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NATURALLY HEALTHY www.gourmetnews.com n MARCH 2016 n GOURMET NEWS N H 3 6 Best-Selling Bone Suckin' Sauce Debuting New Label for Habañero Sauce Bone Suckin' ® Hiccuppin' Hot Habañero Sauce is stealing the spotlight this year with its delicious flavor and new look. Mother Nature's most flavorful hot pepper, the habañero, is added to Hot Bone Suckin' Sauce. It's so breathtakingly hot, you may hiccup! Spice up wings, soups and all foods. It's Hiccuppin' Hot. Finally, a hot with flavor. Winner of the Fiery Food Chal- lenge for Best Hot Sauce in the USA, it is all-natural, gluten-free, paleo friendly and non-GMO. Buy now at bonesuckin.com or use the store locator and pick some up lo- cally. If you're at Expo West, stop by the Bone Suckin' Sauce booth #5658 and see if you can handle the heat. And that's not all that's new. If you've been following Bone Suckin' Sauce on so- cial media, then you know they've been hard at work releasing new recipe videos. Each demonstration is 16 seconds long. Now, that's what we call a quick and easy dinner. Head on over to bonesuckin.com to find out how to make their signature ribs, meatballs, chicken and other crowd pleasers. The Bone Suckin' products are gluten-free, all natural, kosher, con- tain no high-fructose corn syrup, no canola oil, no added MSG and is non-GMO. The whole Suckin' product line is non-GMO with the ex- ception of its mustards and steak sauce and they're working on those now. Ford's Gourmet Foods is a fourth generation business located at the N.C. State Farmers Market. Ford's creates and distributes some of the world's greatest tasting all natural, gluten-free foods, in- cluding Wine Nuts ® , Fire Dancer ® , Earth Family ® Foods, Southern Yum ® and the in- ternationally acclaimed Bone Suckin' Sauces — the only barbecue sauces rated No. 1 by Newsweek, A+ by Health Maga- zine, Food & Wine and many others. So fire up the grill with your family and friends. The whole neighborhood will be wondering how you got that Bone Suckin' flavor. Check out the store locator at bone- suckin.com to find it in a store near you. There you can also find the history, brands, products, events, recipes and recipe demos. Keep up with Bone Suckin' Sauce on Face- book, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. For more information, visit www. bonesuckin.com, call 919.833.7647, email sales@bonesuckin.com or stop by booth #5658. Green Mountain Gringo Salsa and Tortilla Strips In 1989, Christine and Dave Hume pro- duced the first jar of Green Mountain Gringo ® Salsa in the kitchen of their Chester, Vermont farm. It was created using fresh ingredients, chopped by hand, cooked with care and ladled into jars. Today, they start with the freshest of veg- etables that are picked at the peak of ripeness, and as a result, they continue to produce the freshest jarred salsa on the market. TW Garner Food Company's Green Mountain Gringo Salsa is prepared from ripe tomatoes, onions, tomatillos and jalapeños, as well as pasilla peppers, apple cider vinegar, cilantro, parsley, garlic, sea salt and spices. Green Mountain Gringo uses high-quality, all-natural ingredients so consumers save the extra time and money needed to make salsa from scratch. Green Mountain Gringo Salsa was se- lected as America's "Best Tasting Salsa" in May 2013 by epicurious.com, one of the country's most respected culinary electronic publications. With an increasing awareness of health and nutrition issues, salsas have risen in popularity because they are low in choles- terol, fat and calories, and because they provide a great way to add depth and fla- vor to any dish or just that extra zip to a sauce. Green Mountain Gringo has no trans fats, no preserva- tives and is Non- GMO Project Verified, meaning that it has been inde- pendently tested and verified to demon- strate best practices for avoidance of genetically modified ingredients by The Non-GMO Project. All of its products are lower in salt than similar products as well. Green Mountain Gringo also offers the perfect complement to salsa – its consis- tently high-quality tortilla strips. Pairing Green Mountain Gringo Tortilla Strips with Green Mountain Gringo Salsa on the shelf is a great way to increase brand recognition, which can lead to more sales. Green Mountain Gringo salsas are available in five varieties: Hot, Medium, Mild, Roasted Chile and Roasted Garlic. Its tortilla strips come in Original, Blue Corn and White Corn varieties. Green Mountain Gringo salsas and tortilla strips are sold in natural, health and specialty food