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NATURALLY HEALTHY www.gourmetnews.com n MARCH 2016 n GOURMET NEWS N H 1 2 4 attract the attention of young children, Char- lie's Soap is wrapped in a cellulose paper that completely dissolves in any washing machine. All of Charlie's Soap laundry products are Earth friendly and made with a long-standing commitment to quality. All of its products are biodegradable, hypoallergenic and made in the USA. There are no fragrances or other additives that can put harsh residues in fab- rics. In the final rinse, Charlie's Soap leaves nothing behind but the sweet smell of clean. As a family owned and operated company, Charlie's Soap makes a full line of laundry products and household cleaners. The Laun- dry Powder is well known for deep cleaning fabrics without harsh chemicals. The Laun- dry Liquid offers the same environmentally safe deep clean in a convenient liquid form. In response to customers' requests, the family has added a Laundry Booster, Oxy- gen Bleach and effective Pre-Spray. In addi- tion to the laundry line, Charlie's offers a powerful Indoor/Outdoor Surface Cleaner to be used for the toughest messes and a con- venient spray-on, wipe-off Kitchen & Bath Cleaner for daily household chores. Charlie's Soap products were first formu- lated for the textile industry. A need arose for a high-power cleaner that workers could use to clean greasy machinery without requiring the use of gloves or other safety equipment. Through careful chemistry, the original Charlie's Soap was created. It was so popular with the folks using it at work that the com- panies found their stocks diminishing as em- ployees helped themselves to it for use at home. With that, Charlie's Soap as a com- pany was born. Charlie's Soap is based in Mayodan, North Carolina. All manufacturing takes place under the careful eye of the family to ensure quality and efficacy are maintained without fail. For more information, product information and all documentation, visit www. charliesoap.com. The staff is available by telephone at 800.854.3541. Stop by booth #5021 at the show to learn more. Charlie's Soap (Cont'd. from p. 1) oil, palm oil is fruit oil. Palm oil should not be mistaken for palm kernel oil, which is ex- tracted from the kernel or seed of the palm fruit. Therefore, the oil palm fruit is unique. From the fruit, two distinct types of oils are produced: palm oil and palm kernel oil. Both are edible oils, but with very different chem- ical composition, physical properties and ap- plications. Each palm fruit produces about 90 percent palm oil and 10 percent palm ker- nel oil. Palm oil has a balanced composition of both saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. Coupled with nature's gift of high vitamin E content, the oil is naturally very stable. Palm oil contains an equal proportion of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. It's par- ticularly rich in the saturated palmitic acid (44 percent), with substantial amounts of the monounsaturated oleic acid (40 percent) and smaller amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids (10 percent). Palm oil has had a history of food use for more than 5,000 years in more than 130 countries worldwide. GN: What food products contain palm oil? HH: Palm oil's semi-solid properties make it a favorite ingredient among the food processors. From palm oil you can have un- limited oil fractions for use of any kind of food applications. The oil could be incorpo- rated into a wide variety of food products, which include cooking oils, margarines, noo- dles, shortenings, vegetable ghee, bakery products, chocolates, hot beverages, coffee creamers and ice cream. Due to its excellent stability, it is the No. 1 choice in the world as frying oil for foods such as instant noodles, French fries, potato crisps, doughnuts and fried meats and snacks. The natural solid nature of palm stearin make it most ideal for formulating solid fats such as vanaspati, margarine, shortenings and other bakery fats. More importantly, these palm fats are not hydrogenated and therefore are trans-fatty acids free. GN: Is palm oil a trans fat? Will palm oil consumption raise my blood cholesterol level? HH: No. Palm oil's natural semi-solid prop- erties and the versatility of blending with its solid fraction, palm stearin, make hydro- genation of palm oil unnecessary. Therefore, food products containing palm oil as its sole or main ingredient are essentially trans-free. A re-examination of the data of some early published western studies that included palm oil showed that when palm oil replace the ha- bitual fats of Western diets, blood cholesterol levels in the subjects did not go up, but in- stead were reduced from seven percent to 38 percent. GN: What's so special about red palm oil? HH: Red palm oil (RPO) is the only com- mercially available oil that contains substan- tial amounts of the natural plant pigments called 'carotenoids' (about 550 µg/g), as well as vitamin E (600 µg/g) comprising both to- cotrienols (65 percents) and alpha-toco- pherol (35 percent). Some of the carotenoids in RPO are con- verted to vitamins A in our body; the rest of the carotenoids, together with vitamin E (particularly tocotrienols), are reported to play a vital role in advanced nutrition-boost- ing the immune system, scavenging damag- ing reactive oxygen species in our body and are involved in complex mechanisms which have evolved to protect the body from chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancers of the breast and skin. For more information, visit mpoc.org.my or stop by booth #1431. Malaysian Palm Oil (Cont'd. from p. 1) for food in cups and learn why preparing and enjoying meals "on-the-go" is as easy as ever. Breakfast in a Cup The most important