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NATURALLY HEALTHY GOURMET NEWS n MARCH 2016 n www.gourmetnews.com N H 1 2 1 expertise and experience in the sourcing and processing of teff makes us a leader in the industry in the United States. We are very excited to announce that we have re- cently been approved by the Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture and the Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency "ATA" to become a government-approved legal exporter of teff from the country of Ethiopia. So you ask, what is teff? Spelled teff, tef or taf, depending on where you are from, is the ancient grain of Ethiopia and is on the verge of becoming the next "su- perfood" or "super ingredient" in food for- mulation. Deservedly so with its "gluten-free" characteristics and high nu- tritional profile. This grain is well suited for applications in cereals, baked goods and health and wellness products. A nutri- tional comparison of teff to grains like quinoa, chia, millet and amaranth will show that teff exceeds all the nutritional characteristics of the aforementioned grains. It is naturally high in dietary fiber, iron, protein and calcium, making teff a leading candidate in the formulation of in- fant formulas or other bone building nu- tritional supplements. Its low glycemic index also lends itself to formulations in foods for those dealing with diabetes. The History of Teff Most experts agree that Ethiopia is the ori- gin of teff between 4,000 BC and 1,000 BC. Teff is an important grain to Ethiopia and Eritrea where it is used to make a type of sourdough bread called injera. Teff is an annual grass native to the northern Ethiopian highlands of Northeast Africa. It accounts for about a quarter of the ce- real grain production in Ethiopia. Until very recently it has been illegal to export teff grain from the country of Ethiopia. It is now commonly grown in South Africa, India, Australia, Spain, the Netherlands and the United States. Teff comes in two basic varieties: brown teff and ivory teff. Cultural preferences as well as social eco- nomic status determine which variety is consumed and by whom. See Great River Organic Milling Com- pany's ad inside to see more or stop by booth #768 for more information on how it can help you meet the growing con- sumer deman d for this highly nutritional grain. Great River Organic Milling (Cont'd. from p. 1) Hiccuppin' Hot! That's right, a new look, but the same great hot sauce. Mother Na- ture's most flavorful hot pepper, the habañero, is added to Hot Bone Suckin' Sauce. It's so breathtakingly hot you may hiccup! Spice up wings, soups and all foods. It's Hiccuppin' Hot! Finally, a hot with flavor. Winner of the Fiery Food Chal- lenge for Best Hot Sauce in the USA, it is all natural, gluten-free, paleo friendly and non-GMO. Buy now at Bonesuckin.com or use our store locator and pick some up lo- cally. If you're at Expo West, come by the Bone Suckin' Sauce booth #5658 and see if you can handle the heat. GN: What else is in the spotlight? PF: Our newest product, Bone Suckin' Steak Sauce. The light, smoky flavor, com- bined with bits of onions, garlic and the perfect blend of spices, will quickly make Bone Suckin' Steak Sauce Chophouse Style your favorite sauce. A good steak doesn't need a lot to be great — just the right sauce. Great for steaks, burgers, meatloaf, fries, chicken and more. Head on over to our website at bonesuckin.com to see some of our new recipe videos. GN: Tell us a little more about Bone Suckin' Sauce and Ford's Gourmet Foods. PF: Ford's Gourmet Foods is a fourth gen- eration, Raleigh, North Carolina-based family business that creates some of the world's greatest-tasting, all-natural, gluten- free foods, including the internationally ac- claimed Bone Suckin' Sauces, Earth Fam- ily ® , Fire Dancer ® , Southern Yum ® and Wine Nuts ® . Made in North Carolina for over 20 years, Bone Suckin' Sauce is now sold in over 70 countries around the world. Check out our online store locator at bone- suckin.com to find a store near you. GN: What separates you from the compe- tition? PF: Bone Suckin' Sauce is the only barbe- cue sauce rated No. 1 by Newsweek, A+ by Health Magazine, Food & Wine and many others. All of our branded lines are gluten- free, all natural, contain no high-fructose corn syrup, no canola oil, no added MSG, no preservatives, no artificial flavors, and is non-GMO. (The whole Bone Suckin' product line is non-GMO, with the excep- tion of our mustards and steak sauce, and we're working on those now). GN: How can our readers find out more about your company? PF: Visit us online at bonesuckin.com. You'll find information on our history, brands, products, store locations, social media and upcoming events — everything from how to pick the perfect steak to grilling tips and over 300 Bone Suckin' recipes. Follow us on Facebook to see our latest recipe videos demonstrating how quick, easy and delicious they are. For more information, visit www. bonesuckin.com, call 919.833.7647, email sales@bonesuckin.com or stop by booth #5658. Ford's Gourmet (Cont'd. from p. 1) Prairie uses only high protein, pure gluten- free oats that are grown in designated gluten- free fields by local Montana farmers and are third-party certified to be less than 5 ppm, well below the FDA threshold of 20 ppm. It is Gluten-Free Prairie's goal to create natu- rally gluten-free products that everyone can enjoy. Testing between 19 to 22 percent protein, Gluten-Free Prairie's pure gluten-free oat has up to 40 percent more protein than other oat varieties. "Darn near a meal in a cookie," says it all about the Hunger Buster, a three-ounce oat- meal cookie packed with 10 grams of pro- tein, peanut