stores, as well as in grocery stores and on the company website at www.greenmountaingringo.com. Green Mountain Gringo is part of the TW Garner Food Company, a family- owned business in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, that has been committed to pro- ducing quality products since 1929. For more information, visit www. greenmountaingringo.com or stop by booth #4066. Hatch Chile's Enchilada Sauces Driving Category Growth Retail sales of Hatch branded enchilada sauces increased more than 20 percent in 2015, and as a result, Hatch brand has been a category leader in sales growth. Hatch sales growth has been driven by a record number of new item placements in major supermar- ket and specialty grocery retailers across the country. Hatch Chile Company's premium-quality enchilada sauces are full of fresh, authentic flavor — never watered-down and contain no unnatural ingredients. All of the Hatch en- chilada sauces are vegetarian and certified g l u t e n - f r e e . Hatch's green enchilada sauces are produced with fire-roasted New Mexican green chile peppers, and are also Non-GMO Project Verified. In addition to enchilada sauces, Hatch Chile Company also markets pre- mium quality green chile and jalapeo peppers, salsas, taco sauce and other tomato-based products. Hatch products are available in su- permarkets and natural and spe- cialty grocery retailers across the United States. For more information, visit www. hatchchileco.com or stop by booth #5637. Honey Stinger Provides Great Tasting Energy Foods Made with Honey In 1954, beekeeper Ralph Gamber and his wife Luella created the EN-R-G Bar as a healthy snack alternative to candy bars – "EN" for energy, "R" for Ralph, and "G" for Gamber. Around the same time, they also introduced two-ounce packets of honey for a quick boost of energy with the words "quick energy" on each packet. While Ralph and Luella were onto some- thing with honey, the market was not quite ready for energy foods at that time. Fifty years later, Ralph and Luella's son and grandson, Bill and Bill Jr., re-estab- lished EN-R-G Foods, Inc. as "Honey Stinger" in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Bill Jr. had participated in triathlons for many years and witnessed firsthand the growth of the energy bar and gel category, but he knew that honey was an ingredient that not only tasted great, but worked in training and competition. Joining them in the creation of the new brand were food industry veteran Bob Stahl and third gen- eration bee keeper John Miller. Honey Stinger was founded with one simple goal in mind: provide great tasting energy foods made with natural ingredients and most importantly – honey. Why honey? More than just a popular natural sweetener, honey has a vast array of health benefits that date back 3,000 years to the Ancient Egyptian tombs. Rich in carbohydrates and lower on the glycemic index scale, honey is an ideal fuel for athletes to use before, during and after exercise. When eaten before activity, honey is released into the system at a steady rate throughout the ac- tivity as muscle fuel for exercising mus- cles. When eaten dur- ing exercise, honey helps muscles stay nourished longer while delaying fatigue – an effective alternative to highly-refined sugars found in other sports drinks and bars. Research also shows that ingesting a combination of carbohydrates such as honey and protein immediately following exercise refuels and decreases muscle soreness. As an added bonus, the honey makes Honey Stinger's products taste great. Made with True Source™ Certified honey, Honey Stinger products include Organic Stinger Waffles, Organic Energy Chews, Organic and Classic Energy Gels, 10g Protein Bars, Energy Bars, Organic Wildflower Honey, Kids' Organic Waffle Multipacks, Kids' Organic Chew Multi- packs and new Gluten Free Organic Stinger Waffles Plant-based Protein Chews and low- sugar snack bars. While Bill Gamber Jr. may not race competitively any longer, he and the staff of Honey Stinger are still ac- tive. The company's culture is one that takes the work hard, play hard mantra to heart and its location in the mountains of Colorado couldn't be more ideal for prod- uct testing. From lunchtime road bike rides to trail runs and company campouts, to skiing deep powder on the weekends, Honey Stinger tests its products in the field and its growing base of active con- sumers is helping grow sales rapidly. For more information, visit www. honeystinger.com, call 866.464.6639, email buzz@honeystinger.com or stop by booth #3981.

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