HEALTHY www.gourmetnews.com n MARCH 2016 n GOURMET NEWS N H 4 8 Suzie's Offers Shelf Stable Non-Dairy 'Horchata' or Tigernut Beverage Good Groceries Company, under its popular Suzie's Brand, continues to launch category- changing healthy products while improving its healthy natural staples. Good Groceries is proud to provide unique and delicious prod- ucts that are also healthy and nutrient-rich. Suzie's non-dairy shelf stable, gluten-free, vegan, dairy/lactose-free milk beverage al- ternatives are perfect by themselves, with ce- real or can be substituted anywhere you use conventional milk. First up, it has its three quinoa varieties – made with pure quinoa – not blended with other grains, so you get the pure, sweet, nutty taste of quinoa and all its amazing health benefits. Available in three flavors: Unsweetened Original, Unsweet- ened Vanilla and Vanilla Sweetened. New for 2016, it has launched "Horchata," or Tiger- nut Milk. Tigernuts provided paleo man with 80 percent of the protein in his diet; and Suzie's has captured that for you in a deli- cious creamy gluten-free, dairy-free and nut- free beverage. All of Suzie's non-dairy shelf stable beverages are made without GMOs. Looking to fit all the benefits of quinoa at mealtime into your busy lifestyle? Leave it to Suzie's Brand to once again provide the solution. It has recently launched its shelf stable ready-to- eat quinoa meals in four delicious flavor profiles: Olive Oil, Asian, Tex Mex and In- dian Spice. They are healthy and delicious and warm in the microwave in 60 seconds. Suzie's RTE quinoa meals are a perfect side dish for two or meal replacement for one. At the office, away at college, on the go or any time, Suzie's RTE provides a wel- come alternative to lunch, dinner or as a sat- isfying and healthy snack. Suzie's Thin Cakes continue to be the leader of the pack, now with a bold new look highlighting its non-GMO status, Whole Grain Council and low calories per serving. These puffed grain cakes are thin enough to be used as a bread substitute, perfect with your fa- vorite topping or simply deli- cious by themselves as a favorite snack. Now available in seven mouthwatering flavor profiles, as Buckwheat has joined the family. Suzies' RTE quinoa meals, thin cakes, non-dairy beverages and other quality, healthy natural foods are available at fine grocery stores throughout the United States and Canada. For more information about Suzie's products, visit booth #3192, go to www.good-groceries.com, email info@good- groceries.com or call 718.768.0821. Paesana Sauces and Condiments: Good For Your Customers, Good for Business According to the United States Department of Agriculture, sales of organic foods in the U.S. increased from $11 billion in 2004 to $27 billion in 2012. The U.S.D.A. also re- ported that the 7.4 percent growth rate in or- ganic food sales during 2012 was more than double the annual growth rate for all food sales that year. Furthermore, the Organic Trade Association states that the trend is ex- panding as Americans are continuing to widen their demand for organic foods – with sales of organic products in the U.S. increas- ing to $35.1 billion in 2013. The consumer appetite for healthier choices is growing considerably and rapidly. However that doesn't mean today's shoppers are willing to give up taste. A simple "or- ganic" label is no longer enough to convert or retain the loyalty of food buyers and chefs who demand noticeably fresher taste, as well. L&S Packing Company, a family owned business, has introduced its line of premium quality Paesana Organic Pasta Sauces and New Premium Organic Condi- ments to meet that doubled-up demand. "Our premium organic pasta sauces are rich in nutrients and are made with the fresh- est ingredients without additives," said Jacqueline Scaramelli-Massaro, L&S Vice President. "They're also sautéed to perfec- tion just like all our other sauces to capture the finest and fullest flavor." The line is being touted as just as flavorful as the delicious sauces the family's great- grandmother proudly and lovingly made in her kitchen way back in 1902. "Seeking organic brands on store shelves has become a top priority for millions and millions of con- sumers, particu- larly moms who are reading nutrition labels more carefully than ever to as- sure that their families are eat- ing foods that are good for them," said Scaramelli-Mas- saro, a mother who knows firsthand that nu- tritional choices are important but also that those choices need to provide superior taste. Paesana Premium Organic Pasta Sauces are available in five flavors, including Tomato & Basil, Tuscan Pepper, Marinara, Vodka Sauce and Roasted Garlic. All flavors are made with 100 percent imported Italian tomatoes selected at their height of freshness. Paesana Premium Organic Condiments cur- rently feature Marinated Mushrooms, Porto- bello Mushrooms and Non Pareil Capers. The new lines of sauces and condiments are also organically certified by QAI and are gluten-free. As is the case with all products from L&S Packing Company, Paesana Premium Or- ganic Pasta Sauces and Condiments have un- dergone highly rigorous quality control processes and have also been taste-tested through every phase of product develop- ment. "The depth and breadth of our