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Naturally Healthy spring 2016

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NATURALLY HEALTHY Ever Tried Tea in Your Coffee? Every time you drink tea or coffee, it's an opportunity to nourish your body. Javazen has created a new product cat- egory by combining organic ground coffee with loose teas and superfoods. The result is a brew that is delicious and good for you too. Javazen has three blends: Boost is naturally packed with caffeine and an- tioxidants. It gets you going in the morning and will keep you going all day without crashing. The Balance Original Blend consists of coffee, green tea and cacao. And at the end of the day unwind with Javazen Relax, made of decaf coffee, sweet goji berries and rooi- bos tea. Javazen is non- GMO, gluten- free, vegan, USDA-certified organic and certi- fied kosher. All blends are pre-ground and brew ready. Best when used with a French press or regular coffee maker. Sold in 15-serving 9-ounce bags. For further information, visit booth #9627 during Natural Products Expo East. After the show, visit www.drinkjavazen.com. What Is World of Chia? By Fernando Ramirez, Natural Prod- ucts Entrepreneur Why did we make this product? If you go to a store, whether it is nat- ural, organic, conventional, club or any type of food retail outlet, you will probably skip the jams and jellies sec- tion. If you really love sweets, then you may stop by, but still feeling guilty, you will grab the same sugary and junk products, mostly made with high fructose corn syrup, or if on a diet, perhaps the ones made with su- cralose or artificial sweeteners. That is just the way it has been for the last decades: no real food options out there; even less, healthy ones. So, the revolution we have seen in milks, where dairy has lost terrain to soy- bean, almond, coconut and all types of milks, or in the breads, where gluten has lost to gluten-free products, or sugary junk cereals loosing space to healthier alternatives, such as ancient grains, whole grains or low sugar ce- reals and granolas, has not been seen in the jams and jellies, until now. We decided it was time to bring a health- ier option and change the curve. The Basis of Our Concept The basis of our concept is that we make the fruit spread using natural and healthy chia seeds instead of in- dustrially made pectin. Is there any- thing wrong with pectin? Well, no, but the pectin used in jams is not natural, and our bodies are just not made to eat ar- tificial things. We decided to use a cre- ative and innovative way to make a fruit spread, using a natural process of a beau- tiful seed: the chia seed. Chia seeds have a thin film made of mu- cilage. It is a substance that reacts natu- rally with water, and thickens by absorbing it. We use that natural property of the chia seed to make our fruit spread. The juice of the fruit actually becomes the gel that makes the jam. Doing it this way, we do not need pectin. Instead, the jam is made with the chia seed. Healthy chia seeds, full of Omega 3, fiber and protein, is a better alternative than industrially made pectin. As simple as that, but not only that. Chia seeds have a particular at- tribute, and it is that they help our metab- olism to slowly release sugars into our bloodstream, or slowly convert carbohy- drates into glucose, therefore avoiding the common sugar spike that our body expe- riences when eating sugars. Chia seeds go very well with sugars, so it is a perfect combination. Finally, the gel that helps us make the fruit spread is the same gel you find in aloe vera, mucilage. We end up with a beautiful and healthier product, and not only that, but delicious too. In addition, our Premium line (sweet- ened with organic agave nectar), gives us a low glycemic index, low calories and sugars (30 calories and five grams of sugar per serving of 18 grams). For more information, visit www. worldofchia.com or stop by booth #9002. 2 8

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