butter, chocolate chips and raisins. The Hunger Buster is packed 12 cookies per tray that is easy to display on any shelf or near the register – healthy grab 'n go snack. Gluten-Free Prairie continues to innovate with its newest product, Montana Mornings Granola Cereal. This higher-protein granola can be served savory or sweet, and is dairy- free and vegan, made with pure Gluten-Free Prairie oats, dried blueberries, cranberries, almonds, pecans, coconut and honey. Mon- tana Mornings Granola is available in 11- ounce pouches (case pack of six) or individually. The retail price point is $6.99. Gluten-Free Prairie's Oat Groat is a game- changer for all consumers looking to include more plant-based proteins into their diet. One of the few truly raw and sproutable gluten-free grains, this ancient grain/super- food is the whole seed of the oat plant and resembles wild rice. Gluten-Free Prairie Oatmeal is low glycemic and an excellent source of protein and fiber. Gluten-Free Prairie Toasted Oat Flour is very fine, mixes without any grittiness or clumping, and is a perfect one-for-one re- placement for other starches in any gluten- free flour blend. Its oat flour is a perfect thickener for soups and stews, and makes de- licious, creamy gravy too. All three products are available in both one- and three-pound pouches. The sug- gested retail prices are $6.99 and $14.99 and they are also available in bulk. According to Mintel, "Thirty-seven per- cent of consumers…eat gluten-free foods be- cause it's better for their overall health…" and "the category has experienced growth of 136 percent from 2013 to 2015, reaching es- timated sales of $11.6 billion in 2015." In 2005, Gluten-Free Prairie Co-founder Deb and her daughter, Amy, were diagnosed with Celiac Disease. In 2012, the family fol- lowed their passion to bring healthy gluten- free options to both gluten-free and main- stream consumers nationwide and Gluten- Free Prairie was born. Deb is the only food manufacturer on the Board of Directors of Celiac Disease Foundation (www.celiac.org). She has written several ar- ticles, participated in numerous radio and other interviews and is the credited co-author of the cookbook "500 Gluten-Free Dishes" (http://amzn.to/1I9DJHs). Gluten-Free Prairie truly represents the next generation of healthy gluten-free op- tions and is a proud member of Western Sus- tainability Exchange. For more information, visit www. glutenfreeprairie.com, call 855.684.3711, email contact@glutenfreeprairie.com or stop by booth #H909. For questions about products and distribution, email askdeb@ glutenfree-prairie.com. Gluten-Free Prairie (Cont'd. from p. 1) Betty Lou's brand products while still selling her ever-popular nut-butter balls, now worldwide. Catering to those with food allergies and dietary restrictions, Betty Lou's specializes in gluten-free products loaded with nutrition that also taste great. Betty Lou's strives to source only the best, natural, functional and healthy ingredients for its products. Betty Lou's also offers non-GMO, organic, vegan, kosher and paleo-friendly products. The goal is to get great products in everyone's hands, and the perfect on-the-go snacks, created at Betty Lou's, do just that by making it easy to get many small meals a day. Included in the Betty Lou's brand prod- ucts is the favorite Just Great Stuff 95 per- cent organic line of bars – Ca™ Acai, Fruit & Veggie, Superberry Acai and the Choco- late Dream Greens bars. These dynamic bars have from 7.5 to 11 servings of fruit and veg- gies per bar. Betty Lou's continues to grow. Lately, she has added: two new paleo-friendly balls – all-vegetarian, dried fruit, nut and seed packed Paleo Java (with cacao nibs and 15 mg caffeine) and Paleo Berry Blast (with five different kinds of berries); two limited edition balls – seasonally available Nuts about Pumpkin Spice (vegan and loaded with pumpkin and spice) and Nuts about Pecan Pie (naturally sweetened version with protein to keep you going); one vegan ball – Nuts about Chocolate Hazelnut; the return of the Smacker (you asked for it, you got it!) – now organic, this decadent treat is the classic peanut butter Smacker covered with organic milk chocolate; Caramel Peanut Smacker – this new flavor has eight grams of protein and is layered with caramel and peanut nougat covered in organic milk chocolate; Betty Lou's Oregon Crackers – now include 10 wonderful flavors (original four flavors [Garden Vegetable, Cheddar, Graham and Harvest Multigrain], paleo-friendly, almond- based, grain-free crackers [Salt Pepper, Fi- esta, Italian], and Original cashew-based Rosemary and Chili Lime; Strawberry PB&J and Blueberry PB&J – this addition to its fruit bar line tastes like a traditional PB&J sandwich; Just Great Stuff Peanut Butter Powder – the innovative product has 1.5 grams of fat/serving, which is 90 percent less than traditional peanut butter. Three flavors available – Chocolate, Original and Protein Plus make for great smoothies, on sand- wiches or with crackers. Great for backpack- ing and camping; and Bake It Like Betty Lou Mixes – it offers Cupcake, Cookie, Bread and Brownie mixes – all gluten-free, non- GMO and a number of organic ingredients. Sweetened only with organic coconut sugar (no cane sugar), all that is needed is oil and water. Betty Lou's is thankful and proud to be able to donate more than a million bars a year to local food banks. Betty Lou's is still, and will always be, passionate about the ingredients used in the products produced. It lives by the slogan, "Just Great Stuff and Plenty of It!" For more information, visit www. bettylousinc.com or stop by booth #2478. Betty Lou's (Cont'd. from p. 1)

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