meal of the day is get- ting healthier and easier to take with you. From schools to supermarkets, hot cereal, ready-to-eat-cereal and granola are becom- ing more conveniently available in cups. In supermarket freezer sections, you may find foods ranging from steel-cut oatmeal to scrambled egg breakfast bowls. Breakfast in a cup can be ready in a flash, with no dishes to wash. Health-Minded Options in a Cup Consumers are hungry for information and variety when it comes to nutritious food options and specific dietary needs. You'll find meals, snacks and baking mixes spe- cially made and labeled to meet specific re- quirements such as all natural, organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, high-fiber, high-protein, gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, diabetes-friendly and Kosher — now that's a healthy mouthful. Wide Variety of Flavorful Meals in a Cup Meals in a cup go beyond "just add hot water" to make instant noodle soup. The variety includes hearty soups, seasoned rice, macaroni and cheese, vegetable chili, steak fajita, beans and lentils, and gourmet pasta with super grains. Many of these fa- vorites are available in microwavable pa- perboard cups or in wrapped cups in the store aisles or freezer section. Variety is the spice of life! Cups with Eye-catching Graphics and Shelf Appeal Skillful graphic designers familiar with pack- aging, food photography and cup printing and manufacturing are creating sharp graphics with optimum shelf and visual appeal. A well de- signed package communicates all the necessary information and branding with the eye-catching graphics than can influence a consumer's buy- ing decisions. Additionally, infographics can en- hance consumer's experience, as the cup is often held and read while the contents are en- joyed. Cups with Lids A lid, crowning the top of a cup, can give a product a premium look and feel. Lids can be a resealable closure, aid in food preparation, dis- tinguish a brand and enhance shelf appeal. Sometimes identical lid graphics are used across a product line for uniformity, and other times lids with unique rim colors differentiate indi- vidual flavors. With so many healthy and tasty foods in cups available, a quick, easy and satisfying meal con- veniently held in the palm of your hand is some- thing to smile about — happiness in a cup. Interpress Technologies is a food packaging leader in formed paperboard containers, wrapped cups, printed sidewalls and folding cartons with high impact graphics. Interpress has three locations producing packaging "Made in USA" with SFI, FSC and PEFC certified sus- tainable paperboard. InterPac Technologies, a sister company, is a certified organic co-pack facility and fills cups, oils (coconut, olive, flax), bags and pouches. For more information, stop by booth #788 at Expo West or contact Interpress Technologies at 800.929.9771, inquiry@iptec.com, or www.interpresstechonologies.com. Interpress Technologies (Cont'd. from p. 1) seasoning solution for stores of all sizes. Spicely Organics has propelled itself into the marketplace as a top performing organic spice brand. The top sellers are sold in four package sizes, including the ecoBox, glass jar, reusable tin and one-pound container. The Spicely Organics Collection is 100 percent certified organic, certified gluten-free, Non- GMO Project Verified, kosher, vegan, fair trade and allergen-free. According to a leading national organic re- tailer, "The beauty of Spicely is the size; it comes in a small enough package that cus- tomers can try it out with a new recipe before they make a decision about the spice in gen- eral, or buy just enough (cloves, for example) to make a holiday meal and not have a huge jar sitting on your shelf going flavorless until next year. An extra bonus for us is that the small boxed spices take up less room on the shelf so we can offer more variety." Your grocery department will be able to say, "Yes, we have it and it's organic!" Instead of saying, "No, I am sorry, we do not carry that item." The Spicely Organics High-Performer Pro- gram is now available "from coast to coast." With over 325 items and minimal shelf- space, your grocery store will have the "go- to" spice display. Contact Spicely to bring in the line to your store. For more information, visit www.spicely.com, email sales@spicely.com or call 510.962. 8072. Join Spicely to experience and see the collection and display of your choice at Nat- ural Products Expo West booth #3000. Spicely Organics (Cont'd. from p. 1) The new Jennies has arrived, offering raw, all natural, gluten-free, non-GMO, dairy-free, vegan and organic products made in a nut-free facility and available in fully visible, fresh bakery packaging. The Jennies name comes from the original founder, Arnold Badner. His daughter's name is Jennie and she loved the coconut maca- roons that her dad made for special occasions. The company sold its original factory in Brooklyn, New York during the height of the real estate explosion and moved to a state-of- the-art facility in the beautiful Pocono Moun- tains of Pennsylvania, joining forces with the former owner of such iconic chocolate brands as Barricini Chocolates, Chateau Brand Chocolate and Holiday Brand Chocolate. The Jennies staff has been with the com- pany since it started baking in Pennsylvania and is the key factor in why the Jennies Baked Macaroons and Raw Organic Bars are consis- tent, and excellent in taste, appearance and quality. Jennies customers include market basket stores, Costco, UNFI, Kehe, Haddon House, A&L Foods, Davidson Gourmet as well as other fine distributors. For more information, stop by booth #2714 or visit www.macaroonking.com. Jennies (Cont'd. from p. 1)

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