com- mitment to quality and our dedication to unmatched flavor have defined our family and our company for generations," said L&S President Louis Scaramelli, IV. "We're ex- cited to say that our organic pasta sauces have exceeded our own highly stringent cri- teria and demanding expectations for health- ier ingredients combined with incredible taste, and we're certain these top quality sauces will be extremely popular with today's continuously growing numbers of health-conscious consumers." For more information, call 631.845.1717 or stop by booth #5845. Sustainable Family Farming, Local Products, Natural Ingredients Columbia Valley Family Farms Inc., producer of Foster's pickled asparagus and pickled green beans, is located in the heart of the Columbia Basin in Washington State. Owners Kevin Fil- brun and Bryan Lynch have a passion for agri- culture and are family-oriented brothers who have been farming for almost three decades. They are active in the local community through coaching youth sporting teams, volunteering in community service, donating time, talent and resources to charities and providing support for youth missions. Their success can be attributed to operating with integrity and implementing sustainable farming programs. These definitive traits have brought a long line of farming to an eager fourth generation who are now learning what it means to bring a quality product to the marketplace. Through the careful implementation of inten- tional steps, it provides the excellence its cus- tomers have come to expect over the last 30 years. The hand harvested asparagus is pre- cisely cut daily and immediately shipped from our fields to the fresh packing lines or to the pro- cessing plant for pickling. With the processing plants a mere 10 miles from the asparagus fields, Foster's guarantees a fresh prod- uct going into processing and ultimately on to the consumer. "Growing the raw product in our own fields gives us an advantage: The con- sumer can buy our asparagus and/or green beans knowing that it's been processed fresh or placed into the jar for pickling within 24 hours," said Kevin Filbrun, President and Chief Executive Officer. A saying we have all heard a thousand times is "The customer is always right." Columbia Valley Family Farms takes the opinions of its customers to heart. The company has been ask- ing for a new look, and it aims to please. It is excited to have rolled out a new, "classier" label in 2015. Columbia Valley Family Farms is proud of its new label design, which still has the Foster's brand recognition but now al- lows the customer to view the product through the label. The feedback from the United States and Canada has been overwhelmingly positive; customers and vendors alike have expressed their delight in the new label design. Foster's Pickled Products are built on excellence, tradition and sustain- ability. Its asparagus and green beans are 100 percent natural, providing you with exceptional quality and a crisp, tangy taste. From its family farm in Eastern Washington to your home, it in- sists on quality every step of the way. Fosters Pickled Products are packed with years of ex- perience and sealed with a vision for the future. For more information, stop by booth #H821. Frontier Soups Introduces Pacific Rim Gingered Carrot Soup It's a happy coincidence that one of the best dishes for the healthy lifestyle that is on many people's mind this time of year also happens to top the list of what consumers crave the most when winter keeps hanging on. That dish is soup, and now is the time retailers can help their customers find options to achieve their healthy resolutions and boost their own sales in the process. Studies showing soup's effectiveness in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight date back to the 1980s. Today's consumers, from seniors to millennials, also are viewing soup as a delicious vehicle for upping the nutri- tional content of their meals, according to Trisha Anderson, Founder of Frontier Soups, which produces dry mixes with no salt, artificial ingre- dients or MSG. The company also requires all suppliers to provide ingredients that are not ge- netically engineered. "We've seen very solid sales growth for our soup mixes led by dual consumer desires for both satisfying and famil- iar comfort foods and a taste for the new and exciting," Anderson said. This duality can be seen in the company's top selling soups. South of the Border Tortilla Soup leads the quick-cooking Homemade-In-Min- utes line, reflecting an ongoing taste for culinary adventure that began with Southwestern flavors and has expanded to encompass more Asian and Middle Eastern influences, said Anderson. Reflecting consumers' desire to add more plant- based and nutrient-dense foods to their diets, Frontier Soups has seen mixes like West Coast Kale and Quinoa Vegetable Soup rise quickly to top-selling status. "We expect the same thing with our new Pacific Rim Gingered Carrot Soup," Anderson said, "which not only incorpo- rates 'exotic' flavor pro- files, but is made with coconut milk, which consumers want to incor- porate into their diets." Additional information is available at www.frontiersoups.com or by calling 800.300.SOUP (7687).

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